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Gloriously Unique Baby Girl Names That are Worth Checking Out

Unique Baby Girl Names
The wish to divert from common trends has given boost to the search for unique names. There is no dearth of unique names, all you have to do is look!
AptParenting Staff
Last Updated: Apr 2, 2018
A new baby is like the beginning of all things - Wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities.
- Edna J. Le Shan
Welcoming a baby girl home brings along immense joy into a household. Your baby is the apple of your eye and means the entire world to you. Naming your bundle of joy is an extremely important decision. It is your first real gift of love to your little one; a gift that will stay with the baby for life. A name is the most important aspect of an individual's identity, and I'm sure you would like to give your baby doll a unique one. Browse through this list of cute and distinct names and pick your favorite.
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girl names damita eliane donelle fionn gelasia
girl names helea estas jiba kaari hiroko
girl names leola nita melosa lyris maali
girl names orane rilla pia posy qadira
girl names sabia sydelle trista uma velika
girl names wilda zur zalika yelena xylia
Names Meaning Origin
Aaliya Sublime, exalted one Arabic
Achen Twin Ugandan
Adalia In God is my refuge Hebrew
Abha Glow Hindi
Ainslie Wood English
Aisha Life Arabic
Alatea Truth Spanish
Adele Noble French
Allira Gem Aboriginal
Aditi Free and boundless Hindi
Adriana A dark woman from the sea Latin
Amaris God's promise Hebrew
Amber Gem Arabic
Amae Beloved French
Agnes Pure and holy Greek
Anais Pure Greek
Aislinn Vision or dream Gaelic
Aneira Golden Welsh
Anya Favored by God Hebrew
Arcadia Greek region of Arcady Greek
Asma High status Arabic
Argenta Silver one Latin
Aria Beautiful melody Latin
Ariane Holy one Greek
Ariel Lion of God Hebrew
Artemis Perfect Greek
Asha Hope Sanskrit
Alysia Possessive Greek
Althea Healer Greek
Anezka Pure and chaste Czech
Azura Blue sky Persian
Bianca White Italian
Belicia Devoted to God Spanish
Brietta Strong Celtic
Bethel House of God Hebrew
Blaine Slender Irish
Blair From a field Gaelic
Briana Honorable and noble Celtic
Blythe Cheerful English
Briony Flowering vine in folk medicine English
Barkha Rain Hindi
Bronya Protection Slavic
Carenza Loving Cornish
Cacey Vigilant Irish
Cadene Rhythmic Latin
Cailin Girl Irish
Cascadia Cascade Greek
Caley Slender Irish
Calista Most beautiful one Greek
Cassandra Dire prophet Greek
Capri Island Italian
Caprice Whimsical Italian
Carita Loving and benevolent Latin
Carey From the river Celtic
Cassia From the tree Hebrew
Celeste Heavenly Latin
Ceres The Goddess of agriculture Latin
Cerise Cherry red French
Cordelia Jewel of the sea Celtic
Coralie Little girl Latin
Charu Spiritual beauty Sanskrit
Clio Glorious Greek
Ciara The Irish saint Irish
Ciera Dark, black Irish
Cressida Gold Greek
Carys Beloved Welsh
Dacia An Ancient country Greek
Damini Lightning Hindi
Delilah Temptress Hebrew
Dalena Valley English
Damaris Gentle one Greek
Damiane Tame Greek
Damita Little noble one Spanish
Danaƫ Mother of Perseus Greek
Danika Morning star Slavic
Deanna Divine English
Divya Divine Hindi
Demi Half Latin
Deni Lover of wine French
Demetria Devotee of Goddess Demeter Greek
Dysis Sunset Greek
Devika Little goddess Sanskrit
Dido Queen of Carthage Greek
Donelle Ruler of all Italian
Drew Strong Greek
Easter The Christian holiday English
Edana Fiery Gaelic
Eira Snow Welsh
Edrea Prosperous and powerful English
Eithne Ardent and fiery Irish
Electra Brilliant Greek
