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Reasons Why Guys Who Have an Elder Sister are the Luckiest

Reasons Why Guys Who Have an Elder Sister are the Luckiest
First you hated her, then you started bearing her; things got a little better as you started liking her, and now you totally love her. Yes, we are talking about your dearest sister! Having an elder sister is indeed a blessing for any brother, and they are definitely the luckiest.
Buzzle Staff
Last Updated: Mar 8, 2018
In the cookies of life, sisters are like chocolate chips.
There must have been at least one moment in your life, when you wished you were an only child. But, siblings are siblings, and nobody can take their place in your life. Right from being enemies and fighting over the silliest of things to being best friends who are always there for each other, the relation between an older sister and a younger brother is a beautiful one.

Guys who have an elder sister can understand this beautiful relationship. Your older sister is like your mother and friend at the same time.
She taught you to drive
Sister teaching brother
Even if your parents were busy, you always had someone to drop you or pick you when you were small. Afterwards, she was the one who taught you to drive. When you first drove your cycle, bike, or car, she was right beside you.
You can trust her blindly
Whenever you are in doubt, you call her. Whether you want career or relationship advice she is your go-to person. You can trust her advice blindly.
No one can ever know you the way she does
Sister kissing brother
With just one look she will figure out what's wrong with you. You never have to explain your actions to her, because she will just know. Isn't it amazing guys, to have someone who understands you well, probably more than yourself?
She appreciates you like no one else
She notices all the good things you do, and appreciates you for them. Even your little achievements matter to her and they make her proud. Even if you have grown up, she calls you and encourages you all the time.
But tells you the harsh truth as well
If you make mistakes, she scolds you heartily. Don't expect any consideration from her, you will get only the truth, the harsh truth. She won't mince words when it comes to you. It is only because she doesn't want her little brother to stray.
You can celebrate both the good and the bad with her
Sister brother drinking coffee
Whether it's a really nasty breakup or a promotion, she will be the person you can celebrate it with. She will help you get through difficult times, and party like crazy in good ones. She is your companion through thick and thin.
She made family functions bearable for you
Remember those boring family functions that you had to attend. Your sister was the only person who made them a little bearable. Cracking stupid jokes and making silly comments ensured that time passed quickly, and you were free to run away!
She is like a "cool" mom for you
Your elder sister is like your second mom. She takes care of you, looks out for you, is always there for you, and loves you a lot. It's like having a mom with whom you can talk about anything and do all the crazy stuff as well. This makes the relationship between an elder sister and a younger brother all the more special.
She will keep all your secrets
A brother may purposely tell all your secrets to your parents, but a sister will cover up for you, always. You can tell her everything (OK, most of the things) and she will help you deal with them without ratting you out. She is basically your partner in crime, and you do all sorts of crazy activities together.
She helped you in school and college
Having an elder sister is like a blessing in school and college. You don't have to worry too much since she guides you and you get a basic idea of everything from her. She knows how it is and gives you all the necessary tips. If both of you are in the same school or college, then you literally don't have to worry about anything. She tells you which teachers to stay away from, and helps you choose the right subjects.
She made things easier for you
Since she started working before you, you got all the necessary contacts and expert guidance from her. Things definitely got a wee bit easier for you on the professional front.
She made you tough
Having an elder sister meant someone's always gonna be there to pick on you, fight with you, and tease you. Those horrible fights and mean pranks made you tough. It literally prepared you for worse things in the world.
She helped you understand girls
Sister brother
The reason you are so smooth with girls, is probably your dear elder sister. She helped you understand women (OK, at least a little). She explained all those encrypted text messages from your female friends.
And respect them too
Although you are the younger brother, you are protective about your sister, isn't it? You love and respect her. She is the reason you started respecting women. You must have seen your sis going through bad breakups, handle jerks or even perverts, and that has made you honor women even more.
She is your role model
She helped you realize that it is fine to make mistakes, follow your dreams, and go against the flow. Sometimes you rebelled against your parents, but she supported you, protected you. She taught you what determination means.
She always covered for you
Protective sister with brother
Remember when you sneaked in at night totally wasted? She was the one who covered it for you. When you got into trouble at school, she was the one who helped you. She always protected you, no matter what.
She made you look cooler
Your friends were totally impressed by you at the party because your sister got alcohol for you! Even at school, you were a star, thanks to your popular sister and her cool friends.
She makes you dinner
Sister making dinner
You never have to worry about food when you have an older sister. Of course, it was a little scary to try out her weird dishes sometimes. And her culinary experiments did turn out good eventually. Even after growing up and going separate ways, she can instantly whip up your favorite meal when you visit her.
Buddy for lifetime
Our parents may not be with us lifelong, and our friends won't be there all the time, spouses might come later, but your elder sister is always gonna be with you. She is that buddy who's never going to leave your side.
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