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Best Electric Scooter for Kids

Best Electric Scooter for Kids

What are the best electric scooter for kids? This article talks about some of the best names in the market which are helping out to save fuel and provide a clean source of transportation for your kids.
AptParenting Staff
Nearly all of us have stood on it and covered miles in our childhood. Yes I am taking about scooters which were very popular just a few years back, I still have my old one in my bedroom. However with new technology coming in the market all the old things that disappeared before are coming back with a new shape and a new form. Same is with the scooter. The market today is filled with electric scooters that are fast, affordable and provide safety for your kids. This article talks about the best brands of electric scooters in the market.

Which is the best Electronic Scooter for Kids

Kid scooters were a popular concept in the mid 90s and then suddenly they disappeared. However, with the latest electric motor technology they are back in business and here to stay for a long time. Considered as the best birthday gift, electric scooters for kids come in all shapes and sizes. They have 12 volt sealed lead battery which provides you a 45 minute total fun extravaganza. The batteries have to be recharged every 8 hours. Well if you want to buy the best electric scooter in the market, I would recommend go for the Razor E300 Electric Scooter. The Razor E300 is the highest rated and the highest selling electric scooter for kids. It's priced at less than $200 and is meant for riders 12 and above. It gives the speed of 15 MPH and the tires provide a comfortable riding experience.

The Razor E300 comes with a charger and tools. Its motor is quiet and which makes riding well-balanced and a fun experience. You can extract a fun ride non stop 45 minutes on a single charge. It has a hand-operated brake which it makes more user-friendly. It also has a folding hand-bar which makes the storage compact and easy.

Cheap Electric Scooters

While searching for cheap electric scooters, quality is very important. The main question that arises in every buyer's mind is "Which is the best one?" The best way to find out the best product is to have a look at the sales numbers. Another way to find out cheap electric scooter for kids is to and test it yourself, who's a better judge than you.

Razor E100 Electric Scooter: Take all the electric scooters from Razor, the E100 is one of the most popular in sales and has the lowest price tag, $107.99. The quality is definitely great but it rides slower than other models and has fewer features. It gives you a speed of 10 MPH, as long as its 40 minutes charged. It weighs 120 pounds and is ideal for 8 minutes.

Razor E125 Electric Scooter: It has the same age recommendation, weight and driving time as the E100. It requires a small kick-start to get it going. The main difference between this model and E100 is the price which is $119.99 and its handles fold down for easier storage that comes with E125.

Razor E200 Electric Scooter: Razor has come up some of the best electric scooters for kids in the market. Joining this illustrious list is E200 which is priced at $169.99. It weighs 220 pounds and rides at a speed of 12 MPH. If you want your riding session to be more fun charge it more and you can ride this scooter for more than 50 minutes.

eZip 400 Electric Scooter: Considered as a super fast electric scooter, eZip is slightly costlier than the above mentioned names. It's one of the best electric scooter for kids which has a disk brake. The maximum speed is 15 MPH and it's priced at $299.

In my opinion these were some of the best electric scooters. You can now make your own choice on the best electric scooter for kids. Make sure your kid always wears protective gear like a helmet, knee-pads and gloves if he falls down.