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Take a Moment to Read These 15 Ways to Make Your Parents Proud

15 Ways to Make Your Parents Proud
Surely, we cannot pay back the love and care we receive from our parents. But we can be good human beings and make them feel proud. Through little acts of kindness, we can show them that we care. AptParenting gives you some ways to make your parents feel proud of you.
Sharmistha Sarkar
Last Updated: Mar 21, 2018
"The fact is, my parents loved me, and I wanted to be worthy of their love. I wanted to make them proud."
-Michael Bergin
Parents are the most important people in our life. They influence our lives in so many ways. They teach us almost everything about living, they give us the strength of character, and make us who we are. It is because of them that we become capable of handling responsibilities. The things that we are capable of doing are actually their gifts to us.

Right from taking care of us when we were young to guiding us whenever we need their advice, they are always there by our side.

All we can do for them is to give them love and happiness. Through little gestures like helping them, sharing some of their responsibilities, and most importantly, by living by the principles they taught us, we can make them proud.
Ways to Make Your Parents Feel Proud
Follow What They Taught You
Child praying in church
Resolve to follow all the good things you were taught as a kid. It could be about eating healthy, exercising regularly, or praying daily. It could be about staying away from bad habits like smoking or drinking, or it could be about following a particular lifestyle. Make your parents proud by following what they taught you.
Stop Complaining
Father and son smiling
Do not complain about what you don't have. Learn to appreciate and love the things that are with you. Be content with what your parents give you; you may not know their struggle in giving you that. Being too demanding or showing discontent might hurt them or make them feel insufficient.
Take Your Own Decisions
Start taking your own decisions wisely and with confidence. In other words, take control of your life by deciding what would be good or bad for you. Let them see that you are independent. Seeing that you are capable of taking your decisions and being responsible for their consequences, will make your parents feel proud of you.
Little Things Matter
Children wishing to mom
Through small things like wishing them on their birthdays and their wedding anniversary, make them feel loved. Once in a while, plan a small outing with them, or a surprise gift or party. Give them something they had wanted, gift them something they would like to have. Cook for them, or take them out for lunch or dinner. What will matter to them, is that you took some time out to spend in their company. Take a few minutes from your busy day to call them up, ask how they are doing.
These little actions that show them your love and concern will make them feel proud.
Share Their Responsibilities
Boy placing bags on table
Helping your parents with their work will give them some time for themselves. Sharing some of their work will lessen their burden. Take up some tasks like buying the groceries, cleaning the house, cooking, serving meals, doing the dishes, mowing the lawn, washing the car, etc. This way, you will relieve your parents of some of their work and make them feel proud that you helped.
Appreciate What They Do for You
Son thanks to mom
It is important to appreciate the things that your parents do for you. They take care of your food, your health, and your moods. They are always ready to get you anything you need and give you the best of everything. When is the last time you said a "thank you" to them? Through your behavior or your words, show them that you realize what they are doing for you and that you value them more than anyone else.
Make Them Your Friends
Share little things with your parents and make them feel involved in your life. Share the smallest of your achievements with them. It will only make them happy.
Girl painting with her parents
Share your failures with them, they will never laugh at your mistakes. Let them know about when you would be coming home, whether you would be having dinner with them, and other such things about your daily schedule. Keeping them informed about your whereabouts tells them that you care. Never lie to your parents. Be honest, be open, and make them your friends.
Be Hardworking
son holding trophy with his father
Aim high, work hard, and give your best to everything that you do. What matters most to your parents is your hard work and focus. Seeing your sincerity and dedication towards your work makes them feel content. Your parents want you to be capable enough to achieve what you want, they want you to pursue your dreams, and work towards realizing them. Seeing that you have an aim in life and that you are working towards it to the best of your abilities, will make them feel proud.
Be Cooperative With Your Siblings
boy helping sibling in vegetable garden
Be cooperative, loving, and helpful towards your siblings. Help them with their studies and other things. Behave responsibly if you are the elder one. When the children in the family share a healthy relationship, it makes the parents feel happy and proud.
Take Care of Your Grandparents
Girl helping grandmother
Help in looking after your grandparents. You could cook for them, help them take medicines, or share some of your parents' responsibilities towards them. Your parents will appreciate this.
Be a Good Human Being
Be polite, caring, generous, and respectful to your family and friends. Be dependable. Value the principles that your parents taught you. When they give an advice or suggestion, consider taking their ideas into account. Do not argue or be disrespectful. Learn to admit mistakes. Seeing you grow into a good human being will surely make your parents proud.
Distinguish Between Good and Bad
Stay away from bad people and wrong things. Make friends who care about you and who can help you to forge ahead in life. Your parents will be proud of you when they know that you can distinguish between the good and the bad.
Spend Time With Your Parents
Mother and Daughter reading
Spend time with your parents instead of surfing the internet, playing games, or watching television. Go out together for a vacation, or for shopping, buying groceries, or a simple walk. Have your meals together. Don't miss family gatherings.
Be Quick to Help
Children helps to Parents
Through their actions, your parents have always taught you to be quick to help anyone in need, haven't they? It's your turn to practice what you learned from them. Be prompt to help those in need. It could be your mother, father, any other family member, or friend. Be ready to help anyone who needs it. It's a positive trait that makes any parent proud.
Show That You Care
By walking on the path they showed you, by living with the good habits they cultivated in you as a kid, and by growing up into a wonderful person, you can show them how much you love them and make them proud parents. Treat them with respect, give them care, and let them know that you love them as much as they love you. Make them feel loved and involved. Make them proud of you.