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Twin Birth Announcements

Twin Birth Announcements

You are blessed with twins and want to share this amazing news with your loved ones. Find some ideas on how to make the announcement of your twins' birth from this article.
Ashwini Kulkarni Sule
The joy of welcoming your child is unparalleled to anything else for every parent. It increases even more when you bring twins into this world. Your friends and family would join in to share your happiness, but what about those who can't make it to the celebrations? You can involve them as well with the help of these cute announcement cards and goodies.

Picture Cards

Picture cards remain the most popular way of announcing the birth of your babies. There is a huge collection of really cute cards on the Internet for you to choose from. The prices of the cards vary according to the designs and adornments used.

These cards are like mini journals with all the information about your babies. To buy the cards online, all you have to do is fill in the necessary information--such as babies' names, date, and time of birth, and order them.

Make Your Own Cards

You can also make your own announcement cards using the templates available online. Choose a template of your choice, upload your babies' picture in it and fill in the required information. The templates available on the Internet are based on attractive themes such as 'peas in the pod' and 'Noah's Ark'.

You can also upload your babies' pictures on an image website and forward the link to all your friends and relatives. You may even upload video clips of your little ones playing.

Sending Goodies

If you find the traditional idea of sending birth announcement cards too boring, you can opt for some innovative ways to share your news. You can make your own goodies and deliver them to your friends.

One great idea would be to make customized chocolate cigar goodies. You can make two chocolate cigars and tie two pink, blue, or both ribbons, according to the gender of the babies. If Christmas is around the corner, you can make Christmas ornaments and attach the details of your babies to them.

Announcement Wording

Most people include the names, date, time of birth, and weight of the baby in the announcement cards. However, if your babies are underweight, it is best to leave the weight unmentioned. Similarly, if you are not sure whether your twins are fraternal or identical, do not mention that as well.

It is a good idea to mention the name of older sibling(s) in the wordings, as this will make them feel important. You can also include a picture of the sibling with the twins. The inside pages can include the solo pictures of the two babies. If you refer to the online templates, you can find catchy birth announcement wording ideas. You can always come up with your own wordings that will best describe your babies.
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