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Classic Baby Boy Names

Choose From These Classic Baby Boy Names for Your Little Prince

It's a boy! Still can't decide the perfect name for him? Here are some classic baby boy names to help you decide the perfect one.
Puja Lalwani
Last Updated: Sep 26, 2018
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Deciding the name of your little one can be overwhelming, especially because of the variety of names for boys is so vast. Also, parents like to 'feel' the names of their babies. For instance, your boy may not 'feel' like a 'Stewart' or a 'Wilson', but 'Jack' may seem right.
Selecting the right and a good name is quite important. Your little one will be born with it, will grow up with it, will live with it, and will be remembered by it. Why a classic name? Simply because it is evergreen.
This is not an attempt to confuse you further. This compilation of names is intended to help all you apprehensive parents. So, put your worries aside and take a look at this list of classic baby boy names that you can 'feel', and those that will perfectly describe the apple of your eye.
Classic American Baby Boy Names
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Christopher - Holding Christ in the heart
Jacob - The Supplanter
Alex - Defender of Mankind
Adam - Of the Red Earth
Adrian - Wealthy, Rich
Joseph - 'God will increase'
William - Will, Desire, Protection
Jack - God is Gracious - Variant of the name John
Andrew - Manly
Preston - Priest's Town
Classic English Baby Boy Names
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Alden - Old, Wise protector
Ethan - Strong and Firm
Edward - Protector of Wealth
Matthew - Gift of God
Joshua - God is my Salvation
Henry - Leader
Robert - Shining with Fame
Richard - Powerful Leader
Ian - Gift from God
Rodney - Island by the Clearing
Classic Irish Baby Boy Names
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Ryan - Kingly
Sean - Originated as the name John - means Gift from God
Aidan - Warm, Little fire
Kevin - Handsome by Birth
Kyle - Wood, or the Church
Daniel - Attractive
Patrick - Noble
Justin - Judicious
Keith - From the Battlefield
Brian - High, Noble, and Strong
Apart from the aforementioned names, there are some smart and famous baby boy names that are a favorite among parents. Some of them are - Martin, Seth, Eric, Aaron, Colin, Luke, Gavin, Zachary, Jordan, and Jason. Like them? You can name your boy by one of these and make these names classic too.
Try out these classic names that have stood the test of time and trends, and have made it to this day. However, before you go ahead and name your little one keep these questions in mind. You will call your little one by that name all the time. Will the name suit him when he grows up? Will the name suit him as a child?
If not, and you still want it, can you derive a nickname out of his name till he grows into his real name? It is ultimately your choice.