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Family Tree Templates

Family Tree Templates
Making a family tree is an educational as well as fun activity. Scroll down to find downloadable family tree templates that will be helpful to you.
Madhura Pandit
Last Updated: May 31, 2018
A family tree is a chart or a picture used to portray one's ancestors as well as blood relatives of the present generation. It is, specially, helpful in knowing the exact relation between all the members of the extended family. We often come across family trees of famous people in several books; mostly biographies or history books, or books related to the royalty. If you too wish to make your own extensive chart of genealogy, then the templates given below will provide a rough frame for the same.
Family Tree Pictures
Following are some pictures or templates that can be used for drawing a family tree. Before making your own charts and templates, you can consult your parents or grandparents and note down all the names of the ancestors and relatives that are to be included in the family tree. Once you have collected all the information, you can make a rough template, make changes and finalize it before making the final one!
Family tree template
Family Tree Template
Family tree template
Family Tree Types
A family tree can be made in a variety of patterns and structures. If you are looking for ideas, then firstly, you should know about the basic structure of the family tree. Here are the two types:
Type 1
The most basic form of a family tree is the one that looks exactly similar to a 'tree' (see image). Just like a tree, this chart is made in a vertical fashion; with oldest members at the base and younger ones at the top. Start with tagging the oldest members at the foot of the tree (as they symbolize roots); with the next generations upwards; and ending with the youngest ones at the topmost part of the tree. This type is widely used for making creative family trees.
Type 2
Another form is the simple template of a family tree made like a flow chart. This can be made in vertical or horizontal manner. On the contrary to the above mentioned one, this chart is made by placing the oldest members of the family at the top. Next generations are placed below, i.e., one after the other in a descending manner. In this type, youngest members of the family are placed at the lowermost part of the tree. This type is usually used for making large family tree charts (depicting extended family members). It appears neater and clearer than the aforementioned type.
Printable Blank Templates
Here are some downloadable templates that will make your job easier. You can either draw your own chart taking a cue from the pictures above or use these printable templates. You just have to print these, fill in the data, and your family tree is ready!
These family tree charts and printable templates will definitely be helpful to make your own chart of genealogy. You can be creative and make your own creative chart, like the ones pictured above, and hang it in your room as one of your pieces of art. Good luck!