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Spanish Baby Girl Names

Ay Caramba! Check Out These Swoon-worthy Spanish Baby Girl Names

Every individual is identified by his name and hence, name of every baby should be selected very carefully considering its meaning. Here are some unique Spanish baby girl names that are truly meaningful.
Reshma Jirage
Last Updated: Jun 3, 2018
Spanish is the native language of about 332 million people throughout the world. Besides Spain, it is an official language of Chile, Mexico, Argentina, and Colombia. Majority of Spanish speakers can be found in Latin America. Every country has its own set of common names. These names reflect culture, religion, and tradition of that particular country. In Spanish language, you will find a wide choice of names for baby boys and baby girls, which are quite fascinating.
Spanish Baby Girl Names: Examples
Spanish language is derived from Latin, therefore, you will find numerous similarities with the first names used in other Latin-based languages like English. Latin names generally end in 'ia' or 'a' for women and 'ius' or 'us' for men. For Spanish language, these endings are 'io' or 'o' in case of men's names, and remain 'a' or 'ia' in case of women's names. Religion and Roman Catholic Church also contribute a lot to naming the baby girls. Religious baby girl names are more popular among people. Naming traditions in Spanish language is likely to be borrowed from German culture. More recently, modern Mexican baby girl names have also influenced the names in Spanish.
You will find plenty of good names starting from each alphabet. Some common names that you could keep for your baby girl are Adela, Adora, Belen, Bibiana, Blanca, Calisto, Camila, Cruzita, Dulce, Diana, Ester, Eva, Ernesta, Fabiana, Flavia, Gloria, Gisela, Hilaria, Ida, Irma, Isabela, Julia, Jovita, Lidia, Laura, Lolita, Marcia, Manola, Natalia, Novia, Ofelia, Olivia, Paola, Palmira, Patricia, Rafaela, Romina, Renata, Sonia, Silvia, Tatiana, Tere, Trini, Ursula, Valencia, Virginia, Ximena, Xochilt, Yesenia, Zara, and Zoraida.
The Meaning Behind
Spanish names have noble meanings. Here are some names with their meanings.
  • Adalia means 'noble'.
  • The name Sofia is from German origin. It means 'wisdom'.
  • Savannah has Spanish origin and it means 'from the open plain'.
  • A very cute name Alva means 'white'.
  • Belinda means 'beautiful'.
  • You can name your sweet baby as 'Dulcinea', which means 'sweet'.
  • Isabel is a holy name which refers to 'consecrated to God'.
  • Maria is 'form of Mary'.
  • Your little, delicate baby can be called 'Nina', which means 'little girl'.
  • If you wish your daughter to be strong, you may call her 'Valencia', which itself means 'strong'.
  • Meaning of a very fascinating name 'Verdad' is 'truthful'.
  • You may name your little angel as 'Dorota', which means 'God's gift'.
  • You can give a unique identity to your daughter by calling her as 'Liani'. Meaning of this cute name is 'Spanish girl'.
The above examples for names are really unique and mean a lot. You can name your baby girl with any of these names, and with one that your daughter will feel proud of.