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List of Irish Baby Names and Their Meanings

A List of Charming Irish Baby Names and Their Meanings

Irish baby names are very interesting and some of the most popular names of boys and girls all over the world. People named with these names are found prominently in western countries.
Poushali Ganguly
Last Updated: Feb 26, 2018
Do you remember Stephen Dedalus, the Irish figure in James Joyce's semi-autobiographical novel, 'The Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man'? That name was taken from the Greek mythology and most of the Irish names allude to the past, be it Biblical, Pagan, Hebrew, or Aramaic.
Here are a few examples:
  • Patrick, Patricia, Richard, Gerard, William, Shane, Seamus, Ryan, `Aine, Brian, Niall, Reece, Kyle, Ethan, Dillon, Cameron, Aron, Adhamh, Aidan, Akaisha, Alana, Becan, Beattie, Bevin, Blaine, Bryna, Caitrin, Canice, Cara, Caragh, Carlin, Carrol, Cassidy,
  • Cathmor, Chevonne, Clancy, Dermot, Desmond, Devlin, Donahue, Dwaine, Dymphna, Eilis, Eithne, Enya, Fallon, Fenella, Gair, Hogan, Illona, Jarlath, Kathel, Keara, Keeley, Keenan, Kelly, Kermit, Keverne, Kinnard, Kyna, Laoghaire, Lawler, Mab, Malone, Moira, Moriarty, Neala, Niamh, Nuala, Onora, Phelan, Quillan, Raghnailt, Reardon, Renny, Riona, Roarke, Rois, Ryley, Sheehan, Sile, Tara, Tiernan, Ultan, Una, Vevila.
Baby Girl Names
  • Aednat, which can be pronounced, as 'Eynit' and the English versions of which would be Enat or Ena. Its meaning is 'little fire'.
  • Aibhlinn, pronounced 'Eveleen'; this name can be traced back to Norman roots and it means 'a long-desired child'.
  • Beibhinn, pronounced as 'Beveen' means ' a fair woman' and that can be alluded to the Viking History.
  • Cathleen, can be alluded to St.Catherine, who came to Ireland with Christianity. A prominent figure known for her courage and purity.
  • Daimhin or 'Davin' signifies the diminutive of deer.
  • Ealga or 'Alega' means 'noble or brave'.
  • Fianna or 'Feeina', alludes to the legendary band of Fionn Mac Cool.
  • Gael, which is very common Irish name, refers to a native Irish speaker and also alludes to the Irish hero.
  • Ide or 'Ita' means 'thirst for knowledge'.
  • Keela or Kyla means 'beauty that only poetry can capture'.
  • Maebh or 'Maeve', means 'a cause of great joy' or 'she who bewilders'.
  • Neala or 'Nila', means female champion.
  • Regan, signifies the 'the king's child'.
  • Shauna or Shawna, which is the feminine form of Sean.
  • Teagan, signifies 'beautiful' in Irish.
  • Ultana, has been the name of numerous saints.
  • Yseult or 'Eesolt', refers to a woman who is betrothed to King Of Cornwall.
Baby Boy Names
  • Aengus or 'Engiss', means 'mighty'. It can be alluded to mythology, since Aengus was the God of love and youth.
  • Ailbe or 'Allbay' means white.
  • Ardan or 'Aredawn', refers to 'high aspiration'.
  • Bartley, which is the Irish for Bartholomew, was one of the twelve apostles.
  • Brian, means 'high, noble, strong'.
  • Cabhan or 'Kavan' signifies grassy hill. Conchobhar or 'Conor', means a 'hound lover' and can be alluded to the legend of the Conchobhar MacNessa, King of Ulster.
  • Davin is one of the popular names, which means 'little deer'.
  • Daire or 'Darragh' or 'Derry', means 'oak' in Gaelic and also 'fruitful and fertile'.
  • Diarmuid or 'Deermid', means 'without enemy'.
  • Donal or Donald, means 'world mighty'. This name also is used for Daniel.
  • Eirnin or 'Airnin' refers to 'iron' and the associated Germanic word means 'vigor'.
  • Eoghan or 'Eugene' is a very popular name, which means 'one who is well born' or 'one who is born of the yew tree'.
  • Faolan or 'Phelan', which comes from the word 'wolf', also refers to the disciple of Fionn Mac Cool who was an exemplar of loyalty.
  • Ferdia, which means 'God's man', can be alluded to the legend of Ferdia and his foster-brother Cuchulainn.
  • Fergal is pronounced as 'Fergull' and it means 'brave, courageous and valorous'.
  • Gearoid or 'Gerard' means 'Spear Carrier' and can be alluded to the rich history of Ireland.
  • Glendon or Glendan which means 'valley' or a 'settlement fortress'.
  • Hugh which is pronounced as 'hue' is a translation of an ancient name 'Aodh' meaning of which is 'fire'. It has strong nationalistic connotations.
  • Iollan or 'Ulan' is a mythological baby name, which is also related to the legend of Conchobhar Mac Nessa and it means 'one who worships a different God'.
  • Jarlath is a name that refers to piety and love, since it is taken from the name of St.Jarlath, who was revered for his ability to teach.
  • Liam or 'William' literally means 'Desire helmet' and suggests 'strong protector'. It is one of the very popular names in Ireland.
  • Lochlan or 'Loklun' means, 'Land of the Lochs' but nowadays it is like paying tribute to the Viking ancestors.
  • Murtagh or 'Murtah' which means 'sea skilled' also is favorite name among the Irish people.
  • Niall or 'Neil' is a very popular all over the world, but it has strong Irish connections. In fact, it alludes to the legend of Nine hostages wherein as part of a test, Niall kissed the princess in guise of an ugly woman to get water and in turn got sovereignty of Erin.
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