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Unique Baby Girl Names and Meanings

Here is a collection of unique baby girl names and meanings that you may consider for the newest addition to your family in the form of a girl child...
A little girl can be sweeter (and badder) oftener than anyone else in the world. She can jitter around, and stomp, and make funny noises that frazzle your nerves, yet just when you open your mouth she stands there demure with that special look in her eyes. A girl is Innocence playing in the mud, Beauty standing on its head, and Motherhood dragging a doll by the foot. ~ Alan Marshall Beck

Indeed, the birth of a baby girl sparks a whole new bundle of emotions in a household - joy at her arrival, awe over her beauty and delicateness, concern over her fragility (both physical and social), pride at the way her features resemble yours and a hopeless fondness when she smiles in her sleep! Once she gets to recognize your scent and voice and starts acknowledging your approach and presence with her innocent smile and cute cackles, you realize that you are irrevocably bound to your little bundle of joy and would even sell your soul to the Devil, if circumstances call for it, to see your tiny tot happy and safe! Well, the first token of love and belonging that you bestow upon your little princess other than the regular parental duties of baby care like feeding, clothing and caring is giving her a name - the first and most important aspect of identity that she'll carry for the rest of her life. That's why, I'm sure you would like to browse through the following collection of cute and unique names for baby girls to choose a unique and meaningful name for your baby doll!

Unique Baby Girl Names and Their meanings

Given below are alphabetically sorted lists of interesting baby girl names and meanings. Many of these unusual baby names for girls and meanings trace their origins to various languages other than English. So, what are we waiting for? Let's check out some of the most unusual baby girl names in alphabetical clusters!


Baby Girl NameOrigin and Meaning
AbeliaBreath (Orig. Hebrew)
AbeoGlad on her birth (Orig. Nigerian)
AbhaGlow (Orig. Hindi)
AbellaChild (Orig. Assyrian)
AbiaGreat (Orig. Arabic)
AbiraSteadfast (Orig. Hebrew)
AaliyahExalted (Orig. Hebrew, Arabic)
AchlysMist (Orig. Greek)
AdaliaThe Lord is my shelter (Orig. Hebrew)
AdaraFire (Orig. Hebrew)
AdenaDelicate, earthy (Orig. Hebrew)
AdeolaCrown or Crest (Orig. Nigerian)
AdibaCultured, Sophisticated (Orig. Arabic)
AditiUnparalleled (Orig. Hindi)
AdonicaSweet (Orig. Spanish)
AfraimaFertile or fruitful (Orig. Hebrew, Arabic)
AglaiaSplendor (Orig. Greek)
AgnetaUnadulterated (Orig. Germanic)
AhnetaAmbitious (Orig. Latin)
AaishaWoman, Life (Orig. Arabic)
AikoBeloved child (Orig. Japanese)
AinzanteGlorious (Orig. Basque)
AkankeKnowing her is loving her (Orig. Nigerian)
AkritiForm, shape (Orig. Hindi)
AlankritaThe bejeweled/ decorated one (Orig. Hindi)
AmbrosineImmortal (Orig. Greek)
AmitolaRainbow (Orig. American Indian)
AnanyaPeerless (Orig. Sanskrit, Hindi)
AnnunziataThe bringer of tidings (orig. Italian)
AphraDust (Orig. Hebrew)
ArzouWish of the heart
AxeliaProtector of humanity (Orig. Greek)


Baby Girl NameOrigin and Meaning
BambalinaLittle lady (Orig. Italian)
BansuriFlute (Orig. Hindi)
BarikaSuccessful (Orig. Swahili)
BasiliaRoyal like a queen (Orig. Greek)
BeataBlessed (Orig. Latin)
BehiraBrilliant (Orig. Hebrew)
BenildaBenign (Orig. Latin)
BertanaDay (Orig. Aboriginal)
Bo-BaePrecious (Orig. Korean)
BriettaStrong (Orig. Celtic)
BuenaGood (Orig. Spanish)


