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A Cool List of Unique Boy Names That are Beyond Adorable

Unique Boy Names
Names are the first identity you can give your baby. So, wouldn't you like it to be the best? There are hundreds of common names that baby boys can be given; but it's the unique ones that get the attention.
Aparna Jadhav
Last Updated: Mar 26, 2018
A name is a special gift you give to your newborn when he/she is born. If you have a baby boy and are looking for some unique, unusual yet cute names for him you are absolutely at the right place. Some people like to have common names for their sons and some like them with a difference. Having a unique name adds a singular and special identity to your baby boy. Look no further for such unique names for your baby boy, we have loads of them right here.
List of Unique Baby Boy Names
aden cyril dane
Abel ~ Breath, Vapor
Adney ~ An island dweller
Adoni ~ Sunset
Abiel ~ God is the Father
Adler ~ A Man of keen perception
Aron ~ Mountain
Adalson ~ Son of all
Alvie ~ Wise friend
Aiden ~ Little fire
Amos ~ Burdened
Abner ~ Father of light
Aden ~ Handsome
Adi ~ Ornament or Jewel
Alam ~ World, Flag
Asher ~ Happy, Blessing
August ~ Majestic
Adrien ~ Dark
Axiom ~ Self-evident truth
Brenton ~ Holy one
Barack ~ Blessing
Braiden ~ Broad, Wide
Basim ~ The smiling one
Baudouin ~ A brave friend or protector
Barna ~ Son of comforting
Bajnok ~ Victor
Bryon ~ Noble, Virtuous
Bryce ~ Freckled
Boaz ~ Strength, Agility
Brenden ~ Prince
Basil ~ King
Boyd ~ Gold
Berrin ~ Bear
Barric ~ Grain farm
Byrtel ~ From the bird hill
Clifton ~ From near the cliff
Cecil ~ Blind, Sixth
Calvin ~ Bald
Cyril ~ Lord
Canan ~ Life, Loved
Cailan ~ Child
Caradoc ~ Beloved or Amiable
Carwynn ~ Blessed Love
Caton ~ Knowledgeable, Wise
Chroma ~ Purity of a color
Caden ~ Fighter
Clive ~ Riverbank
Dempe ~ Peace
Demyan ~ Tame, Domesticated, True friend
Delmore ~ The sea
Danon ~ God is my judge
Deerward ~ Guardian of the deer
Danior ~ Born with Teeth
Dale ~ Dweller of a valley
Darius ~ Rich, Kingly
Dexter ~ Skillful, Fortunate
Daman ~ To tame
Ezra ~ Aid
Elijah ~ My God is the Lord
Emilio ~ Rival, Emulating
Efran ~ Fruitful
Elkan ~ Possessed by God
Eloy ~ Chosen One
Eban ~ Stone
Earvin ~ Friend of the Sea
Eldan ~ Wise protector
Emery ~ Industrious ruler
ignacio hardwin
Fadil ~ Generous or Distinguished one
Fagan ~ The little fiery one
Feodore ~ The gift of God
Fitz ~ Son
Fidel ~ Faithful
Forrest ~ Forest, of the forest, or keeper of the forest
Finn ~ Fair
Ferrel ~ Man of valor
Ferdinend ~ Peaceful
Fain ~ Joyful
Fagan ~ Little fiery one
Farold ~ Powerful traveler
Gareth ~ Gentle
Garek ~ Spear Ruler
Gaius ~ Rejoice
Galleno ~ Little bright one
Galip ~ Winner
Galen ~ Calm
Gage ~ Pledge
Giles ~ Shield bearer
Gerard ~ Strength of the spear
Granger ~ Farmer
Gavin ~ White hawk
Heath ~ Low shrub
Hudson ~ Son of heart
Hiram ~ My mother is exalted
Haral ~ Ruler of the army
