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Unique Baby Girl Names and Meanings

Here is a collection of unique baby girl names and meanings that you may consider for the newest addition to your family in the form of a girl child...
AptParenting Staff
A little girl can be sweeter (and badder) oftener than anyone else in the world. She can jitter around, and stomp, and make funny noises that frazzle your nerves, yet just when you open your mouth she stands there demure with that special look in her eyes. A girl is Innocence playing in the mud, Beauty standing on its head, and Motherhood dragging a doll by the foot. ~ Alan Marshall Beck
Indeed, the birth of a baby girl sparks a whole new bundle of emotions in a household - joy at her arrival, awe over her beauty and delicateness, concern over her fragility (both physical and social), pride at the way her features resemble yours and a hopeless fondness when she smiles in her sleep! Once she gets to recognize your scent and voice and starts acknowledging your approach and presence with her innocent smile and cute cackles, you realize that you are irrevocably bound to your little bundle of joy and would even sell your soul to the Devil, if circumstances call for it, to see your tiny tot happy and safe! Well, the first token of love and belonging that you bestow upon your little princess other than the regular parental duties of baby care like feeding, clothing and caring is giving her a name - the first and most important aspect of identity that she'll carry for the rest of her life. That's why, I'm sure you would like to browse through the following collection of cute and unique names for baby girls to choose a unique and meaningful name for your baby doll!
Unique Baby Girl Names and Their meanings
Given below are alphabetically sorted lists of interesting baby girl names and meanings. Many of these unusual baby names for girls and meanings trace their origins to various languages other than English. So, what are we waiting for? Let's check out some of the most unusual baby girl names in alphabetical clusters!
Baby Girl Name Origin and Meaning
Abelia Breath (Orig. Hebrew)
Abeo Glad on her birth (Orig. Nigerian)
Abha Glow (Orig. Hindi)
Abella Child (Orig. Assyrian)
Abia Great (Orig. Arabic)
Abira Steadfast (Orig. Hebrew)
Aaliyah Exalted (Orig. Hebrew, Arabic)
Achlys Mist (Orig. Greek)
Adalia The Lord is my shelter (Orig. Hebrew)
Adara Fire (Orig. Hebrew)
Adena Delicate, earthy (Orig. Hebrew)
Adeola Crown or Crest (Orig. Nigerian)
Adiba Cultured, Sophisticated (Orig. Arabic)
Aditi Unparalleled (Orig. Hindi)
Adonica Sweet (Orig. Spanish)
Afraima Fertile or fruitful (Orig. Hebrew, Arabic)
Aglaia Splendor (Orig. Greek)
Agneta Unadulterated (Orig. Germanic)
Ahneta Ambitious (Orig. Latin)
Aaisha Woman, Life (Orig. Arabic)
Aiko Beloved child (Orig. Japanese)
Ainzante Glorious (Orig. Basque)
Akanke Knowing her is loving her (Orig. Nigerian)
Akriti Form, shape (Orig. Hindi)
Alankrita The bejeweled/ decorated one (Orig. Hindi)
Ambrosine Immortal (Orig. Greek)
Amitola Rainbow (Orig. American Indian)
Ananya Peerless (Orig. Sanskrit, Hindi)
Annunziata The bringer of tidings (orig. Italian)
Aphra Dust (Orig. Hebrew)
Arzou Wish of the heart
