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The Most Popular Russian Baby Girl Names With Mysterious Meanings

Popular Russian Baby Girl Names with their Meanings
Looking for an uncommon name for your little angel? Probably zeroing in on a Russian name would be apt, given the fact that they are traditional and unique. Check out some Russian baby girl names with their beautiful meanings in this Buzzle article.
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Last Updated: Jun 3, 2018
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According to the official civil registry figures in Moscow, Russia, "Sofiya" is the most popular Russian baby girl name.
A name is the identity of a person. Thus, naming your little princess becomes a very important task. Giving her a beautiful name will be the gift of a lifetime for your little one. Parents also wish to keep an uncommon name with a wonderful meaning. The task is daunting with the plethora of options available. So, opting for an exotic Russian name for your daughter sounds like a good idea.
Russian Baby Girl Names and their Meanings
Russia is a diverse country with varied traditions, and this can be seen in their names as well. Their names sound extraordinary and stand out too. Russians like to shorten the given names to adorable nicknames as well. So, for parents who are looking for a name for their little daughter or friends and relatives who are helping out, we make your task a little easier with these amazing Russian baby girl names. Sift through to make the perfect choice.
Name Meaning
Adla Justice
Agafiya Kind
Aglaya Beautiful
Agnessa Chaste
Agrafina Feet First
Aksana Glory to God
Akulina Eagle
Alena Light
Alexandra Defender of the people
Alisa Noble
Anastasiya Resurrection
Anfisa Flower
Anja Gracious
Anichka Grace
Anna Divine grace
Antonina Beyond Praise
Anusia Grace
Arina Peace
Asenka Grace
Basia God's daughter
Berta Bright
Czarina Female Ruler
Dinara Wealthy
Duscha Happy
Ekaterina Pure
Elizaveta God is my oath
Evgeniya Noble
Faina Shining
Feodora God's gift
Galina Calm
Galya Calm
Gania Garden of God
Halina Calm
Helen Bright, shining one
Innya Innocent
Innusha Innocent
Iraina Peace
Irina Peace
Isabella Pledged to God
Jelena Shining light
Kalista Most beautiful
Katarina Pure
Katya Pure
Kira Dark
Ksenia Wanderer
Lada Goddess of beauty and fertility
Larissa Citadel
Liliya Lily
Liubov Love
Lyusya Light
Maksima Greatest
Marfa Teacher
Nadeah Hope
Nadeen Hope
Nadezhda Hope
Nadya Hope
Nakia Unconquered
Nasya Immortal
Natasha Born on Christmas day
Nikita Unconquered
Nona Nine
Olesia Holy
Olien Dear one
Orya Peace
Pana Preparation
Paulina Small
Pasha Title
Paviella Small
Praskovia Preparation
Rada Happy
Raina Queen
Raisa Eve
Rosa Rose
Ruslana Lion
Sezja Protector
Stalina Steel
Sofiya Wisdom
Sonya Wisdom
Sveta Light
Tamara Palm tree
Tania Fairy queen
Tora Tiger
Ulyana Youthful
Valentina Strong
Vasilia Royal
Vera Faith
Veronika Victory bringer
Vesna Spring
Victoria Victory
Vladislava Glorious rule
Wiesia All glory
Xenia Hospitality
Yana Charming
Yuliya Youthful
Zaria Sunrise
Zasha Defender
Zembla Land
Zhenya Well born
Zinaida God-like
Ziya Life
Zoya Life
Every name on this list has a beautiful meaning too, which we are sure will make your job easier. So, make the right choice for your little bundle of joy!