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Fitness Activities for Toddlers

Fitness Activities for Toddlers

Fitness activities are a must for kids from the health point of view. Read this article to learn some activities and understand their benefits.
Megha Tiwari
Toddlers have inexhaustible energy stored in their body and to utilize it in the right direction for good health and development of the brain, physical activities are a must. While playing, kids are not aware of the benefits of physical exercises, rather they are engrossed in the fun and enjoyment involved in it. So, it becomes the responsibility of parents to engage kids in various physical activities according to their interests. If you wish that your child should develop into a well-built, well-nourished and well-formed individual, then utmost care must be taken in chalking out the program and schedule depending upon the age and progress. Physical fitness is one aspect which should not be taken lightly since it is directly related to the physical and mental health. Unfortunately, the present trend has prompted a fair number of working parents to dedicate most of their time to their jobs and less towards their children. In order to compensate, one must ensure that sufficient fitness activities are undertaken religiously.

Benefits of Physical Fitness

Before we begin, let's have a look at the benefits derived and their usefulness for kid's health and mind.
  • First and foremost, they help to keep the body in good shape.
  • Health and skill related aspects get a tremendous boost besides developing overall fitness.
  • They augment self-confidence and inculcate self-esteem by regularly participating in various activities and achieving success in them.
  • They develop fundamental motor skills and co-ordinate body movements while taking part in activities like jumping, dancing, and crawling.
  • They reinforce social skills, language development, and power of expressions.
  • Besides entertainment, these activities are of great help in developing problem-solving capabilities and rendering confidence in an individual.
  • They also develop social skills and a sense of belonging to the team or a group of children he is participating with, should there exist a possibility of bringing together a number of toddlers.
Types of Fitness Exercises

In order to make fitness ideas simple for you and your child, let's first classify them into outdoor and indoor activities, and see how to involve toddlers in these activities and generate their interest. Remember that each activity has its own merits and endeavors, so they should be carefully planned and executed.

Indoor Activities
  • Every child fancies bright colors and gets attracted to it pretty fast. Bring a colorful medium-sized light ball from the store and allow him to play with it for a while so that he becomes possessive of it. After sometime, take the ball and throw it, your child will dash after it. Playfully keep repeating these fun activities for about 15 to 20 minutes while encouraging him at the same time. Make sure you stop the game when your child stops taking interest and refuses to pick up the ball. Go in for something else.
  • The fitness can also be achieved by holding dancing sessions in your house. Every child loves music naturally and therefore select a couple of songs which your child has been seen to love the most and keep playing them at frequent intervals. Initially you have to hold your child's hands and dance along with him for a while. Keep encouraging him. Subsequently, whenever you play the music, your child will automatically respond.
Outdoor Activities
  • For this outdoor game, even if you do not have a lawn or a yard, step into a park or a public place along with your child with a ball, which of course should be colorful and bright as usual, and also with some of his favorite toys. Slowly kick the ball to move a reachable distance and nudge the child to go for it. On fetching it, clap and cheer him up, thus, encouraging him to keep repeating. As soon as you realize that tiredness is overcoming him, stop and let him play with other toys.
  • Some other common outdoor activities can be swimming, sack race, and three-legged race that would be loved by the toddlers. These fitness games for toddlers require little physical exertion, but keep in mind not to overexert your kid.
Apart from the ideas mentioned above, you too can design some fun activities on your own. All you've to do is sit down, think what your child's strong likings are, and design a game accordingly.
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