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Tips for Choosing the Best Hassle-free Disposable Diapers

Tips for Choosing the Best Disposable Diapers
Diapers become your most crucial companions during the growing years of your little one. Hence, choosing the best quality diapers becomes extremely important. If you are looking for the best quality disposable diapers for your little one, here are a few tips that you may want to consider before buying a particular variety.
Snehal Motkar
Last Updated: Mar 19, 2018
Specialty Diapers!
Some manufacturers produce different styles of diapers for boys and girls, newborns, and for crawling or walking babies. These diapers have special absorbency in the areas that are more prone to leakage.
Disposable diapers are ruling the market since quite some time because of certain really good qualities. These diapers are extremely convenient to use, especially when traveling. They are made of more absorbent material, and hence, leak less. Also, there are some diaper manufacturers who produce biodegradable and healthy diapers that are harmless for the babies as well as the environment. Well, there is no doubting the benefits of disposable diapers, but choosing the best from the lot can be tricky, here are some tips that will make your choice easier.
Correct Size
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Ill-fitting diapers may not only cause leakage and excessive wetness, but also make the baby cranky and irritated. Diapers are made according to the baby's age and corresponding weight; however, as is the case with children's clothing, diaper sizes may also vary depending on the manufacturer. Most manufacturers assure a leak-free diaper with a perfect fitting, by offering a double sealing edge; one along the absorbent core and the other along the outer covering of the diaper. However, despite this provision, there are some diaper varieties that may fit well while others are just not suitable for your kid. Trying out a few types is the key to find the correct diaper fit for your baby.
Baby's Comfort
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It is the most important factor to consider while choosing a particular diaper brand or make. Although most manufacturers abide by the rules and regulations regarding the baby's safety and comfort, each baby is different, and hence, his/her requirements are also different. To be able to find the most comfortable disposable diaper for your baby, you will have to try out a few brands before finalizing one.
Absorption is Important
Cloth diapers do not find favor with most parents because of the leakage problem. Hence, while choosing a disposable diaper, ensure that it has the best absorption qualities. The diaper should not only be able to hold more liquid, but also move it away from the baby's skin while maintaining dryness. The moisture should be distributed evenly throughout the diaper's core, and away from the baby's skin. This is essential because a diaper with poor absorption quality can lead to persistent exposure to moisture and dampness, which, in turn, can cause diaper rash.
Materials Used
The latest disposable diapers do not have those plastic covers that make the crackling, annoying sound while putting on and removing a diaper, or when the baby moves. Most diapers are made of soft, waterproof covers that feel more like cloth than plastic, and add to the comfort of the baby.
Begin with a Smaller Purchase
Buying diapers in bulk may not be a very good idea, because if you don't find the diaper suitable after a few trials, you may want to shift to another brand. Therefore, first time buyers should either look for the brands that offer free samples, or buy just one or two packages for trial purposes. Once you zero in on the right size and quality, go for a bigger purchase.
Which Brand to Choose
Choosing a particular brand can be tricky because most diaper brands differ slightly from each other. In order to find the perfect brand for your baby, you will have to try out several brands in the market. As there are quite a lot of options available, you will definitely find a good one that is suitable for your baby. There are several indicators that can tell you which brand may not be a good choice, like, leaking at the legs or up to the back, or leaking up from all sides at a time. Also, some diapers may irritate your baby's skin, which can be a good indicator of the diaper's unsuitability.
Certain diapers are designed especially for newborns, that are cut out where the baby's umbilical cord was cut. This prevents irritation and pain that other diapers may cause to the newborn. However, if you don't find such a specific kind of diaper, and don't want to spend extra money for that special feature, you can always fold the diaper in that area, or cut out that part of the diaper on your own.