Baby Girl NameOrigin and Meaning
CairistionaFollower of Christ's teachings (Scottish Gaelic)
CallidoraA gift of beauty (Orig. Greek)
CaraghLove (Orig. Irish)
CardiniaDawn, daybreak (Orig. Aboriginal)
CarmelitaOrchard (Orig. Spanish)
CasildaDomestic (Orig. Latin)
CecaniaLiberated (Orig. German)
CharismaGraceful allure (Orig. Greek)
ChenoaWhite dove (Orig. Native American)
ChrysillaBlonde haired (Orig. Greek)
ClianthaGlorious bloom (Orig. Greek)
CrisiantCrystal like (Orig. Welsh)
CrispinaCurly haired (Orig. Latin)
CyzarineRegalia (Orig. Russian)


Baby Girl NameOrigin and Meaning
DaeGreatness (Orig. Korean)
Damalisthe gentle one (Orig. Greek)
DamitaLittle princess (Orig. Spanish)
DaminiLightning (Orig. Hindi)
DanicaMorning star (Orig. Slavic)
DashaDivine gift (Orig. Greek)
DeliciaPleasure, delight (Orig. Latin)
DelythPleasant and tidy (Orig. Welsh)
DestaJoy (Orig. Ethiopian)
DidrikaRuler of the people (Orig. Teutonic)
DonelleRuler of all (Orig. Italian)
DysisSunset (orig. Greek)


Baby Girl NameOrigin and Meaning
EdmeProtector (Orig. Scottish)
EfterpiPretty faced one (Orig. Greek)
EiraSnow (Orig. Welsh)
ElectraBrilliant (Orig. Greek)
EleniSunlight (Orig. Greek)
ElishaThe Lord is my salvation (Orig. Hebrew)
ElviraFair one (Orig. Latin)
EnaArdent (Orig. Irish Gaelic)
ErasmaFriendly (Orig. Greek)
EsperanceHope (Orig. Latin)
EstuHappiness (Orig. Japanese)


Baby Girl NameOrigin and Meaning
FarfallaButterfly (Orig. Italian)
FascienneDark, black (Orig. Latin)
FayinaFree maiden (Orig. Russian)
FosettaHaving dimples (Orig. French)
FujitaField and pastures (Orig. Japanese)


Baby Girl NameOrigin and Meaning
GaeaEarth Goddess (orig. Greek)
Gavrilaheroine (Orig. Hebrew)
GelasiaEffervescent laughter (Orig. Greek)
GrettePearl (Orig. Danish)
GizaneIncarnation of Christ (Orig. Basque)


Baby Girl NameOrigin and Meaning
HaideeModest (Orig. Greek)
HarikaAmazing (Orig. Turkish)
HarshitaHappy (Orig. Hindi)
HasinaNice (Orig. Swahili)
HayaLife (Orig. Hebrew)
HeahGrace (Orig. Korean)
Hirokogenerous (Orig. Japanese)
HypatiaMost exalted (Orig. Greek)


Baby Girl NameOrigin and Meaning
IdeliaNoble (Orig. Teutonic)
IgnatiaFiery (Orig. Latin)
IlisapesiBlessed (orig. Tonga)
IsmenaLearned (Orig. Greek)
IstasSnow (Orig. Native American)
IsoldeFair one (Orig. Welsh)


Baby Girl NameOrigin and Meaning
JaffaBeautiful (Orig. Hebrew)
JamilaBeautiful (Orig. Arabic)
JenicaGracious God (Orig. Romanian)
JolandaViolet Flower (Orig. Italian)
JumokeBeloved (Orig. Nigerian)


Baby Girl NameOrigin and Meaning
KadishaHoly (Orig. Hebrew)
KaleaBrilliant (Orig. Hawaiian)
KalilaBeloved (Orig. Arabic)
KanyaYoung woman (Orig. Thai)
KesareHaving long hair (Orig. Spanish)
KyonBrilliance (Orig. Korean)


Baby Girl NameOrigin and Meaning
LaetitiaJoy (Orig. Latin)
LakeishaFavorite (Orig. Swahili)
LavanyaCharm (Orig. Hindi)
LysandraLiberator (Orig. Greek)


Baby Girl NameOrigin and Meaning
MadronaNoblewoman (Orig. Latin)
MahaliaTenderness (Orig. Hebrew)
MangenaMelody (Orig. Hebrew)
MelosaGentle (Orig. Spanish)
MichiRighteous (Orig. Japanese)
MyunaClear, reflective water body (Orig. Aboriginal)


