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15 Amazing Benefits of Having an Elder Brother

15 Amazing Benefits of Having an Elder Brother
It is often said that having a brother is one of the best things in the world. He is the one who will always be there for you as a support system. Although he may both, annoy you and overprotect you, there certainly are many benefits of having an elder brother. Come, let's take a look at them, through this AptParenting article.
Ashmeet Bagga
Last Updated: Mar 12, 2018
"Sometimes being a big brother is even better than being a superhero."
―Marc Brown
For many girls and boys, having an older brother means a lifetime of torture, pain in the neck, crazy fights, etc. Not to forget, they fill your head with numerable lies about how you were picked up from a trash can by your parents. You fight like Tom and Jerry, and like them, are always ready to chase each other around. But coming to think about it, having an elder brother has its own perks.
You always have somebody at home to spend good times with, and to plan conspiracy against your neighbor or the bad teacher at school. Your brother is always gonna be there for you during your good and bad times. Whoever has quoted that you can't be best friends with your elder brother, is wrong. You can share your thoughts, problems, and relationship queries freely with your brother, because he will never judge you. An older brother and younger sister relationship is one of the most precious relationships ever. In the upcoming sections, we have pulled up a list of how amazing it is to have an older brother. Some benefits are related to girls, some to guys, while others are meant for both.
Elder Brother Benefits
You Can Lean on Him
Sister lean on brother
Just like the love of a father, an older brother always loves his younger sibling unconditionally. If you are going through a bad time, and none of your friends are around, you can always lean on him. He is a comfortable shoulder to cry on. Also, he is a good listener, and will go to any extent to make you smile or feel good again.
Gifts from His Significant Other
Woman talking with her Friend
You not only get gifts from your brother, but now since he has introduced you to his girlfriend or fiancée, you will receive extra gifts from her too. She becomes an additional member in your family, and also your partner in crime to tease your brother. Also, you will receive all the attention you can get, and she will be nice to you because you are her boyfriend's younger sister or brother.
Your Own Protector
Sister With Brother With Yellow Flowers
How cool it is when none of the guys or seniors would mess with you, because they know you have a brother ready to punch them back in the face. No matter where you go or who troubles you, one phone call and your savior will be present. Having an older brother means indirectly having a bodyguard.
You Always Have Company
Baby Girl Playing With Brother
You never have to be worried about going for family gatherings alone; that's because you will always have your brother by your side. You always have somebody to be weird with. If it's annoying relatives or checking out beautiful girls, that moment becomes more entertaining with your brother around.
Easy to Understand Guys
Sister & Brother Playing on Bed
This is one of the major advantages for all the girls. Having an elder brother means you are at least aware about how a guy's brain works. You will understand what to expect and how to deal with them in certain situations. Also, you can learn a lot about their habits, simply by observing your brother.
Teaches You to Be Patient
Baby Sitting on Table
Because you were a victim of all his pranks and tantrums, he indirectly taught you to be patient. Sometimes, we face very difficult situations in life, and past experiences helps us deal with them more tactfully.
Babysitting is Fun
Baby Laughing with Her Brother
It can't get any better if your brother becomes your babysitter! Think of all the fun and exciting things you both can do together. He can show you some new video game tricks, perhaps teach you how to ride. Yea, brothers might give you a weird haircut or even dress you up with cardboard pieces too.
Get Honest Feedback
Siblings Laying Down at Beach
Since he is your brother, he won't hesitate to give you brutal feedback on your clothes, looks, the guy or girl you are probably dating, etc. They can be very straightforward, but hey they don't want you to end up looking like a fool. So if you really want to know how you look, go ask your brother.
More Guy Friends
Boy sitting on Bicycle
Having a brother at home means having many guys coming over at your place. That means you will have many good-looking guy friends too. Plus, they won't ever be rude or mean to you, because you are their friend's baby sister or brother.
Teaches to Drink Responsibly
Drinking Soda With Friends
If he is over 21 he will have the experience of how a novice drinker acts; especially when girls can't handle their drinks. He will teach you the dos and don't of drinking; maybe you will have your first drink with him only.
Night-outs and Partying
Friends Enjoying with Meal
Having an elder brother means you can step out without worrying your parents. They will be ready to let you out at night along with your bro. So, you officially have the permission to visit nightclubs, or simply roaming around with your brother everywhere.
A Dance Partner
Dancing Couple in Party
Want to sign up for salsa but don't have any partner? Or you are sitting alone at a wedding while everybody is dancing? Don't worry, you can dance with your brother. Having a brother means you always have a partner to dance with.
Introduces You to Sports
Boy and Girl Playing Football in Garden
If you are a huge fan of any type of sport, that means you have had many fond memories of enjoying some games with your brother. When you are small, they introduce you to the world of sports. You will never be alone to play any type of game; he always give you company whenever possible.
Helps You Financially
Girl Asking for Money
If you ever run out of money, you know who you should head to. No, it's not your parents or your granny, you should go to your brother. Older brothers generally adapt to father-like roles for their younger siblings, and help them financially too. Let it be paying some bills, rent, dinner, etc.; he has it covered for you.
Saves You from Your Parent's Brunt
Parents Scolding their teenagers
If you do something silly that your parents will get mad at you for, your elder brother is surely gonna save your butt. He might take the blame on himself, or give some reason or the other. But he will definitely save you from being grounded.
These are some of the many reasons why having an elder brother is the best thing ever. The relationship between siblings is like sweet-and-sour candy. You need to fight to keep the spark alive. After all, besides all the fun, your childhood is incomplete without any fights with your older brother.