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Irish Baby Girl Names

Here's a Compiled List of Admired Irish Baby Girl Names

Are you an expecting mother who is obsessed with the Irish culture? Here's a compiled list of some really popular, unique Irish baby girl names.
Kashmira Lad
Last Updated: Mar 26, 2018
Irish names have become the latest trend, especially in America. Choosing a unique and meaningful name for their babies, is probably the main aim of parents all over the world. The following list is bound to give you a plethora of options for selecting the right name for your little doll.
Irish Baby Girl Names and their Meaning
Aoife: This name is derived from old, Irish mythological character, Aífe. It means someone who is beautiful and joyful in nature.
Anya: Splendor, radiance, and brilliance
Ashling: A vision or a dream.
Bridget: A girl who is strong-spirited
Brenda: A fiery personality
Caitlin: A girl who is pure from within
Ciara: Someone who has dark hair and brown eyes
Dymphna: A fawn
Darcy: This name has been derived from the surname O'Dorchaidhe which means descendant of the dark one.
Eibhlín: This name is derived from the French name Aveline. It means bringer of light.
Émer: This name was originally the name of the legendary, Irish hero Cú Chulainn's wife. Legend had it that Émer would only marry a man who was equal to her in beauty and wisdom.
Fiona: Fair one
Grania: This name is derived from the old Irish word gráinne, which means grain/seed. Experts also feel that this was the name of the Irish goddess of grain.
Granuaile: This was the most remarkable woman in Irish history. She is the poetic symbol for courage, in Ireland.
Iona: Someone who is blessed
Isleen: A variation of the name Aislinn or Ashling
Keira: Dusky and beautiful
Kacey: Eagle-eyed
Líadan: Originally, the name of a poetess
Mairead: As beautiful as a pearl
Muriel: Shining sea
Nessa: Originally meant someone who is gentle in nature, Nessa was actually the mother of Conchobar mac Nessa.
Oona: Unity
Rosaleen: A rose
Sabia: A girl who's sweet
Síomha: Derived from an old Irish name Síthmaith, it combines peace and goodness.
Siobhan: This personifies all the good things about being Irish.
Sheila: A divine place
Úna: This was originally the name of the Princess of Lochlainn.
Vevila: A pretty lady
Having culturally deep-rooted meanings, there's no wonder why Irish names are popular. Parents would love to have meaningful names for their kids, as it is believed that children are influenced to inculcate the good qualities that their names stand for.