Eliane Sun Latin
Elysia Blissful Latin
Esme Loved French
Fabienne Bean farmer French
Fabriane Resourceful Latin
Farah Happiness Arabic
Felice Fortunate Italian
Fleur Flower French
Fionn Fair Celtic
Gaia Goddess of the Earth Greek
Gemina Twin Greek
Genesia Newcomer Latin
Geneva Lady of the people French
Gelasia Bubbling laughter Greek
Gianne God is gracious Hebrew
Giselle Pledge Teutonic
Genevieve Symbolic of the masses French
Glenys Pure Welsh
Garnet Gemstone French
Grette Pearl Danish
Hasina Good one Swahili
Havana The capital city of Cuba Spanish
Haya Life Hebrew
Haidee Modest Greek
Helea Sun Greek
Helika Spiral Greek
Hera Queen of gods, Wife of Zeus Greek
Hermione Messenger Greek
Hiroko Generous Japanese
Heidi Kind and noble Swiss
Hoshi Star Japanese
Ianthe Flower Greek
Ilayne Light of the Sun Greek
Ileana Light of the Sun Romanian
Iman Believer in God Arabic
Irene Peace Greek
Israt Affection Arabic
Ignatia Fiery Latin
Indira Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of plenty Sanskrit
Istas Snow Native American
Ione Beautiful stone Greek
Isra Journey by night Arabic
Ismena Learned Greek
Inari Lake Finnish
Jamila Beautiful Arabic
Jiba Moon Aboriginal
Jana God is gracious Hebrew
Jarah Honey Hebrew
Jolie Pretty French
Joelle The Lord is good French
Jordaine Flowing down Hebrew
Jumoke Beloved Nigerian
Kade Lovely Indonesian
Kadira Powerful Arabic
Kanya Young girl Thai
Keren Ray Hebrew
Kadisha Holy Hebrew
Kali Hindu goddess of destruction Sanskrit
Kalika Rosebud Greek
Kineta Active Greek
Kalinda Sun Sanskrit
Kalea Brilliant Hawaiian
Kaari Pure Finnish
Karita Loving and benevolent Latin
Kachna Pure Polish
Kacia Courageous American
Katya Pure Greek
Kayna Name of a saint Cornish
Keeley Beautiful Irish
Kiana The moon goddess Hawaiian
Keyna Jewel Welsh
Keshia Favorite one African
Kiara Black; Variant of Ciara Irish
Kennis Beautiful Gaelic
Kirra Leaf Aboriginal
Kyoko Mirror Japanese
Kyon Brilliance Korean
Laine Light of the Sun Greek
Lakeisha Favorite Swahili
Lani Sky Polynesian
Lark The songbird English
Latoya Victorious Spanish
Layna Truth Greek
Lavinia Mother of Rome Latin
Leah Sun's light Gaelic
Lenis Gentle Latin
Lois Agreeable Greek
Leola Lion Latin
Luba Lover Slavic
Liesl Blessed Hebrew
Loorea Moon Aboriginal
Levana Rising sun Latin
Lysandra Defender of humanity Greek
Lucia Light Latin
Lyris Lyre Greek
Lystra Free Greek
Madison Matthew's son English
Maeve Intoxicating Irish
Mahalia Tenderness Hebrew
Mai Star of the sea Latin
Maali Blessed Finnish
Malak Angel Arabic
Maaret Pearl Finnish
Malika Female master Arabic
Malise God's servant Gaelic
Marcella From Mars Latin
Madhu Honey Hindi
Maya Great one Latin
Maysa One who walks gracefully Arabic
Makani Wind Hawaiian
Maren Sea Latin
Mercedes Merciful one Spanish
Melosa Gentle Spanish
Mangena Melody Hebrew
Mika New moon Japanese
Milena Favorite or beloved one Hawaiian
Mira Famous one Slavic
Madhur Sweet Hindi
Maaja Mother Greek
Maricel Full of grace Latin
Nadja Hope Slavic
Nairne River with alder trees Scottish
Nalini Lovely Sanskrit
Nani Beautiful Polynesian
Nasrin Wild rose Persian
Nea New Greek
Neoma New moon Greek
Neroli Bitter orange essential oil Italian
Nevada White as snow Spanish
Nita Favored by God Hebrew
Noor Light Arabic
Nyssa Beginning Greek
Odelia Wealth English
Olga Holy Russian
Oleander Evergreen tree Greek
Olian Dear one Russian
Oriole The golden bird Latin
Ophira Gold Greek
Orane Rising French
Opal The jewel Sanskrit
Oriane To rise Latin
Paige Young child English
Paayal Anklet Hindi
Pandora All-gifted Greek
Papillon Butterfly French
Prunella Small plum Latin
Phaedra Bright one Greek
