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30 Crazily Amazing Things Only Twins Can Relate To

30 Amazing Things Only Twins Can Relate To
There are pros as well as cons of being a twin. However, the bonding that twins share is incomparable. AptParenting tells you about some amazing things that twins will understand.
Sharmistha Sarkar
Last Updated: Feb 26, 2018
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Did You Know?
The Yoruba people, one of the largest African ethnic groups in sub-Saharan Africa, have the highest rate of twinning in the world.
Life as a twin can be fun as well as difficult. There are times when you get overwhelmed by the attention you get from others and at other times, you get frustrated, when you are confused with your twin or when people ask you how it feels to be a twin. However, the "connection" that twins share is something only they can understand. Here are some things you will relate to, if you are a twin.
Things Twins Can Relate To
#1 Your friends cannot tell you apart when they look at your childhood photos. Sometimes, even you can't.

#2 You always have someone to celebrate your birthday with.
Twins Celebrating birthday
#3 You think that people in your life can easily differentiate between you and your twin, and will always be able to tell you apart. However, that is not how it is. You may have different personalities but people are confused.

#4 As kids, you have shared each other's clothes and other things. You have often dressed identically.
Twins Wearing Same Dress
#5 When your twin does anything good, you feel proud about it. And your twin shares the same feeling about you.

#6 Due to the confusion between your first names, your teachers often referred to you by your last name.

#7 Shopping is convenient with your twin as he or she can try out clothes or other stuff for you. If they look good on your twin, they are going to look good on you too.

#8 As kids, you may have fought over the same toy or food. But you have grown up sharing a lot of things with your twin. There is something special about this sharing; something very different from that with other siblings or cousins.
Twins Sharing Food
#9 There is a twin thing or a feeling of absolute unconditional love towards each other. Also, you have the same sense of humor and find the same things funny. Many of your interests are common.

#10 Even when you are in a large group of friends, you tend to interact more with your twin. After all, your closest friend is your twin.

#11 Sometimes, you try hard and do everything to look different so that people can tell you apart.

#12 You develop a feeling of kinship with other twins you come across. You know that they understand what being a twin means.

#13 You have two names; one is yours and the other is of your twin. You are habituated to respond to both the names.

#14 Sometimes, you feel it's better to respond to whatever name you are called by (yours or your twin's) rather than correcting people all the time.

#15 When someone talks to you, you wonder whether the person really knows whether he is talking to you or your twin.

#16 Sometimes, both of you crave for the same thing at the same time.
Twins Eating And Craving
#17 Your best friend, your partner in crime, someone you can confide in, and someone who knows you inside out; is your twin.

#18 You two are often referred to as "the twins".

#19 You feel awkward when people wrongly take you for your twin and you have no idea what they are talking about.

#20 People assume that you have the same preferences, though it may not be the case every time.

#21 When you were kids, your parents carried you in one arm, and your twin in the other.

#22 People ask questions no matter how obvious their answers seem to you. They ask you what kind of a bond you share with your twin, or if you can read each other's minds.

#23 You smile at strangers who think you are your twin, which is awkward.
#24 The comparisons are endless. People want to know who is older and by how much time. And they want to know who is better at what or who is more successful.

#25 You get yelled at or punished for mistakes made by your twin.

#26 And you often use the confusion to your advantage. You can easily escape punishments or fool people by not disclosing your real identity. You can also pull pranks on friends and they won't easily know if it was you or your twin!

#27 You are the closest to your twin. It hurts you when someone hurts him. It angers you when someone angers him. And you are very protective about one another. You cannot see your twin upset and it is only you who knows how to get him out of it.

#28 You sometimes want to stay away from your twin to experience life as a singleton and be around people who do not know your twin. That is to avoid comparisons and the constant questions from people.

#29 You cannot imagine living without each other as the feeling of separation from your twin is unbearable.

#30 It could be telepathy or something else, but you feel connected with your twin. You know when something's wrong with him/her and so does your twin.
If you are a twin, you will be able to relate to the things mentioned here. The bond between the two of you is unique because it developed even before birth, literally. You may be different as individuals, but you are "connected". If you are a twin, do tell us about your experiences of growing up together.