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Summer Safety Tips for Children

Summer Safety Tips for Children

Want to know some summer safety tips for children? It definitely helps if you're sending your kid out to play. This article will tell you all about these important tips.
Rujuta Borkar
Summer heralds a great time for kids. The outdoors become their playground and their general frolicking about is a given. But while summer might be a great time for your kids, the outdoors might hold some dangers for them. It therefore becomes imperative that you take care of what the kids are doing out there. How many of you know about summer safety tips to keep children safe, for example? Not many. For all you know, they might end up doing something that might be putting them in grave degrees of danger. In order to prevent a mishap from happening later, it is better if you are well acquainted with some safety tips. These safety rules will help you be better prepared for any situation and you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that your kids are safe out there.

Playground Safety Tips

When sending the kids out to play, keep the following outdoor safety tips in mind.

Adult Supervision
Adult supervision is one of the best methods to prevent any mishaps from happening. An adult being present on the scene can not only keep a close eye on the child, but the child has someone to call out to in case of any problem. So also, the child knows that there is someone who is around and so he will avoid doing anything that is not considered 'OK' by elders, and which he might have done otherwise.

Equipment Check
If there is a particular playground that the child visits often, or he has a fixed place that he plays in, make sure that you have the area checked for safety in terms of equipment. Are the kids playing with something sharp, or something that is rusted, or has jagged edges? All of which could pose serious threats. So also, if the kids are in the younger age bracket, then is the equipment age-appropriate for them? Can they handle it well?

Swings and Slides
Make sure that you give them a thorough knowledge of what should and should not be done when they are on slides or swings. Like tell them that standing in front of a swing when others are on it can cause them to get hurt. Or not to take skipping ropes onto ladders because of the dangers of their legs entangling in it. So also, not to crowd onto the equipment, sliding down one at a time, no jumping when at a height etc.

Dress Code
Make sure that the kids are wearing clothes which will not get entangled in things and cause a fall. These would include scarves, loose clothes, stray strings, and hoods. The hair should be tied instead of left open. Make sure that their feet are well covered because a playground can have several sharp objects lying around.

Playground Maintenance
Make sure that a regular check and supervision of the playground is done. This is important because whatever is broken needs to be fixed, and better equipment need to be fitted in whenever possible.

Water Safety Tips

Another area which one needs to concentrate on when it comes to safety pointers is the water. Many people do not realize it, but accidents can happen within the blink of an eye if water safety is not taken care of. Prepare yourself with these safety rules as best as you can.
  • It is always advised that you provide swimming lessons for your kids. It will help them in the future as well.
  • Make sure that if the kids are too small, there is some form of adult supervision always present.
  • Make your child wear a life jacket if they don't know how to swim.
  • Tell them never to jump on other kids or try to push their heads down in the act of having fun.
  • Never allow kids to dive or jump into rivers and lakes before inspecting for any rocks or logs.
  • Make sure that there is a kiddie pool and that young kids go there. BUT, adult supervision should still be provided.
  • Make sure that the kids take special precautions when riding on water slides, water parks, and any other recreational centers. These include no running, pushing or monkeying around.
  • When on the beach, do NOT allow the kids to swim when there is a high or low tide. It can be very, very dangerous.
  • Do not let them swim next to piers and docks, the current there is strong and unpredictable.
  • Tell the kids never to pretend that they are drowning, because the next time they really are, no one will believe them.
  • It is always helpful if you know and teach your kid CPR. It could save someone's life.
Having these summer safety tips in place is just as important as their need to play. Always remember that. There really is no one you can blame if you don't take sufficient care of your kids and instead, expose them to dangers without preparing them for it.
Child wearing life jacket
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