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Unique Italian Baby Girl Names

Unique Italian Baby Girl Names
Italian names indeed sound very pleasant. Not only in terms of phonetics, but also in terms of meaning, these names are a class apart. In the following article, we have listed around 100 unique Italian baby girl names for you to choose from. Check them out!
Rutuja Jathar
Last Updated: Feb 8, 2018
Did You Know?
Among all unique Italian names for both girls and boys, the ones that end with an accented vowel are even more unique.
Has the stork just paid you a visit? Are you searching for baby names and not finding any good ones? If you want to avoid the boring and the common, choose an Italian name. These names, especially the names for girls, are really very meaningful.
What are the most common Italian baby girl names you've heard so far? They're probably Anna, Maria, Rosa, and Angela. However, there are several more such names that are unheard of, but still very exotic and unique. Find out all these names right here, along with what they mean.
Unique Italian Baby Girl Names
  • Adalgisa- Noble Pledge
  • Addolorata- Sorrow
  • Agnese- Chaste; pure
  • Airiana- Very holy one
  • Alcee- Strong-willed
  • Alessia-Defender
  • Aminta-Defender
  • Aniella- Little lamb
  • Aria- Lion
  • Arianna- Very holy one
  • Bambina- Little girl
  • Bella- Beautiful
  • Bellina- Beautiful
  • Benedetta- Blessed
  • Bia- White; fair
  • Bianca- White; fair
  • Bona- Good
  • Brigida- The exalted one
  • Cara- Friend
  • Caresa- Embrace
  • Carmina- Garden; orchard
  • Carrissa- Caress
  • Catarin- Pure
  • Chiara- Clear; bright
  • Colombina- Little dove
  • Cosima- Universe
  • Daniela- God is my judge
  • Desideria- Longing
  • Donna- Lady
  • Elletra- Brilliant
  • Eva- Life
  • Fantasia- Fantasy
  • Favianna- Hopeful
  • Felicita- Good fortune
  • Fia- Flame
  • Fidelia- Loyal
  • Fiorella- Flower
  • Fortunata- Fortunate
  • Gemma- Jewel
  • Gioconda- Happy
  • Grazia- Grace
  • Immaculata- Immaculate
  • Karisa- Embrace
  • Kyara- Clear; bright
  • Lokapele- Beautiful rose
  • Lucrezia- Gain
  • Margherita- Pearl
  • Mataya- Gift of God
  • Mercede- Reward
  • Mirabella- Lovely
  • Natalie- Christ's birthday
  • Nerin- Water
  • Palmira- Pilgrim
  • Paola- Small; humble
  • Perla- Pearl
  • Rachele- Ewe
  • Raimonda- Advice
  • Renata- Reborn
  • Rosaria- Rosary
  • Saveria- New House
  • Seweryna- Stern; severe
  • Sofronia- Prudent
  • Speranza- Hope
  • Stefania- Crown
  • Teodora- Gift of God
  • Violetta- Violet
  • Viridiana- Young; fresh
  • Vittoria- Victory
  • Zia- Splendor
Beautiful Italian Baby Names
  • Alba- Dawn
  • Alessandra- Defender of mankind
  • Arabella- Answered Prayer
  • Diamante- Diamond
  • Giada- Jade
  • Orabella- Golden Beautiful
  • Bonfilia- Good daughter
  • Concetta-Pure
  • Giuditta- Praised
  • Isabella-Pledged to God
  • Lia- Dependent
  • Agostina- Worth of honor
  • Allegra- Joy, Happiness
  • Aurelia- Golden
  • Domitilla- Little tamed one
  • Eugenia- Noble
  • Gaia- Earth
  • Gina- Queen
  • Giustina- Fair; just
  • Irene- Peaceful
  • Luciana- Light 
These were some of the most unique Italian baby girl names and the most popular ones too. Even among these, try to avoid the common ones and opt for something unique. Best of Luck!