Axelia Protector of humanity (Orig. Greek)
Baby Girl Name Origin and Meaning
Bambalina Little lady (Orig. Italian)
Bansuri Flute (Orig. Hindi)
Barika Successful (Orig. Swahili)
Basilia Royal like a queen (Orig. Greek)
Beata Blessed (Orig. Latin)
Behira Brilliant (Orig. Hebrew)
Benilda Benign (Orig. Latin)
Bertana Day (Orig. Aboriginal)
Bo-Bae Precious (Orig. Korean)
Brietta Strong (Orig. Celtic)
Buena Good (Orig. Spanish)
Baby Girl Name Origin and Meaning
Cairistiona Follower of Christ's teachings (Scottish Gaelic)
Callidora A gift of beauty (Orig. Greek)
Caragh Love (Orig. Irish)
Cardinia Dawn, daybreak (Orig. Aboriginal)
Carmelita Orchard (Orig. Spanish)
Casilda Domestic (Orig. Latin)
Cecania Liberated (Orig. German)
Charisma Graceful allure (Orig. Greek)
Chenoa White dove (Orig. Native American)
Chrysilla Blonde haired (Orig. Greek)
Cliantha Glorious bloom (Orig. Greek)
Crisiant Crystal like (Orig. Welsh)
Crispina Curly haired (Orig. Latin)
Cyzarine Regalia (Orig. Russian)
Baby Girl Name Origin and Meaning
Dae Greatness (Orig. Korean)
Damalis the gentle one (Orig. Greek)
Damita Little princess (Orig. Spanish)
Damini Lightning (Orig. Hindi)
Danica Morning star (Orig. Slavic)
Dasha Divine gift (Orig. Greek)
Delicia Pleasure, delight (Orig. Latin)
Delyth Pleasant and tidy (Orig. Welsh)
Desta Joy (Orig. Ethiopian)
Didrika Ruler of the people (Orig. Teutonic)
Donelle Ruler of all (Orig. Italian)
Dysis Sunset (orig. Greek)
Baby Girl Name Origin and Meaning
Edme Protector (Orig. Scottish)
Efterpi Pretty faced one (Orig. Greek)
Eira Snow (Orig. Welsh)
Electra Brilliant (Orig. Greek)
Eleni Sunlight (Orig. Greek)
Elisha The Lord is my salvation (Orig. Hebrew)
Elvira Fair one (Orig. Latin)
Ena Ardent (Orig. Irish Gaelic)
Erasma Friendly (Orig. Greek)
Esperance Hope (Orig. Latin)
Estu Happiness (Orig. Japanese)
Baby Girl Name Origin and Meaning
Farfalla Butterfly (Orig. Italian)
Fascienne Dark, black (Orig. Latin)
Fayina Free maiden (Orig. Russian)
Fosetta Having dimples (Orig. French)
Fujita Field and pastures (Orig. Japanese)
Baby Girl Name Origin and Meaning
Gaea Earth Goddess (orig. Greek)
Gavrila heroine (Orig. Hebrew)
Gelasia Effervescent laughter (Orig. Greek)
Grette Pearl (Orig. Danish)
Gizane Incarnation of Christ (Orig. Basque)
Baby Girl Name Origin and Meaning
Haidee Modest (Orig. Greek)
Harika Amazing (Orig. Turkish)
Harshita Happy (Orig. Hindi)
Hasina Nice (Orig. Swahili)
Haya Life (Orig. Hebrew)
Heah Grace (Orig. Korean)
Hiroko generous (Orig. Japanese)
Hypatia Most exalted (Orig. Greek)
Baby Girl Name Origin and Meaning
Idelia Noble (Orig. Teutonic)
Ignatia Fiery (Orig. Latin)
Ilisapesi Blessed (orig. Tonga)
Ismena Learned (Orig. Greek)
Istas Snow (Orig. Native American)
Isolde Fair one (Orig. Welsh)
Baby Girl Name Origin and Meaning
Jaffa Beautiful (Orig. Hebrew)
Jamila Beautiful (Orig. Arabic)
Jenica Gracious God (Orig. Romanian)
Jolanda Violet Flower (Orig. Italian)
Jumoke Beloved (Orig. Nigerian)
Baby Girl Name Origin and Meaning
Kadisha Holy (Orig. Hebrew)
Kalea Brilliant (Orig. Hawaiian)
Kalila Beloved (Orig. Arabic)
Kanya Young woman (Orig. Thai)
Kesare Having long hair (Orig. Spanish)
Kyon Brilliance (Orig. Korean)
Baby Girl Name Origin and Meaning
