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Essential Tips for Choosing a Diaper Pail

Essential Tips for Choosing a Diaper Pail

Disposing dirty diapers can be a headache for parents, especially the ones whose children have just started having solids. If the odor is too much to bear, you can try investing in diaper pails. This AptParenting article provides some useful tips to help you with this choice.
AptParenting Staff
"Changing a diaper is a lot like getting a present from your grandmother - you're not sure what you've got but you're pretty sure you're not going to like it."
― Jeff Foxworthy
Has your baby just started eating solids and is the smell of the used diapers driving you crazy? It may be time to invest in a diaper pail. You may be wondering as to why you need a special bin for disposing diapers when you can just put them in kitchen bags and toss them in the garbage can. Well, if you have to deal with weeks of stinky diapers and it permeates every part of the nursery, a diaper bin is a great investment.

The diaper pails have self-sealing bags and significant odor containment advantages. This reduces the need of rushing back and forth to the garbage placed out of the house with every poop-containing diaper. Once the bag is full, the plastic liner automatically seals shut, and all you need to do is take out the bag of used diapers and throw it, without having to deal with the stench. There are many different styles and designs of diaper pails available in the market. To help you choose the best one, here is a roundup of some essential tips for the same.
How to Choose a Diaper Pail
There are different styles of diaper pails available in the market based on the mechanism of disposal. Some of the best diaper pails contain a specially designed mechanism for inserting dirty diaper. This helps in minimizing the smell. Some have special insert bags to hold the diapers, while others use regular kitchen trash bags.

The diaper pails can also be distinguished based on whether they are used for disposing cloth or disposable diapers. If you are using cloth diapers, then they are rinsed before being stored in a wet pail ahead of being washed. Disposable dry diaper pails are the ones where dirty diapers are stored till you throw out the trash.
Mechanism of Disposal
Do you need to squeeze the dirty diaper through the shoot or is the disposal of diapers easy with just one hand? Ideally, parents like hands-free diaper pails with foot pedals or push buttons. Most of the diaper pails have one large lid to remove the trash bags and a small lid on top through which you can dispose the diapers. The smaller opening helps in controlling the odor that escapes through, when the pail is opened.

Some of the diaper pails have storage doors in front to remove the trash bag. If these doors do not have locks, your child may end up opening the diaper pail full of dirty diapers. Look for child-resistant lids and doors when choosing the diaper pail.
Size and Storage
While you may want a huge diaper pail which can store weeks of dirty diapers, do you really want it to take up a lot of space in your baby's nursery? Choosing a compact and slim diaper pail allows you to place it in tight corners and keep it from getting in your way. Moreover, many manufacturers claim that their models hold approximately forty to fifty diapers, while the actual number may be quite low. So, you anyway need to dispose off the trash bag more frequently.
Diaper Pail Liners
There are many models that require special brand-specific liners. Although they do have some odor-fighting properties, the diaper pail liners can be quite expensive compared to normal trash bags. On the other hand, normal garbage bags do not quite control the odor which, in turn, defeats the purpose of the diaper pail.
There are plastic and powder-coated steel diaper pails available in the market. While the plastic diaper pails are inexpensive and more widely available, they do have the disadvantage of absorbing odors. So, you are left with a lingering smell even after disposing the trash bag with diapers. As opposed to this, powder-coated steel bins are usually odor-free and easier to clean than the plastic variants. They are, however, considerably expensive.
Odor Control
Look for air filters or special liners in the diaper pail to contain the odor. How well the diaper pail contains the odor is an important factor while choosing the pail. Most diaper pails have lids with deodorizers that mask the smell of diapers. Others like the Diaper Genie II Advanced Disposal System by Playtex have a mechanism that locks each diaper individually, thus, reducing the odor.
Total Cost
It is not just about getting a diaper pail, you will need to estimate the total cost of owning and using one, especially if you are using diaper bag refills and liners. It is also important to check if the replacement bags and the odor-control pellets are easily available.
As a new parent, whether or not you need a diaper pail depends on your preferences and budget. Some good diaper pails are available by brands, such as Munchkin, Playtex, Safety 1st, and Baby Trend. When choosing the diaper pail, make sure you open and close the models and find out about the working mechanism. Take into account the price and availability of the brand-specific accessories. Ideally, diaper pails with easy-to-follow directions are a good choice.