Hardwin ~ Brave friend
Hardy ~ Bold and daring
Hafiz ~ The guardian
Haefen ~ Safety
Howie ~ From the hilly land
Hyman ~ Life
Iestin ~ Just or True
Ignacio ~ One who is lively
Irwyn ~ Sea friend
Ivon ~ Archer's bow
Ince ~ Innocent
Inglebert ~ Bright Angel
Isadore ~ Gift of Isis
Ishmael ~ God will listen
Isac ~ Laughter
Jayce ~ Healer
Jaret ~ Strength of the spear
Javan ~ Angel of Greece
Jacy ~ The moon
Japhet ~ Youthful, son of Noah
Jager ~ Hunter
Jarell ~ Mighty spearman
Jerric ~ Strong ruler
kavan laird
Keyon ~ Blond
Keegan ~ Son of Aodhagáin
Kai ~ Rejoice
Kerl ~ Free man
Kaniel ~ Spear-like
Kano ~ The God of the waters
Kateb ~ Writer
Kavan ~ The handsome one
Kemp ~ Fighter
Kenton ~ Royal settlement
Kerry ~ Form of carol
Lex ~ Defending men
Leopold ~ Bold people
Lawler ~ Mumbler, soft spoken
Laird ~ Head of the household
Langley ~ From the long meadow
Liam ~ Resolute Protector
Maverick ~ Dissenter
Madrigal ~ A type of Italian musical composition
Marston ~ The town by the marsh
Motega ~ New arrow
Marius ~ From the God Mars
Miles ~ Merciful
Marco ~ Male
Macey ~ Man
Mackay ~ Son of the fiery one
Maddock ~ Good fortune, champion
Magnus ~ The great one
Noel ~ Christmas
Nehemiah ~ God's compassion
Nairn ~ Dweller by the alder tree
Nalong ~ The source of a river
Naum ~ The comforter
Neale ~ The champion
Orpheus ~ Beautiful voice
Orren ~ Name of an English river
Orvin ~ Spear-friend
Ossy ~ Divine spear
Orad ~ Earth
Oram ~ From the enclosure by the riverbank
Omar ~ First born son
pernell rambert
Parton ~ Castle park settlement
Paras ~ Touchstone
Parkin ~ Stone, rock
Pax ~ Peace
Payne ~ Pagan
Pernell ~ Little rock
Phelps ~ Son of Philip
Quella ~ To pacify
Querida ~ The beloved one
Quenton ~ The fifth
Quinlan ~ Gently shaped fellow
Ryker ~ Strong, Powerful
Rylan ~ Country of cereal grass
Rexton ~ King's town
Roel ~ Famous land
Radbyrne ~ Lives by the red stream
Raidon ~ Thunder God
Rainier ~ Wise Warrior
Rambert ~ Mighty, Brilliant
Ramiro ~ Great Judge, Adviser
Silas ~ Of the forest
Suri ~ Princess
Seldon ~ From the willow valley
Severin ~ Stern
Smyth ~ Tradesman
Tristan ~ Tumult
Tabbart ~ Brilliant
Taro ~ Big boy
Timmie ~ To honor God
Tane ~ Name of God
Tanek ~ Immortal
Tamir ~ Pure, Tall
Taurin ~ Born under the sign of Taurus
welkin ullric zaffer yale xander
Udo ~ Properous
Udeh ~ Praised
Uri ~ My flame
Ulalia ~ The well spoken
Ulani ~ Cheerful, light at heart
Uriel ~ God is my light
Ullric ~ Prosperity
Uberto ~ Bright mind
Vernand ~ Courage of a bear
Varden ~ From the green hill
Vivian ~ Alive
Wesley ~ The west meadow
Wentworth ~ The old winter state
Welkin ~ The sky
Wynter ~ Winter
Xanthus ~ Golden haired
Xue ~ Studious
Xerxes ~ Chief
Xander ~ Defender of the people
Yaffa ~ Beautiful
Yeshe ~ Wise one
Yale ~ Fertile upland
Yorke ~ Place of boars
Zane ~ God's grace
Zeus ~ Bright
Zeke ~ God will strengthen
Zaffer ~ Victory
Zebulon ~ Home dwelling of honor
Zion ~ Sign