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Heartwarming and Touching Reasons Why Your Mom is Incomparable

Reasons why your Mom is Incomparable
Mom! The word itself wraps you with warmth and love. Your mom is your first love, your first teacher, and she means the whole world to you. She is someone who holds a special place in your heart, a place that no one else can ever take. She is incomparable and so is her love.
Raksha Kulkarni
Last Updated: Mar 7, 2018
The Bond of Love!
A newborn will know his mother's voice. The moment she holds him, the baby will know it's her. From a very tender age, babies recognize their mom; her voice, her smell, her touch, and her love.
A mother is a person who can never be thanked enough. She got you into this world, taught you all the important things in life, supported you wholeheartedly, and never made you realize what she had to go through all this time. Carrying a child in the womb for nine months, and going through that morning sickness and all the pain, was not easy; but your mother did it, just to bring you into this world.
She spent so many nights without sleep just to feed you or to help you sleep, she picked you up every time you fell down, and she sat patiently listening to all your tantrums. You said it without thinking, but she sacrificed her joys to fulfill your demands, and get a smile on your face.
Through all the things they do, moms inspire us to be like them. Women aspire to be like their mothers someday and the men try to find all these qualities in their wives. There's something about mothers that inspires awe and makes them incomparable. Is it their unconditional love? Or is it their strength? Is it their support? Or is it their care? Well, it is all this and much more. What makes all the difference is our mom's being there.
Mom is incomparable because ...
  • She gave you this life. (Even if she had to go through so much pain.)
  • You're the apple of her eye. (No one can take your place in her heart.)
  • She's your first love and your best friend! (She is LOVE.)
Mother And Son
  • She taught you to walk and talk. (She had the best smile when you called her for the first time. She was the happiest to see you take baby steps.)
  • She patiently taught you everything. (She made homework less painful.)
Mother Walking With Little Boy
  • She dropped you and picked you up from school. (And left all her other priorities behind.)
  • She was always there to pat your back after you did something good. (Even if it was just about coloring properly.)
African lion cubs playing
  • She would also scold you when you did something wrong. (And she would make it up with her hugs and kisses.)
  • When your dad shouted at you, she was your shield. (She's the Superwoman in your life!)
  • You woke up listening to her voice and slept to her soothing tunes. (Those lullabies were the sweetest songs you ever heard as a child.)
Mothers Day
  • She stayed up the whole night just because you were coughing. (She wouldn't leave you and go anywhere even for a second.)
  • You grew up looking at her and following her. (She was your first role model!)
Teenage Girl Hugging Mother
  • Her food was, is, and will always be the best in the world. (She adds that special ingredient of love just for you.)
  • She was, is, and will always be the first one to wipe your tears. (Even if you get a small scratch, she'll kiss it and make it disappear.)
Mother And Baby Love
  • She is the greatest support you will ever have. (She assures you that things will be alright.)
  • She is an epitome of the ultimate strength, patience, positivity, love, and the list will go on. (It's practically impossible to grasp all that in one life.)
  • She'll stay awake to hear you out or do what you love, even if she's unwell. (Remember the times when she took you to have ice cream just because you craved for it.)
Mother and Baby Girl
  • Sleeping on her lap was the best thing that could happen to you. (It's the coziest place made for you.)
  • She is the only person in your life who gave you everything and asked for nothing in return.
mother and son
  • She is the perfect example of what sacrificing for loved ones means. (She will always give you the last bit of her favorite dish, just because you asked her.)
  • She made you a better person. (You wouldn't be where you are now, had she not been there.)
Happy Mother
  • She taught you all the important lessons of life. (Thank her for whatever you have earned; money, success, friends, everything.)
  • She has been with you, always. She's more a close friend than a mother. (She tried to fit into your definitions of "cool".)
  • You know that this lovely woman is never going to leave you, Never Ever!
Mother And Son
Other Things
  • Her smiles are the prettiest. And she is the most beautiful woman.
  • She cleans ALL your mess.
  • She has seen you in your worst, and still loves you.
It's time to fly away
  • She makes you smile, even when you don't want to.
  • She trusts you with all your choices (boyfriends/girlfriends too).
  • She makes you feel special when the world puts you down.
  • She celebrates your birthdays, more joyously than hers.
  • She can NEVER see you in pain.
Smiling boy
  • She will never judge you, even if you go out with her in sweat pants and messy hair.
  • She understands your jokes, even if others don't.
  • She knows where that thing is, which you've been searching for, the whole day.
  • She always deals with your tantrums.
  • She will tell you what is right but will also give you space to learn for yourself.
  • She waits for your call every day and forgives you even if you don't call her for weeks.
  • She has been and shall always be, the world's best mom.
The list can go on, as we can never stop talking about her. She loves you so much more than she loves herself. And the only thing she wants is your happiness. Shower her with your love and tell her that you care. Give her the respect she deserves. Live by what you have learned from her. Make her a proud mother.