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Unusual Girl Names

Be Different and Pick These Unusual, Yet Stunning Names for Girls

Every parent wants their child's name to be something different, something no one has heard of before. If you too are in search of such a name, then simply scroll down and find a list of unusual girl names.
Girija Shinde
Last Updated: Apr 9, 2018
The arrival of a baby is a life-changing moment in every person's life. Expecting parents are ready for their bundle of joy. They have all the plans ready, but there is one thing that always creates confusion and even arguments between them - the name of their baby! Every man and woman has some idea of what their child's name should be, however, when the time comes, there is chaos. That is when the search for unique names starts. You can end your search here, as here is a big list of unique names for your girl.
Unusual Girl Names and Their Meanings
While choosing a name, one should know what exactly it means, what its origin is, and even how to pronounce it. Many times, even the parents do not know the correct pronunciation of their child's name! This happens especially in case of unusual names, as usually the names from a different language sound outlandishto us!
  • Nevaeh: Sounds unusual, doesn't it? Well, it surely is a unique name, which does not actually have any meaning as such. This modern name is nothing but the word "heaven" spelled backwards!
  • Valerie: This name is Latin in origin and it means healthy. This is one of the unique baby names that has a feminine touch and sound to it.
  • Quiterie: This name is French in origin and it means calm and tranquil. Like Valerie, Quiterie also has a positive meaning.
  • Jennyver: The name Jennyver is Celtic in origin, and it means white wave, which symbolizes peace and generosity.
  • Berwyn: This name is Welsh in origin. It means a good friend and beautiful woman.
More Names
  • Briony
  • Evangeli
  • Sheeryn
  • Tahana
  • Cacey
  • Dalena
  • Easter
  • Iola
  • Tatanka
  • Zandy
  • Jaine
  • Adelpha
  • Adenydd
  • Nikala
  • Nekane
  • Odelia
  • Opal
  • Ralphina
  • Ximun
  • Somerled
  • Saffron
  • Adette
  • Adhelle
  • Zinnia
  • Tarina
  • Aderyn
  • Adelynn
  • Urban
  • Adena
  • Adene
  • Valentia
  • Adelphie
  • Wilda
  • Yaffa
  • Zeno
  • Matilda
  • Jypsie
  • Keanah
  • Jenae
  • Syenya
  • Jasmynne
  • Zanella
  • Joivone
  • Creinna
  • Ytalia
  • Kyaya
  • Shirazz
  • Mikaela
  • Mauriona
  • Cassarissa
  • Daniela
  • Auralee
  • Coralie
  • Elodie
  • Alaura
  • Lissette
  • Lintley
  • Aisla
  • Tammerlaine
  • Silvana
  • Ameeka
  • Adia
I hope these names make your task of choosing a unique name for your baby girl easy. Go through the list at least twice before deciding the name. After all, your princess is going to be known by that name forever!