Laetitia Joy (Orig. Latin)
Lakeisha Favorite (Orig. Swahili)
Lavanya Charm (Orig. Hindi)
Lysandra Liberator (Orig. Greek)
Baby Girl Name Origin and Meaning
Madrona Noblewoman (Orig. Latin)
Mahalia Tenderness (Orig. Hebrew)
Mangena Melody (Orig. Hebrew)
Melosa Gentle (Orig. Spanish)
Michi Righteous (Orig. Japanese)
Myuna Clear, reflective water body (Orig. Aboriginal)
Baby Girl Name Origin and Meaning
Nadezda Hopeful (Orig. Czech)
Nadira Valuable (Orig. Arabic)
Nalini Lovely (Orig. Sanskrit)
Nashwa Pleasant emotion (Orig. Egyptian)
Naysa God's miracle (Orig. Hebrew)
Neoma New Moon (Orig. Greek)
Nia Purpose (Orig. Swahili)
Nisha Night (Orig. Hindi)
Nyoko Treasure (Orig. Japanese)
Nozomi Hope (Orig. Japanese)
Baby Girl Name Origin and Meaning
Olga Holy (Orig. Russian)
Ozora God's strength (Orig. Hebrew)
Olayinka Surrounded by honor (Orig. Yoruban)
Baby Girl Name Origin and Meaning
Perouze Turquoise (orig. Armenian)
Peirah Moon (Orig. Aboriginal)
Prioska Blushing (Orig. Hungarian)
Baby Girl Name Origin and Meaning
Qerida Beloved (Orig. Spanish)
Quorra Heart (Orig. Italian)
Quintessa Nuance, essence (Orig. Latin)
Baby Girl Name Origin and Meaning
Radinka Happy and mobile (Orig. Slavic)
Raizel Rose (Orig. Hebrew)
Rayna Queen (Orig. Czech)
Reiko Gratitude (Orig. Japanese)
Rini Tiny rabbit (Orig. Japanese)
Rizpah hope (Orig. Greek)
Baby Girl Name Origin and Meaning
Sabira Patient (Orig. Arabic)
Sachi Happiness (Orig. Japanese)
Salome Peace (Orig. Hebrew)
Sana Radiant (Orig. Arabic)
Seraphina Burning (Orig. Hebrew)
Siran Alluring (Orig. Armenian)
Sydelle Princess (Orig. Hebrew)
Baby Girl Name Origin and Meaning
Tacita Peaceful (Orig. Latin)
Takara Treasure (Orig. Japanese)
Tansy Immortal (Orig. Greek)
Tatyana Silvery haired one (Orig. Latin)
Teofilia God's beloved (Orig. Greek)
Tizane Gypsy (Orig. Hungarian)
Turua Beautiful (Orig. Polynesian)
Baby Girl Name Origin and Meaning
Urianna Unknown (Orig. Greek)
Usagi Moon (Orig. Japanese)
Uma Light, peace, nation, a Hindu Goddess (Orig. Hebrew, Sanskrit)
Baby Girl Names Origin and Meaning
Voletta Covered by veil (Orig. Greek)
Vita Life (Orig. Latin)
Viera True, faith (Orig. Czech)
Valora Courageous (Orig. Latin)
Baby Girl Name Origin and Meaning
Wyuna Clear (Orig. aboriginal)
Wyanet Good looking (Orig. Native American)
Wilda Wild (Orig. Teutonic)
Wanika Gracious gift of the Lord (Orig. Hawaiian)
Baby Girl Name Origin and Meaning
Xylona Forest Dwelling (Orig. Greek)
Xenia Welcoming (Orig. Greek)
Xyza Near the Sea (Orig. Gothic)
Baby Girl Name Origin and Meaning
Yachne Gracious (Orig. Hebrew)
Yaffa Beautiful (Orig. Hebrew)
Yelena Sunlight (Orig. Russian)
Ynez Chaste (Orig. Spanish)
Yoko Positivity (Orig. Japanese)
Yumi Beauty (Orig. Japanese)
Baby Girl Name Origin and Meaning
Zaira Rose (Orig. Arabic)
Zaneta God's Grace
Zebina Gifted (Orig. Greek)
Zephyrine Breeze (Orig. Greek)
Zia Splendor (Orig. Arabic)
Zotia Wise (Orig. Polish)
Zosima Lively (Orig. Greek)

These are some unique baby names for girls and meanings corresponding to each name. Do let me know which of these unusual baby girl names and meanings you liked the best! I also hope that you find a nice name meaning among these for your tiny bundle of joy! Wish you luck for your name-hunting quest!