Pia Devout Latin
Phuong Destiny Vietnamese
Petula To seek English
Placida Peaceful Latin
Portia Offering Latin
Posy Form of Josephine English
Prioska Blushing Hungarian
Prima First Latin
Priya Beloved Sanskrit
Qadira Powerful one Arabic
Qasima One who shares Arabic
Quorra Heart Italian
Raina Queen Polish
Raine One who gives advice German
Rada Happy Slavic
Rai Trust Japanese
Raizel Rose Hebrew
Rani Queen Sanskrit
Rashida Righteous Arabic
Reanna Queen Welsh
Regan Queen Latin
Reseda Flower Latin
Rewa Slender Polynesian
Riona Queen Gaelic
Rilla Stream Teutonic
Rosheen Rose Irish
Roma From Rome Latin
Ryba Fish Czech
Rozada Rose Spanish
Roshan Daylight Persian
Ruri Emerald Japanese
Rumer Gypsy English
Sabia Sweet one Irish
Sabina From the Sabine tribe Latin
Sabira Patient one Arabic
Sacha Defender Russian
Sachi Joyful Japanese
Sadira Lotus flower Persian
Salome Peace Hebrew
Safia Pure Arabic
Sahar Dawn Arabic
Samara Guarded by God Hebrew
Sana Radiant one Arabic
Sancia Sacred Latin
Sarisha Charming and alluring Sanskrit
Savannah Of the plains Spanish
Sydelle Princess Hebrew
Sabah Morning Arabic
Shahira Famous one Arabic
Shakira Thankful one Arabic
Shani Wonderful Swahili
Sharon Fertile land Hebrew
Shirine Charming one Persian
Shoshanna Flower Hebrew
Sian God is gracious Welsh
Siena The Italian city Italian
Siran Alluring Armenian
Skye Named after an island Scottish
Sol Sun Latin
Solange Solemn one Latin
Sunita Good behavior Sanskrit
Svetlana Light Slavic
Surie Rose or lily Hebrew
Syna Together Greek
Tahnee Princess Greek
Talia Flourishing Greek
Taala Highest Finnish
Tani Come from the valley Japanese
Tao Long life Chinese
Tarina Hill English
Tabita Graceful Swahili
Tashi Prosperous one Tibetan
Tatjana Fairy Croatian
Takara Treasure Japanese
Tavia The eighth one Latin
Tallara Rain Aboriginal
Tayce Silence French
Temina Honest Hebrew
Terena Earthly Latin
Thea Goddess of light; Mother of Helios, Selene and Eos Greek
Tierney The Lord's descendant Irish
Tirion Gentle one Welsh
Tori Victorious one Latin
Trinity Three, triad or trio Latin
Trista Melancholy one Latin
Tyne Name of a river English
Turua Beautiful Polynesian
Uma Goddess Parvati Sanskrit
Una One Latin
Usha Dawn Sanskrit
Usagi Rabbit Japanese
Urania Heavenly Greek
Valeda Strong and healthy Latin
Valentia Healthy Latin
Valora Brave one Latin
Varsha Rain Hindi
Varda A rose Hebrew
Vasanti Springtime Sanskrit
Vashti Beautiful one Persian
Veda Knowledge; Ancient Hindu scripture Sanskrit
Velika The great one Slavic
Venetia Lady from Venice Latin
Venita Roman goddess of beauty and love Latin
Verda Fresh Latin
Verity Truth Latin, French
Vega Falling star Arabic
Vida Beloved one Hebrew
Vidya Knowledge Sanskrit
Virida Green Latin
Vita Life Latin
Viera Faith Czech
Wanika God's gift Hawaiian
Wilda Wild English
Willa Protection Teutonic
Winona The first born daughter Native American
Wyuna Clear Aboriginal
Xanthe Blonde Greek
Xylona From the woods Greek
Xena Welcoming and hospitable one Greek
Xylia From the forest Greek
Xyza Close to the sea German
Yaffa Beautiful Hebrew
Yelena Favored by God Hebrew
Ynes Pure Greek
Yoshi Good Japanese
Zada Lucky Arabic
Zalika Well-born Arabic
Zara The brightest dawn Hebrew
Zahava Golden Hebrew
Zaira Rose Arabic
Zinnia Flower English
Zita Rose Italian
Zuri Beautiful Swahili
While deciding one name from among all these can be a difficult task, it's worth the effort. The meanings will definitely help you zero in on a name faster, but what's important, is that you give enough thought to the one name you choose. Remember, it's going to be your darling baby's identity for a lifetime.