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Exotically Appealing Native American Baby Boy Names With Meanings

Native American Baby Boy Names With Meanings
In search of a unique and meaningful name for your baby boy? We would recommend that you consider Native American names. Not only do these sound exotic, but they carry very deep meanings as well. We have provided a list of some of the best Native American baby boy names for you to choose from.
Rujuta Borkar
Last Updated: Jun 3, 2018
Did You Know?
The Sioux tribe had a very complicated method of naming their babies. They gave them 6 classes of names which included the birth name, the nicknames, the honor names, the special deed names, the secret name, and the spirit name. Interestingly, the secret and spirit name were only known to the medicine man and the individual himself.
Many new-age parents are opting for unique meaningful names while naming their newborns. Due to this, there has been a rise in the popularity of Native American names―these names fulfill the above criteria extremely well. Along with being meaningful, these names are heavily influenced by nature as well. There are several tribes that collectively form the Native American community, and each tribe has a unique way of naming their child. Many times, the names undergo a change in different stages of a person's life, depending on the achievements of that person.

When choosing a Native American name for your child, it is recommended that one look for the meaning of the name instead of randomly choosing a name based on merely the way it sounds or feels. This will ensure that the name is based on the corresponding quality, and therefore, will hold more meaning.

The following section will give you list of some of the really cool Native American names. Go through the same and find something that suits your boy perfectly well.
Native American Names for Boys with Their Meanings
Achak - Spirit
Akule - Looks up
Atohi - Woods

Bemidii - River by a lake
Bidziil - He is strong
Bodaway - Fire-maker

Chaska- Eldest son
Chitto- Brave
Chuslum- Bull

Dakota - Friends
Dichali - Speaks a lot
Dyami - Eagle

Elan - Friendly
Enapay - Brave
Etu - Sun

Fala - Crow

Gad - Juniper tree
Gomda - Wind
Guyapi - Frank

Hakan - Fire
Hassun - Stone
Huritt - Handsome

Igasho - Wanders
Illanipi - Amazing
Istu - Sugar

Jacy - Moon
Jolon - Valley of the dead oaks

Kele - Sparrow
Kitchi - Brave
Kohana - Swift

Lenno - Man
Lonan - Cloud
Lusio - Light

Mahpee - Sky
Maska - Strong
Muraco - White moon

Nadie - Wise
Nahele - Forest
Nodin - Wind

Ogima - Chief
Ohanzee - Shadow
Ouray - Arrow

Pajackok - Thunder
Pallaton - Warrior
Paytah - Fire

Qaletaqa - Guardian of the people
Qochata - White man
Quanah - Fragrant

Rowtag - Fire

Sakuruta - The coming sun
Shilah - Brother
Sinopa - Fox

Takoda - Friend to everyone
Tawa - Sun
Tse - Rock

Unaduti - Wooly head
Usti - Little
Uzumati - Grizzly bear

Vaiveahtoish - Alights on the cloud
Viho - Chief
Vipponah - Slim face

Wahkan - Sacred
Wapi - Lucky
Wikvaya - One who brings

Yahto - Blue
Yakez - Heaven
Yas - Snow
Pick any of these names, and you will be assured of the fact that not only will they never be 'common', but the meaning that they signify will also be deep, and heavily influenced by nature. Imagine then, the pride your son will feel every time someone asks him for the meaning of his name.