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Timelessly Mesmeric Victorian Era Names and Their Meanings

Victorian Era Names and their Meanings
We hear different names each day without even stopping to find out their meaning. A name holds more than just a reference to a person's existence. Here's a comprehensive list of names from the Victorian era with their meanings for you, in case you are looking at good names for babies.
Mukta Gaikwad
Last Updated: Apr 20, 2018
William and Charlotte are two of the most popular names of the Victorian era, and continue to remain so even today.
The Victorian age, named after Queen Victoria, came around the 1890s. The baby names given and used by authors of that era became the Victorian era names. These are considered to be classic and traditional in nature. Today, many years later, they have a certain history and a grand association to them. Some of these names are used even today as baby names. For instance, the youngest heir of the English throne is named Prince George, which is a very Victorian name too. However, there are certain names that are slowly beginning to disappear totally. Myrtle, Chastity, Eldon, and so on are names we hardly hear of.

The other reason to know these names is while creating characters who belong to that era. For those of you who intend to venture into the realm of writing a period story, knowing not just Victorian names, but their meanings too will come in handy. Here's a list of Victorian era names and their meanings for your reference.
Alphabate Name Meaning
A Agnes Holy, pure, chaste
Alice Noble, sweet
Amelia To survive, industrious
Arabella Lovely, elegant, beautiful
Almira Princess, truthful
Amy Beloved
Augusta Majestic, grand
Annie Grace, prayer
B Beatrice Voyager, traveler, bringer of joy
Blanche White, fair
Betsy Oath of God, God is satisfaction
Bertha Bright one
C Charlotte Free-spirited
Claire Illustrious, bright, clear
Chastity Chaste
Constance Steadfast
Cordelia Heart, daughter of the sea
Cynthia from Mount Cynthus
D Daisy The days eye
Della Bright, noble
Doris Gift
Dorothy Gods gift
E Edith Riches, blessed, joyous
Elizabeth My God is abundance
Ella Beautiful fairy
Eloise Warrior
Elsie My God is a vow
Edna Rich in friendship
Esther Star, secret, hidden
Esmeralda Emerald
Ethel Righteous, noble
Emmeline Hardworking
Eugenie Nobility, well-born
Eva Full of life
F Fanny Free
Flora Flower
Freda Tranquil leader
Fidelia Faithful
G Genevieve White wave
Georgina Farmer, tiller, worker of the soil
Gertrude Strength
Grace Charm, love
H Hannah Grace of God
Harriet Ruler
Harp Harp player
Helena Shining light
Henrietta Home or House Ruler
Hilda Fighter
Hazel Like the hazel tree
Hester Star
I Ida Hardworking
Isabel Devoted to God
Iris Personification of a rainbow
Ivy Evergreen
J Jemima Little dove
Josephine God will increase
Julia Youthful
Jenny Fair, yielding
K Kate Pure
Kathleen Pure
L Lenora Shining light
Leola Lioness
Louisa Renowned warrior
Lillian Innocence, purity
Lorraine To be made famous in a battle
Lydia Beloved, beauty
M Margaret Pearl
Mary Star of the sea
Matilda Powerful battler
Mercy Compassion, forgiveness
Marjorie Pearl
Myrtle Joy
N Nora Honor
Nellie Light
O Opal Jewel
Ophelia Helper
P Phoebe Shining, brilliance
Priscilla Ancient, archaic
Philomena Lover of the moon
Prudence Good judgment
R Rebecca Captivating
Rowena White
Ruby Red
Ruth Friend
S Sally Princess
Sarah Princess
Sophia Wisdom
Sophronia Prudent, judicious mind
Stella Star
Sylvia Determined
Susannah Lily
Seraphina Ardent
T Tabitha Gazelle
Theodosia Given by God, supreme gift
Teresa Reaper
Theodora Gift of God
U Ursula Name of a Saint
V Victoria Conqueror
Violet Flower
Vivian Full of life
Virginia Maiden, virgin
Alphabate Name Meaning
A Albert Noble, bright
