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When to Register for Baby Gifts

When to Register for Baby Gifts

Many mommies-to-be do not know much about the best time to register for baby gifts. They register either too early or too late. Read on to know more about it...
Ashwini Kulkarni Sule
Shopping for babies can be a very daunting task. A baby's shopping list seems unending, and the parents-to-be may find it difficult to arrange for everything on their own. However, enthusiastic friends and family members are more than happy to help the young couple with various things, such as readying the nursery even before the owner arrives! Gifts given at the baby shower are a great way of taking the burden off the parents' shoulders. However, oftentimes, people end up getting repeat items, while a necessary item may be missed out. A registry can be of great help to avoid such situations.

Timing Matters...

New parents can register a list of items, at any local store, chain of supermarkets, or even online. The guests can select any item on the list as per their budget. This way, nobody repeats an item, and the couple gets all the items on their list. Although there is no etiquette regarding the time to register for baby items, a few considerations may help you to effectively utilize the concept better.

Second Trimester
It is very unusual to register during the first trimester, as the sex of the baby is unknown. Also, since the chances of miscarriages are high during the first trimester, most couples wait until that milestone is passed. The second trimester is ideal for registering, as you are aware of the baby's sex by this time (18 to 22 weeks). Hence, you can select items according to your baby's gender-specific needs. Moreover, as most of the troublesome symptoms of pregnancy have subsided by this time, the mother-to-be may feel more energetic and enthusiastic about the idea.

A Few Weeks Before Baby Shower
As most of your gifts would be coming on the occasion of the baby shower, it is apt to register a couple of weeks before the baby shower. If you have multiple baby showers at different cities, split your list in as many subsets as the number of baby showers. However, make sure your lists cover enough items for all the attendees. While making the list, you should take into account the number of people attending the shower, and the amount they are likely to spend on the gift. Close friends and relatives may get the expensive ones on the list, while other guests may get a variety of other small and inexpensive items on the list. So make sure your list has a variety of items to suit the varying taste and budget of your attendees. Ideally, it should encompass all the items in the categories such as feeding, clothes, travel, bedding, etc.

The Last Month
Some couples wait until the last month to register for baby items. The reason is that by this time you are completely aware of your exact requirements. If you have already had a baby shower, you will most likely have ended up with most of the items on your list, since friends and family often have quite a good insight into a couple's needs. Moreover, since they are likely to communicate among themselves, they are less likely to end up buying the same items. Yet, there are some things that surface at the last minute. Hence, it is better to register in the last month, so that your friends and family know what to get for you while visiting your newborn child.

Registering is something that is entirely dependent on your personal choice as well as convenience. However, make sure your partner is around to help you with your list. If you are registering a bit early, do not include items such as clothing, since the summer market may not be equipped with the right clothing for your winter baby!
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