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10 Best Tips for Choosing an Appropriate Jogging Stroller

Tips for Choosing a Jogging Stroller
Jogging strollers come in handy when you want to devote time to your baby as well as follow your exercise routine. This AptParenting post provides tips for choosing a good jogging stroller if you're planning to buy one in the near future.
Snehal Motkar
Last Updated: Mar 21, 2018
Consider the Jogging Surface
Depending on the jogging surface, like paved or unpaved roads, dirt, gravel, or grass, you will have to look for a suitable stroller.
Although most jogging strollers have similar design and components, there are some differences which vary according to their manufacturer. Hence, while looking for a jogging stroller in the market it is necessary to touch upon a few aspects before going for the purchase. We, at Buzzle, have included some important factors in this article that you should consider before buying a jogging stroller.
Safety is the Key
Stroller fast jogging
The safety factor with jogging strollers is more pronounced because they are different from regular strollers, wherein you place your baby in the stroller, and take a leisurely walk along the sidewalk. You choose a jogging stroller to serve two purposes. First, you want to give a ride to your little one outdoors, and second, you want to work out and maintain your fitness level. Combining both objectives involves ensuring the baby remains safe while you go about exercising. So, the major safety features to consider include:
5-point Harness
Baby sitting outdoors
It is the most important safety feature that keeps the baby in place at all times. This harness goes over the baby's shoulders, hips, and between the legs, which protects the baby from serious injuries in case of an accident.
Stroller brake
An extremely important safety feature that prevents accidents and undesired consequences emerging out of them. The brakes should be efficient enough to lock the wheels, and stop the stroller once engaged. It is advisable to check the brakes for the ease of use, efficient operation, and quality.
Baby stroller
Usually, every stroller comes with a canopy to protect the baby from the harsh sun. However, the canopy should be adjustable so that the baby is able to enjoy the outdoors, and not be completely covered by the shade. A good canopy will always make the rides more comfortable for the baby. It is also necessary to have a peek-a-boo window on the canopy to keep an eye on your baby while riding.
Other Factors to Consider
Wheel type and size
As mentioned earlier, jogging surfaces have a great impact on the selection of a stroller, especially the wheels. There are different types of wheels with varying sizes to match different terrains and roads. The selection of the wheels is quite simple, provided you are sure about the type of surface you want to use your stroller on. If you are planning to run on a rough terrain, larger wheels, around 20" in diameter with fixed front wheels is a better choice.
Stroller with big wheels
Stroller with small wheels
On the contrary, if the use of a jogging stroller is confined to city streets and nearby shopping malls, smaller wheels are a better choice. It is ideal to look for a stroller with 12" diameter wheels that swivel, for smaller routes and crowded areas. Smaller wheels also make transportation of the stroller easier when folded.

If at all, you are not sure about where you want to use the stroller, it is always better to buy one with medium-sized wheels.
runner and baby
Flexibility is a vital factor while looking for a stroller. You should be able to push the stroller in a straight line with one hand. The wheels with the ability to swivel in the front and rear allow an easier and smoother turn.
Materials used
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The frame of a jogging stroller should ideally be made of welded aluminum, rather than plastic joints, to enhance the durability of the stroller. The plastic in the frame tends to crack, break, and wear out early, and may result in an accident while being on the move with your baby.
Size of the stroller
Blue baby stroller
Twin stroller
Jogging strollers, like other regular strollers, are available in many varieties. The size of your jogging stroller may largely depend on the size of your family. In other words, there are jogging strollers in single, double, and triple size, which can accommodate one, two, or even three young kids at a time. The only concern is the weight capacity of these strollers. Ensure that you check the load capacity of your prospective stroller as it is one of the most crucial safety factors to consider.
Pram carriage for young baby isolated
There are two important concerns regarding the fabric of the stroller. Firstly, it should provide comfort to the baby without causing skin irritation and rashes. Secondly, kids can be messy, and hence, the fabric should be removable as well as washable to make the task of cleaning the stroller a lot easier.
Mother holding a baby carriage
Ideally, the handles of the stroller should be at the pusher's waist level or slightly below. Although most strollers match the standard height measurements, there are some parents who don't find the standard height of the stroller much comfortable. In such a situation, the handles of the stroller should be adjustable to enhance its use. However, if you don't find such a stroller easily, you can buy handle extenders and sort out the problem.
Finally, a test drive is a must before buying a particular jogging stroller. There are certain stores that have such a provision for their customers. Prospective buyers are allowed to take a round with a demo stroller outside the store for a few minutes. This will help you determine the suitability of the stroller you are planning to buy.
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