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10 Printable Baby Shower Games Your Guests will Surely Enjoy

10 Printable Baby Shower Games Your Guests will Surely Enjoy

Tired of the same old sentimental baby shower games? AptParenting has compiled 10 crowd-pleasing games you can print and enjoy playing with the guests.
Sheetal Mandora
"The bond between a parent and child is the primary bond, the foundation for the rest of the child's life. The presence or absence of this bond determines much about the child's resiliency and what kind of adult they will grow up to be."
― Jane Fonda
Planning a baby shower is no easy feat. Which means the hostess, you, my dear, will have some work cut out for you. Right from sending the invitations to organizing entertaining games and activities for the guests, every element requires your special attention. Keeping that in mind, we thought you might be on the lookout for some exciting games, and we wanted to help. As you read through the article, you will find 10  printable games that will be a hit among everyone.
First and foremost, you need to print the cards for every game. Print at least 3 - 4 extra cards for every game; just to be on the safe side so you may not run out of cards. Some of the printouts contain two copies of that particular game, hence reducing the number of pages used for each game.
* The following games have been provided for personal use only. Please do not share, reproduce, or resell any of these games in any form.
Baby shower word search game
How to play the game

Just like any other word search game, this shower-inspired version is quite easy and fun to play. All they have to do is find the words from the list inside the letters grid, in an allotted time frame. Rows should be read forward, backward, diagonal or any path.
Baby shower bingo game
How to play the game

You can play the game on a variety of subjects like gifts received from guests, baby names, toys, baby items, and much more. Print the cards, write down the items depending on the subject you choose, distribute it during the party, and play a game of bingo!
Baby shower baby scramble game
How to play the game

A game of word scramble can include words related to babies, gifts, maternity, and baby items. In a specific allotted time, have the guests unscramble the words on the card to win the game.

Answer Key
  1. Teether
  2. Diapers
  3. Motherhood
  4. Mommy
  5. Cradle
  6. Rubber Ducky
  7. Baby Bath
  8. Breastfeed
  9. Blanket
  10. Milk
  11. Playpen
  12. Teddy Bear
  13. Bassinet
  14. Baby Walker
  15. Shower Games
  16. Feeding
  17. Nursery Rhyme
  18. Mobile
  19. Baby Buggy
  20. Doll
Baby shower nursery rhymes
How to play the game

What do we have here? It's a list of popular nursery rhymes with certain key words missing. The guests have to fill in the blanks in a short amount of time, if they can remember the rhymes.
Answer Key
  1. say, word
  2. fleece, white
  3. dock, ran, clock
  4. tub, they, were
  5. Horner, corner, Christmas
  6. picked, pickled, peppers
  7. Jack, Jill, hill
  8. mice, mice, how, they, run
  9. baker's, man
  10. black, wool
  11. itsy, bitsy, waterspout
  12. farm, E-I-E-I-O
  13. red, blue, sweet, you
  14. Humpty, Dumpty, Humpty, Dumpty
  15. raining, pouring, snoring
Baby shower game
How to play the game

The definition of each candy bar has been given along with the answers on the card. It's up to the guests to find the correct candy bar names for every definition.

Answer Key
  1. H - Almond Joy
  2. E - Dots
  3. F - M&M'S
  4. I - Mr. Goodbar
  5. J - Snickers
  6. K - Twix
  7. A - Tootsie Roll
  8. L - Lifesavers
  9. D - Mounds
  10. C - Nerds
  11. B - Butterfinger
  12. G - 3 Musketeers
WHAT's in MOMMY-to-be's PURSE
Baby shower game
How to play the game

This name of the game pretty much says it all. The only objective here is to see who knows mommy-to-be the most. Let the battle begin.
Baby shower celebrity baby name game
How to play the game

Celebrities are notorious when it comes naming their kids. Let's see how well our guests can pair the kids to their respective parents.

Answer Key
  1. K - Louisanna Ray
  2. O - Titan Jewell
  3. N - Otis Alexander
  4. G - Hazel
  5. J - Isabelle Amarachi
  6. M - Wyatt Isabelle
  7. D - Rose Dorothy
  8. A - Oliver Finlay
  9. E - Saint Lazslo
  10. C - Booker Jombe
  11. F - Bodhi Ransom
  12. H - Alena Rose
  13. I - Briar Rose
  14. B - Bear Blaze
  15. L - Cricket Pearl
Baby shower game
How to play the game

Can someone guess what's on mom-to-be's mind? Along with the guests, even the mommy will play this game. At the end of the game, compare the answers to see who got the most correct answers.
Baby shower baby name race game
How to play the game

This game fits perfectly well for a girl's, boy's, or twins' baby shower. Once the cards are distributed, set the timer and have the guests write as many names as they can think of for each alphabet.
Baby shower game
How to play the game

Once you print the cards for this game, you will see that we haven't provided any answers. Your job as a hostess is to interview the expecting parents and write down the answers. On the day of the shower, the guests have to guess which parent gave that particular answer.
Important Tip:
If you're planning on organizing other games and activities during the shower, make sure they don't embarrass either the mom-to-be or the guests. Host the party in such a way that it helps break the ice (especially if guests don't know each other), is entertaining, and memorable for all.