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Tips for Buying Newborn Baby Clothes That Young Parents Swear By

Tips for Buying Newborn Baby Clothes
Buying newborn baby outfits can be tricky, because there are several things to be kept in mind regarding comfort, size, safety, and other similar factors. AptParenting enlists the factors that are important to consider before buying clothes for your little baby girl or boy.
Snehal Motkar
Last Updated: Mar 21, 2018
Wash Before Use!
Washing new clothes before using them for the baby is important for two reasons―firstly, they will be clean and safe for the baby, and secondly, washing makes clothes even softer, which prevents skin irritation and rashes.
New parents are extremely overwhelmed by the thought of purchasing clothes for their little bundle of joy, and hence, may sometimes, end up buying certain unnecessary and inappropriate outfits. The baby's rapid growth and changing size, delicate skin, tolerance level, etc., are some of the most important concerns that should not be overlooked while shopping for baby outfits. Having said that, let's go through a few tips given in this AptParenting article, and make the best of your newborn baby clothes' purchase.
Appropriate Size
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It is important to purchase clothes that are made for your baby's current age and size. There are certain standard measurements that determine the exact size of clothes for every age group. For example, size 000 is perfect for babies aged between 0-6 months, whereas size 00 fits properly for the babies aged 7-12 months. However, remember that these are standard measurements, and there are several factors that may influence the size of the clothes, like, the weight and height of the baby at birth. Some babies may need the standard size according to their age, but some may require a size bigger than what is suitable for their age. To avoid the purchase of incorrect size, you can carry old clothes as reference.
One-piece Outfits are the Best Choice
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A new cute little member has entered your life, and you want everyone to see and adore him. So, you dress him up in the most funky, trendy, expensive, bright outfits to add to his cuteness. There are several pieces in one outfit that look really cute, until the baby starts getting irritated by the lace around the neck, or the tight elastic of the pajama around his waist. It is extremely important to understand that the baby's comfort and safety should be the top priority while dressing up the baby, rather than focusing on how the baby will look in the outfit.
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Moreover, your baby is just a few days old, and you dress him up in a synthetic pajama with the elastic band around his waist. Now, imagine what will happen when the tight pajama rubs against the umbilical cord of the baby. It may be severely painful for the baby causing irritation and rash, not to mention the fact that he will cry ceaselessly.
Soft Collars, Waist Belts, and Necklines
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Fussiness around the neck is a strict no-no for newborn clothes. Although stiff collars with embellishments or closed necklines with embroideries and ornamentation look extremely cute, adorable, and appealing in the store, they can be a real pain for your cute little girl or boy. Babies, during the first half of the year, spend most of their time sleeping. Hence, they need a comfortable outfit that doesn't irritate their skin and cause discomfort. This calls for clothes that are made of cotton with envelope neck and buttons on the front side. It would be even better if the outfit does not have any buttons, but enough space at the neckline for the baby's head to pass through.
Too Much is Too Bad
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As mentioned earlier, babies grow rapidly during the first few years. Hence, your idea of stocking the baby's wardrobe with several varieties of clothes may not be a good one. Your baby will outgrow those outfits in just a few months, and you will again have to go for shopping new ones. To avoid all this, plan everything beforehand. Keep it simple and minimum; it will save you a lot of money for buying other necessities for the baby.
Consider Slightly Used Clothes
Another way to cut down on the clothing expenditure, and utilizing that money for his other necessities, is looking for used clothes. You may feel concerned about the hygiene and safety of your baby, which is quite obvious. However, certain websites take care of all that, and provide clothes that look and feel as good as the new ones. As a matter of fact, in some parts of the world, it is mandatory to buy used clothes for the newborns to prevent skin allergies and discomfort caused by new clothes.

Babies can be fussy, so you need easy to wear clothes that will help you dress up your baby without too much hassle, while making it a stress-free and enjoyable activity for your baby as well.
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