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Angel Names for Girls

You Definitely Need to Check These Heavenly Angel Names for Girls

A name is a gift for life. It gives the newborn an identity and marks the beginning of a new life. Check out a list of angel names for girls, to gift your bundle of joy a name that is as precious as her.
Mukta Gaikwad
Last Updated: Apr 9, 2018
Although Shakespeare said, 'what's in a name?', there are many who believe that a name holds a deeper meaning for a person than just its sound. Christening is one of the most important ceremonies after birth. It gives the newborn an identity and marks the beginning of a new life. Over the years, it has become a tradition amongst several religions to dedicate a special day for naming the child, which is celebrated with verve and vigor. So, if you have been looking for angelic names for your little one, then pick one that relates to your sentiment the most. A name has to be meaningful to the parents too.
Picking Angel Names for Girls
While picking baby names, make sure that the first name goes well with the last name. The sound of the complete name has to be a pleasant one to the ear, and not a jarring one. The most important factor one needs to take care of while picking names is that, the name does not have any funny phrases. For instance, a name such as 'Annette Curtain' will always be teased as 'a net curtain'. Your child would only end up hating you for giving her a name which happens to be the butt of all jokes. Thus, while picking a name, make sure it has a meaning and a sound that creates a resonance.
Additionally, avoid baby names that would later turn into funny or insulting nicknames. For instance, Charles turns into 'chuck' and Dickson turns into 'dick or dicky'. Now, who would want a name that is only laughed at?
While picking a name for your child, make sure that the initials are not funny. Additionally, try out the short forms too, so that making a nickname is also easy. A name has a lot to it. It becomes your child's identity for the rest of her life. It is a gift for a lifetime, so pick it carefully!
Anahita ~ Angel of Faith
Anahita has the power to keep the earth nourished and nurtured. She grants power to fulfill and realize wishes of those who have worked hard towards their dreams.
Anauel ~ Angel of Prosperity
She rules power and prosperity and blesses all those who are willing to share their wealth with others.
Ananchel ~ Angel of Grace
Her name means the 'grace of God'. Her duty is to bathe us with unmatchable euphoria, when our heart opens to God in prayer. She fills our heart with love, wisdom, inspiration and rapture.
Barbelo ~ Angel of Goodness
She is the angel of goodness who encourages prosperity and integrity.
Bath Kol ~ Angel of Prophecy
Her name refers to a heavenly voice which is known to speak of clairvoyant things and utmost truth.
Charmeine ~ Angel of Harmony
She blankets the people with a surreal harmony and leads us on a journey to achieve harmony through self love.
Dina ~ Angel of Learning
She is known to be the one who taught humans how to speak. Thus, she is known as the angel who teaches people and encourages them to continuously learn.
Gabriel ~ Angelic Messenger
She is an archangel who very popular in Judeo-Christian and Islamic folklore. She is known as the strength of God, who has the best of the armies, which no other female angel has. Gabriel also has the power to help us understand our dreams and visions.
Iofiel ~ Angel of Beauty
She is the angel of beauty, who helps us see the divine in everything. Her name means the 'beauty of God', who also allows us to see beauty that lies skin deep.
Isda ~ Angel of Nourishment
She is responsible for letting us reach the point of physical, emotional and spiritual fulfillment.
Lailah ~ Angel of Conception
As per a Jewish legend, she is the angel of night, which is the reason why, girls born at night are often christened as Lailah.
Muriel ~ Angel of Emotions
She holds her reign over the sign of Cancer. She encourages us to touch our deepest feelings and creates awareness about our emotional needs and strengths.
Ramiel ~ Angel of Thunder
She is responsible for declaring the judgment to deceased souls on Earth and in transition to their new life. She is also regarded as the angel of joy.
Shekinah ~ Angel of Unity and Unconditional Love
She stays close to the mankind, guiding them at every instance towards the right actions. She also wards off the evil and steers us clear from devious acts so that God can cleanse us with eternal light.
Shushienae ~ Angel of Purity
She pours in the energy of love into our minds and thus, helps us achieve a state of purity. With the help of other angels, she protects and nourishes people, plants and animals.