Amazingly Terrific Mexican Names for Boys With Meanings

Mexican Names For Boys
Our names play a very important role in completing our identity. When your bundle of joy came into this world a few days ago, I'm sure you wanted him to have a name that is unique and meaningful too. Choosing a name from another culture increases your scope of coming up with a name that is rare. As far as Mexican names are concerned, they even sound great!
Picking a name for baby boy
About Mexican Names
It is never easy to understand the exact meaning of a name. Mexican names have mostly Latin roots. Latin also gave birth to other languages such as Italian, French, Portuguese, etc. Each cultural group took roots from this base language and came up with different names by mixing a dialect and other language roots. Thus, for some names, the meanings might differ depending on the language you choose. This is also the reason why it is difficult to say whether certain names are Mexican, Italian or Portuguese.
Popular Mexican Names For Boys
mexican names for boys
Abejundio - From the Bees
Abrahan - Father of Multitude
Aciano - Blue Bottle Flower
Acilino - Like an Eagle
Adrián - Man from Hadria
Adolfo - Noble Hero
Adulio - Excessive Desire
Alberto - Noble; Bright
Alejandro - Protector & Defender
Andres - Man/Warrior
Antonio - Worthy Of Praise
Anselmo - God-Protection
Arturo - Noble Strength
Atanacio - Without Death
César - Long-Haired
Crespin - Curly Haired
Cristiano - Follower of Christ
Ciro - The Sun
Cordaro - Lamb
Cruz - Cross
mexican names for boys
Darío - Wealthy; Rich
Desiderio - Desire
Diego - Teacher; Supplanter
Doroteo - Gift of God
Eber - Brave; Strong as Boar
Eduardo - Guardian of Prosperity
Emiliano - Rival; Eager
Enrique - Home-Ruler
Federico - Peaceful Ruler
Felix - Happy; Lucky
Fernando - Intelligent And Brave
Fidel - Faithful
Filiberto - Very Bright; Famous
Fortuno - Fortune
Francisco - From France
Fructo - Fruitful; Fertile
Fulgencio - Shining
Gerardo - Brave with a Spear
Gonzalo - Battle Genius
mexican names for boys
Honesto - Honorable; Reputable
Ignacio - Unknowing
Juan - God has Given
Julio - Implying Youthful
José - God Will Increase
Leonardo - Strong as the Lion
Luis - Famous Warrior
Luz - Light
Manuel - God is with Us
Mario - Male Virile
Matías - Gift of God
Martín - Warlike
Mateo - Gift of God
Miguel - Who is Like God
mexican names for boys
Nicolás - Victory of the People
Pedro - A Rock
Primitivo - First One
Rafael - God Has Healed
Ramón - Wise Protector
Raul - Wise Wolf
Reinaldo - Wise Ruler
Ricardo - Powerful and Brave
Rocio - Covered in Dew
Rodrigo - Famous Ruler
Rodolfo - Wolf; Famous Wolf
Rutilio - He Who Shines
Sandro - Defender of Mankind
Santiago - Saint James
Saul - Asked For; Prayed For
Sebastián - From Sebastia
Seferino - Gentle Breeze
Vicente - Conquering
Victor - Victory
Virgilio - Flourishing; Profiting
It isn't easy to choose a name for your child. You have to be absolutely sure. If you're finding it difficult to choose one among all these Mexican names for boys, shortlist names you like the most and zero in on one with the help of your spouse.