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Potty Training for Twins

Potty Training for Twins

Potty training twins requires a lot of planning and careful execution of the same. In the following article, we will give you some insight into what it takes to potty train twins.
Rujuta Borkar
separate potty seats for twins
It is quite natural for parents to be apprehensive and anxious about potty training twins. Bringing up and caring for a single child is an exhausting task by itself, so when there are two of them involved, it gets much more difficult. Especially when it comes to bringing through potty training for twins. Even though your apprehension is justified, it should be known that there are certain specialized techniques which can be used to potty train twins effectively. As parents of twins, it is understandable that there will be several doubts and questions that will make way regarding the correct methods and ways of potty training twins and how to go about it successfully. In the following article we will take you through the ways in which this subject will be discussed thoroughly.

Twins Toilet Training Tips

Potty training twins is not an easy task, granted. But if you know the ways in which this can be accomplished, it should not be a problem. Not at all. Here are some tips that you need to keep in mind.

Start When the Signs Show
There is no right and wrong age when it comes to potty training. Kids might be ready for potty training anytime between 18 months to 3 years. Instead of focusing on the potty training age, try and look out for the signs of being ready for training. These signs will typically include wanting to get rid of a dirty diaper, showing an interest when the adults use the toilet and being able to voice their need for using the toilet. These are all signs that they will take to potty training well. You should also wait for when they are able to remove their underwear on their own and can control their bladder.

Don't Make it a Competition
Sometimes one twin will be ready to start potty training while the other won't be. You simply start training the one who is ready. The other will come around eventually. Never make the mistake of comparing the two and asking the other to do what his brother or sister is doing. This will only drive the twin to do extreme things to set himself apart and establish his identity.

Have Separate Potty Seats
Doctors recommend that it is a good idea to use separate potty seats for both instead of sharing one. This not only makes things easier for the parent, but is also crucial in setting a routine. For example, if the twins share the same timings of eating, sleeping and eventually of wanting to use the potty as well, then it just becomes easier to use two separate potties at the same time. The other reason for why this is encouraged is because it helps to allow each of twin to have their own potty and the fact that they have their own personal potty helps them train better.

General Tips
The following are some general tips that need to be followed when potty training twins:
  • Have a routine set in place. Get them to use the potty at the same time each day. This will then condition them to use the potty at particular timings.
  • Make the potty accessible for them by telling them that it is theirs. Get them to decorate it how they want.
  • Demonstrating how to use the potty with the help of toys is one other way that encourages them to use the potty.
  • Children look up to their parents and want to do things just like they do. So, when they see the parents using the commode and are spoken to about it, they are more willing to use the potty.
  • One of the important tips for potty training twin boys is that they need to be taught to use the potty while sitting at the seat instead of starting out with teaching them how to pee while standing. They need to use the potty regularly to do both their businesses in the potty before moving on to more complicated things. If aiming inside the potty is the problem, then drop in some cereal pieces and ask them to aim at them. Turning it into a game is a guaranteed way of making it happen.
  • Reward the twins whenever they are successful in going successfully at the potty. Make sure that it is motivating them. If it starts creating unnecessary and unhealthy competition between the siblings, then it is not a good idea. Find individual rewards that work for each of them in their individual way. Or else, praising the twins always, always works to keep them encouraged.
There will be several breaks and bumps when the training is underway. Even if this happens, never scold, shout or physically hit the twins, this will work in a contradictory way and set in a fear of the potty and the methods used. Which is not something that you want.

By employing the tips that have been listed out in this article, you'll find that you can now take up a streamlined approach to training the twins to use the potty and with great success as well.