Baby Girl NameOrigin and Meaning
NadezdaHopeful (Orig. Czech)
NadiraValuable (Orig. Arabic)
NaliniLovely (Orig. Sanskrit)
NashwaPleasant emotion (Orig. Egyptian)
NaysaGod's miracle (Orig. Hebrew)
NeomaNew Moon (Orig. Greek)
NiaPurpose (Orig. Swahili)
NishaNight (Orig. Hindi)
NyokoTreasure (Orig. Japanese)
NozomiHope (Orig. Japanese)


Baby Girl NameOrigin and Meaning
OlgaHoly (Orig. Russian)
OzoraGod's strength (Orig. Hebrew)
OlayinkaSurrounded by honor (Orig. Yoruban)


Baby Girl NameOrigin and Meaning
PerouzeTurquoise (orig. Armenian)
PeirahMoon (Orig. Aboriginal)
PrioskaBlushing (Orig. Hungarian)


Baby Girl NameOrigin and Meaning
QeridaBeloved (Orig. Spanish)
QuorraHeart (Orig. Italian)
QuintessaNuance, essence (Orig. Latin)


Baby Girl NameOrigin and Meaning
RadinkaHappy and mobile (Orig. Slavic)
RaizelRose (Orig. Hebrew)
RaynaQueen (Orig. Czech)
ReikoGratitude (Orig. Japanese)
RiniTiny rabbit (Orig. Japanese)
Rizpahhope (Orig. Greek)


Baby Girl NameOrigin and Meaning
SabiraPatient (Orig. Arabic)
SachiHappiness (Orig. Japanese)
SalomePeace (Orig. Hebrew)
SanaRadiant (Orig. Arabic)
SeraphinaBurning (Orig. Hebrew)
SiranAlluring (Orig. Armenian)
SydellePrincess (Orig. Hebrew)


Baby Girl NameOrigin and Meaning
TacitaPeaceful (Orig. Latin)
TakaraTreasure (Orig. Japanese)
TansyImmortal (Orig. Greek)
TatyanaSilvery haired one (Orig. Latin)
TeofiliaGod's beloved (Orig. Greek)
TizaneGypsy (Orig. Hungarian)
TuruaBeautiful (Orig. Polynesian)


Baby Girl NameOrigin and Meaning
UriannaUnknown (Orig. Greek)
UsagiMoon (Orig. Japanese)
UmaLight, peace, nation, a Hindu Goddess (Orig. Hebrew, Sanskrit)


Baby Girl NamesOrigin and Meaning
VolettaCovered by veil (Orig. Greek)
VitaLife (Orig. Latin)
VieraTrue, faith (Orig. Czech)
ValoraCourageous (Orig. Latin)


Baby Girl NameOrigin and Meaning
WyunaClear (Orig. aboriginal)
WyanetGood looking (Orig. Native American)
WildaWild (Orig. Teutonic)
WanikaGracious gift of the Lord (Orig. Hawaiian)


Baby Girl NameOrigin and Meaning
XylonaForest Dwelling (Orig. Greek)
XeniaWelcoming (Orig. Greek)
XyzaNear the Sea (Orig. Gothic)


Baby Girl NameOrigin and Meaning
YachneGracious (Orig. Hebrew)
YaffaBeautiful (Orig. Hebrew)
YelenaSunlight (Orig. Russian)
YnezChaste (Orig. Spanish)
YokoPositivity (Orig. Japanese)
YumiBeauty (Orig. Japanese)


Baby Girl NameOrigin and Meaning
ZairaRose (Orig. Arabic)
ZanetaGod's Grace
ZebinaGifted (Orig. Greek)
ZephyrineBreeze (Orig. Greek)
ZiaSplendor (Orig. Arabic)
ZotiaWise (Orig. Polish)
ZosimaLively (Orig. Greek)

These are some unique baby names for girls and meanings corresponding to each name. Do let me know which of these unusual baby girl names and meanings you liked the best! I also hope that you find a nice name meaning among these for your tiny bundle of joy! Wish you luck for your name-hunting quest!