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Unique and Charming Girl Names for Your One-in-a-million Daughter

Unique Girl Names
Are you looking for some unique names for girls that will help you name your darling? The following article will help you choose the perfect name for your baby girl.
Batul Nafisa Baxamusa
Last Updated: Feb 26, 2018
Cute baby girl
This article will cover a good number of unique baby girl names that will sound not only sweet, but make your child even more special. You can choose names based on flowers, princesses, nature, goddesses and even famous people from history. The following list will prove to be really useful for parents looking for the perfect name for their daughter.
Uncommon Names with Meanings
  • Gwendolyn ~ This is a Welsh name that means 'white circle'.
  • Rhiannon ~ This is the name of a goddess in Welsh mythology that means 'great queen'.
  • Aziza ~ This means the 'most cherished one' in Arabic.
  • Lalita ~ This is a Sanskrit name that means 'playful, charming'
  • Umeko ~ A Japanese name the means 'the child of the plum blossom'.
  • Qamra ~ This means 'moon' in Arabic.
  • Quiterie ~ This is a French name that mean 'Tranquil'.
  • Okalani ~ A Hawaian name that means 'from heaven'.
  • Damini ~ A Hindu name that means 'lighting'.
  • Shayna ~ This is Yiddish for 'beautiful'.
List of Unique Names for Girls
Aaliyah Abagail Abbey
Abbie Abbigail Abby
Abigail Abigale Abigayle
Abril Addison Adeline
Adriana Adrianna Adrienne
Aileen Alexandra Alexandrea
Alexandria Alexia Alexis
Alexus Alexys Alia
Alice Alicia Alina
Alisa Alisha Alison
Alissa Alivia Aliya
Aliyah Alize Allie
Allison Ally Allyson
Allyssa Alma Alondra
Alycia Alysa Alysha
Alyson Alyssa Amanda
Amani Amara Amari
Amaya Amber Amelia
America Amina Amira
Amy Amya Ana
Anabel Anahi Anais
Anastasia Anaya Andrea
Angel Angela Angelica
Angelina Angeline Angelique
Angie Anika Anissa
Anita Aniya Aniyah
Anjali Ann Anna
Annabel Annabella Annabelle
Annalise Anne Annette
Annie Annika Ansley
Antonia Anya April
Araceli Aracely Arely
Aria Ariana Arianna
Ariel Arielle Arlene
Armani Aryanna Ashanti
Ashlee Ashleigh Ashley
Ashly Ashlyn Ashlynn
Ashton Ashtyn Asia
Aspen Astrid Athena
Aubree Aubrey Aubrie
Audrey Aurora Autumn
Ava Avery Ayana
Ayanna Ayla Aylin
Baby Bailee Bailey
Barbara Baylee Beatriz
Belen Bella Berenice
Bethany Bianca Blanca
Brandi Brandy Breana
Breanna Brenda Brenna
Breonna Bria Briana
Brianna Brianne Bridget
Brielle Brionna Bryanna
Brynn Cadence Caitlin
Caitlyn Cali Calista
Callie Cameron Camila
Camille Camryn Candace
Candice Cara Carina
Carissa Caroline Carolyn
Carrie Carson Casandra
Casey Cassandra Cassidy
Cassie Catalina Catherine
Cayla Cecelia Cecilia
Celeste Celia Celina
Celine Chana Charity
Charlotte Claudia Colleen
Cora Corinne Courtney
Cristal Cristina Crystal
Cynthia Daisy Dakota
Dalia Destiny Devin
Devon Devyn Diamond
Diana Diane Dianna
Dominique Donna Dorothy
Dulce Dylan Ebony
Eden Edith EileenEmilee
Emilia Emilie Emily
Emma Emmalee Erica
Ericka Erika Erin
Esmeralda Esperanza Essence
Estefani Estefania Estefany
Esther Estrella Eva
Eve Evelin Evelyn
Fabiola Faith Fatima
Felicia Felicity Fernanda
Fiona Frances Gwendolyn
Hadley Hailee Hailey
Hailie Haleigh Haley
Halie Halle Hallie
Hana Hanna Hannah
Harley Harmony Haven
Hayden Haylee Imani
India Ingrid Ireland
Irene Ivy Iyana
Iyanna Izabella Jacey
Jackeline Jaclyn Jacqueline
Jacquelyn Jada Jaliyah
Jalyn Janie Janiya
Jaquelin Jaqueline Jasmin
Jasmine Jasmyn Jazmyn
Jazmyne Jeanette Jena
Jenifer Jenna Jennifer
Jenny Jessica Jessie
Jewel Jillian Jimena
Joana Joanna Jocelyn
Joelle Johana Johanna
Jolie Jordan Jordyn
Joselyn Josephine Josie
Joslyn Journey Joy
Joyce Judith Julia
Juliana Julianna Julianne
Julie Juliet Juliette
Julissa Justice Justine
Kacie Kaela Kaelyn
Kaia Kaila Kailee
Kailey Karley Karli
Karlie Karly Kasandra
Kasey Kassandra Kassidy
Katarina Kate Katelin
Katelyn Katelynn Katerina
Katharine Katherine Kathleen
Kathryn Kathy Katie
Katlyn Katrina Katy
Kaya Kayla Kaylah
Kaylee Kayleigh Kayley
Kenna Kennedi Kennedy
Kenya Kenzie Keyla
Kiana Kianna Kiara
Kiera Kierra Kiersten
Kiley Kimberly Krista
Kristen Kristin Kristina
Krystal Kya Kyla
Kylee Kyleigh Kylie
Kyra Lacey Laila
Lana Laney Lara
Larissa Laura Laurel
Lauren Lauryn Layla
Lea Leah Leanna
Leila Leilani Lena
Lina Linda Lindsay
Lindsey Lisa Lisbeth
Litzy Lizbeth Lizeth
Lizette Logan Lydia
Lyndsey Madison Malia
Maliyah Mallory Mandy
Mara Marcella Margaret
Margarita Maria Marina
Marisa Marisol Marissa
Maritza Marlee Marlene
Marley Martha Mary
Maryam Mattie Maura
Maya Mayra Mckayla
Mckenna Mckenzie Meadow
Meagan Meaghan Megan
Meghan Melanie Miah
Micaela Micah Michaela
Michelle Mikaela Mikayla
Mina Miracle Miranda
Mireya Miriam Miya
Mollie Molly Monica
Monique Montana Montserrat
Morgan Moriah Mya
Myah Myra Nadia
Nancy Naomi Natalia
Paige Paloma Pamela
Paola Paris Parker
Patience Patricia Paula
Paulina Payton Penelope
Perla Peyton Phoebe
Piper Precious Presley
Princess Priscila Riya
Robin Robyn Rocio
Ryan Ryann Rylee
Ryleigh Rylie Sabrina
Sade Shania Shaniya
Shannon Sharon Shawna
Shayla Shaylee Shayna
Shea Sheila Shelby
Shirley Shreya Shyann
Shyanne Sidney Sophie
Stacey Stacy Stephany
Summer Susan Susana
Sydnee Sydney Trinity
Trista Tristan Tyler
Tyra Unique Valentina
Valeria Valerie Vanesa
Vanessa Veronica Victoria
Violet Virginia Vivian
Viviana Wendy Whitney
Willow Ximena Xiomara
Yadira Yasmin Yasmine
Yazmin Yesenia Yessenia
Yolanda Yuliana Yvette
Yvonne Zaria Zoe
Zoey Zoie

We hope that this list will help you give your child a name that is truly unique and something that you were looking for.