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16 Unexpectedly Great Reasons to Have a Second Child

Reasons to Have a Second Child
Many parents choose to have a single child for various reasons. However, the pros of having two kids, are many. AptParenting gives you some reasons to have a second child.
Sharmistha Sarkar
Last Updated: Mar 4, 2018
"Having lots of siblings is like having built-in best friends."
-Kim Kardashian
Why not give your kid one "built-in" best friend by having a second child? Most couples prefer to have only one child for reasons like additional responsibility or financial burden. Being parents of two or more kids can be more challenging than raising a single child. However, having a second kid in enriching for the parents as well as the siblings in more ways than one. The two become the closest of friends, they grow together, and learn so much from one another. Having two children in the family strikes a good balance and has a positive effect on the overall development of both the kids.
Reasons to Have a Second Child
► The kids will grow up together and develop a deep attachment for each other. They will share a very special bond.

► You will have more time for yourself while the children play or study together. You will get some free time as a couple, when the children spend time with each other.

► They will have an opportunity to resolve conflicts and work things out by themselves when they fight with each other.
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► The kids will learn to take care of each others needs. In sharing their TV-time, food, toys, and other belongings, they will learn the value of sharing. In small ways, this sharing will also teach them the value of sacrifice or the beauty of doing something for loved ones. Rather than thinking "I", "me", and "my", they will start thinking in terms of "we" and "us".

► There is no better person to learn from than a sibling. Most of the things you taught your first child will be passed on to the second child by the older one. Whether it's related to study, play, or family values, the younger child will learn a lot from the elder one. Starting with just imitating his/her elder sibling, the bond with soon build into the younger kid following the elder one.
► Your second child will get the courage and inspiration from your first child for moving ahead in life.

► The first child will develop patience and maturity and learn to take responsibility. The younger sibling will bring out the protective and caring nature of the elder one.

► Your children will have a lifelong friend. They will never be lonely and always keep each other busy and entertained. They will be the most comfortable sharing everything about their lives with each other.
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► The kids will learn about division of work. When given a long list of chores, they will realize that sharing tasks and dividing work is a good way to have it done faster.

► Your children, and the beautiful relationship they share will bring more joy and satisfaction into your life.

► You will be able to leave them around in each others care. Even when you are away, they will be there for each other.

► Also, they will have someone to celebrate their joys and achievements with.
► Socializing will be easier for them as they learn to be interactive with each other. When the male child grows up with a sister, he learns to be sensitive towards woman. In the same way, when a female child grows up with a brother, she can understand men better.

► The children will have a shoulder to lean on when times are difficult. They will find it easier to share their setbacks, regrets, or sorrows with one another.
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► Having two children, both the parents will have someone to be busy with.

► You will be able to have clothes, books, toys, etc., reused or made available for common use for both the kids.
These are among the many reasons for having a second child. Having two children in the family is surely a more fulfilling experience for the parents. Moreover, it helps in the healthy development of the kids.
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