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Classic Baby Names

Ageless and Classic Baby Names Guaranteed to Always Be in Trend

Your search for timeless and classic baby names ends here. The following article gives a list of names, along their meanings, for baby boys as well as girls.
Aastha Dogra
Last Updated: Mar 8, 2018
While choosing names for their little ones, parents often wonder how to go about it. If you too are in a similar situation, I suggest that you go for a classic name instead of a modern one, as trendy modern names which are popular today may become outdated by the time your baby grows up. But classic names have a timeless appeal to them. They are not only rich in history, but sound very unique and authoritative too, thus lending a sort of personality to the one they belong to. Looking at these advantages, I have prepared a list of the classic baby names and their meanings that I would like to share with you.
Names for Girls
  • Deborah: In the old testament, this name belonged to a heroine who defeated Canaanites by leading the Israelis. The word Deborah means 'bee' in Hebrew.
  • Isabel: Isabel is a Spanish name that means "The one who is consecrated to God".
  • Margaret: The name Margaret is derived from the word margaron, which means a pearl in Greek. Other variations of this name are Maggie and Meg.
  • Rebbecca: Rebbecca is a biblical name which means "a snare" in Hebrew.
  • Ruth: Ruth is a biblical name too, which means "a friend" in Hebrew.
  • Sarah: This name has its origins in a Hebrew phrase, and it means "princess". Sarah is a timeless Biblical name which is still liked by all.
  • Úna: If you are looking for a name from literature, then this name is perfect. In Irish, Úna means "unity".
  • Victoria: The word Victoria is taken from Latin, and it means "victory". Victoria is a classic name for a girl who represents "queen-like" qualities. Other name variations of Victoria, such as Vicki and Vickie, though not so classy, are also quite popular.
Other classic names for girls are Alexandra, Brandy, Katharine, Isabella, Helen, Ava, Sophia, Penelope, Olivia, Julia, Emma, Chloe, Anna, Amalia, Haven, Ruby, Sadie, Angeline, Christiana, Elaine, Donna, Wilma, Madonna, Olga, Princess, Regina, Rosemarie, Stacy, Ursula, Juliana, Jane, Elizabeth, and Thalia.
Names for Boys
  • James: This name is taken from the Hebrew language and it means "The one who grasps by the heel". Other name variations of this name are Jamie, Jimmy, and Jim. In fact, Jamie is a unisex name, thus can be used for both, boys and girls.
  • Jarlath: This name belongs to a highly revered saint. This is an Irish name, and it means love and purity.
  • John: This name is derived from Hebrew, and it means "By God's grace".
  • Joseph: Joseph is a biblical name which is derived from the Hebrew language. It means "The Lord's addition".
  • Paul: Paul is a biblical name, belonging to a leader of the church. The name is derived from the Latin word paulus, which means "humble".
  • Richard:This name is derived from the German language, and it means "a powerful leader".
  • William: This is a name taken from the German language, and it means "the determined protector." Other variations of this name are Liam and Bill.
  • Thomas: This name is derived from the Greek language, and it means "the twin." This name is found in the Bible too. It belonged to an apostle who doubted Jesus.
Other classic names for boys are Augustus, Brenton, Byron, Cyrus, Dayton, Forrest, Elvis, Gordon, Irving, Kendrick, Zack, Warner, Valentino, Theo, Sullivan, Samson, Ray, Paxton, Octavio, Neil, Nash, Malcolm, Murray, Marcelo, Leonard, Josh, Javion, Howard, Stefan, Trevon, Virgil, Fidel, Carlo, Cyrus, Burt, Arnold, and Andreas.
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