Free Printable Baby Sprinkle Invitations

Free Printable Baby Sprinkle Invitations
The first step towards organizing a baby sprinkle for a family member or a friend is the invitations. To find the perfect design, Buzzle has provided 17 free printable baby sprinkle invitations in the following article.
A baby sprinkle for the father?
Of course! Why can't daddy-to-be be included with the mom-to-be to celebrate the birth of their child? Traditions aside, nowadays, many couples like to experience various occasions and events together; without putting any labels on them.
We all have heard about a baby shower, but what in the world is a baby sprinkle? A relatively new concept, it is an occasion to celebrate the birth of baby #2, #3, or so on. The first-time mother-to-be gets an all-out baby shower where she receives tons and tons of presents for her first child. Now in order to welcome the arrival of a second, third, or fourth child, a baby sprinkle is an intimate gathering for the mother-to-be. Here, the expectation of gifts is minimal, and the only presents given are those that she really needs.

However, before a party or a gathering is organized, the first thing that is truly required is an invitation card. For whosoever is planning on hosting the party, we have provided a few ideas which you can print and send to the guests.

17 Printable Baby Sprinkle Cards

As you browse through the following samples, click on the card you wish to print. In the print option box, you can either choose the 'landscape' or 'portrait' option to obtain an enlarged template version. Cut the printout in half so that you can separate the front and back of the card, cut around the edges of the paper, and paste it on a piece of paperboard for durability.

* These images have been provided by Buzzle for personal use only. Please do not share, reproduce, or resell any of these images in any form.

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Baby Sprinkle Invitation Idea 17

Create Your Own Invitations

If neither of the card samples caught your interest, perhaps you'd like to make the invitations on your own. In that case, we have provided a few wording ideas for baby sprinkle invitations to choose from.

Baby smiles and giggles galore
(name of parents-to-be)
are having one more.
Big brother (name) has plenty to share
This little "sprinkle"
is to help them prepare.
The time is coming, she's almost due
and what we know ...
is that they'll need some BLUE!

Another sweet smile to brighten our day,
another tiny hand to hold along the way!
(name of parents-to-be) are excited to say,
Big sister (name) has a new
baby sister or brother on the way!

Let's Sprinkle (name of mother-to-be)
and help her welcome baby number two.
No need for a showering of gifts ...
just a sprinkle will do!

Pins, diapers, bottles galore
(name of parents-to-be) are having one more,
Big brother (name) would be happy to share,
but this time his won't do.
They need Pink rather than Blue!
No need to shower this mommy again,
we just have to Sprinkle with odds and ends!

Baby dreams and planning galore,
(name of parents-to-be)
Are having one more.
Big sister (name) eagerly awaits,
a baby brother, a live-in playmate!

Once was grand, twice was nice,
& third times' the charm!
Please join us in celebrating
this wonderful new with
(name of parents-to-be)
as we Sprinkle them with our love.

Twice the blessing, twice the fun,
Because (name of mother-to-be) is expecting more than one!
Let's Sprinkle her with love and laughter galore.

Little boys are so much fun,
(name of parents-to-be)
Are having another one!
Big brother (name)
has plenty to share,
this is just a Sprinkle
to show that we care!

Join us for a Baby Sprinkle!
The new baby won't need a playpen or crib
so just bring the small stuff like bottles & bibs.
Remember it's a Baby Sprinkle indeed,
a light showering of things that baby will need.

Another baby is on the way,
A little brother for (name) to play with.
So let's get together and Sprinkle
Gifts and good wishes on
(name of parents-to-be)

Even though a baby sprinkle is supposed to be a smaller version of a baby shower, do speak to the mother-to-be before you finalize all the details of the party. For a mother, each child is special and deserves a celebration like no other. Traditions come and go; what remains is how we choose to remember the important moments in our lives.
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