Alfred Name of a king, supernaturally wise
Aaron Mountain of strength
Abel Breath
Abraham Father of a multitude
Ambrose Immortal
Asa Healer
Arthur Name of a king
Aubrey Ruler the elves
Augustine Majestic, grand, magnificent
Amos To carry
Andrew A strong man
Arnold Strong as an eagle
Alonzo Ready for a fight
B Barnabas Son of the prophet, or of consolation
Bartholomew Son of a farmer
Boaz Swiftness
Bennett Little blessed one
Benjamin Son of the right hand
Benedict Blessed
Bertram Bright, wise
Byron Name of poet
C Caleb Devotion
Cornelius Clear, bright
Charles Manly
Christopher The one with Christ inside
Clarence Clear, bright
Clement Merciful, mild, good
Cyril Lord, master
Columbus Dove
D Daniel God is my judge
David Beloved
Douglas Black stream
Dante Enduring
Duncan Dark skinned fighter
Donald World leader, proud chief
E Eben Stone of help
Edson Son of Edward, son of the fortunate warrior
Edward Wealthy guard, guardian of prosperity
Eldridge Battle counselor, old and powerful ruler
Erasmus To love, beloved, desired
Ezra Helper
Eldon The elder
Ernest Serious, determined
Edmund Prosperous protector, the one who protects wealth
Elijah Lord is my God
Eugene Well-born
Edwin Valued
F Felix Happy, fortunate, lucky
Fletcher Arrow maker
Franklin Free
Frank A free man
Frederick Peaceful ruler
Fergus Courageous man
G Gabriel God is my strength
Garrett Powerful with the spear
George Tiller of soil, a farmer
Gideon Powerful warrior
Grady Renowned
Geoffrey Peace
Gerald Spear strength
Gilbert Oath
H Harold War chief
Heath Heathland dweller
Henry Ruler of home, a royal name
Harvey Warrior, soldier
Horace Timekeeper
Hugh Intelligent
I Isaac Laughing one, name of a scientist
Isaiah The salvation of the Lord
Ivan Gift from God
Ivor Archer's bow
J Jacob Holder of the heel
James One who supplants
Jasper Jewel, keeper of the treasure
Jonathan God's gift
Judah One who praises God
Justice One who upholds moral fairness
Julian Youthful
Julius Youthful
K Kenneth Handsome, good-looking
Keith One who dwells in the woods
L Lawrence Man from Laurentum
Leonard Brave as a lion, lion-hearted
Leopold Brave, bold
Leslie From the gray fortress, joy
Lionel Little lion
Llewellyn Resembling a lion
Luther Famous in war
Lloyd Gray
Luke Light
Louis Famous warrior
M Malcolm Servant of Saint Columba
Maxwell From the great well
Miles Servant, merciful
Montague From the peaked mountain
Maurice Dark-skinned
Miller Grinder of grain
Matthew Gift of God
Michael The one like God
N Neville From the new town
Nigel Black, dark
Nelson Son of Neil
Nathaniel Gift of God
O Oliver Affectionate
Obediah Serves God
Owen Young fighter
Oscar Divine spear
P Paul Small, little
Patrick Noble
Peter Rock
Percival Destroyer
Philip Lover of horses
Phineas Oracle
R Reginald Powerful ruler
Ralph Strong
Reuben The one who sees the son
Randolph Mythological wolf with great courage
Robert Bright, shining, famed
Richard Powerful ruler
Rufus Red-haired
Raymond Wise protector
S Samuel God heard
Stephen Crown, victorious
Silas Wood, forest
Stanley One who lives by the stony grove
T Theodore Divine gift
Timothy Honoring God
Thomas Twin
Titus Defender
Thaddeus Praise, valiant, wise
Tobias God is good
U Ulysses Wrathful
Uriah Lord is light
V Vernon Flourishing
Victor Champion
Vincent Conqueror
Valentine Name of a Saint
W William Desire
Wyatt Brave
Warren Protector, loyal, defender
Wilfred Peaceful, resolute
Wallace Stranger
Walter Strong fighter
Z Zacharias God remembers
Zebediah God has given
So, these were some of the most popular names given to children during the Victorian era. Some of these names are used even today. These lovely vintage names celebrate deeper meanings, a greater history, and serve as an inspiration to the name bearer for the rest of their lives. So, use them with a sincere thought!