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Preppy Names

Preppy Names
Expecting a visit from the stork is an extremely exciting period for couples. In addition to other preparations for the baby's arrival, finding an ideal name for your little one is a tough choice. To help reduce your task, we give you a list of options to choose from. Also included, are preppy names for your dog, some nicknames and a few last names too!
Saptakee Sengupta
Last Updated: Apr 9, 2018
Did You Know?
David and Victoria Beckham have named their children with some of the best and most unique preppy names. Their children are named Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and Harper.

Every parent dreams of a successful and secure future for their kids. They want to give their children the best of everything and very often, admission to an Ivy League institution is one of the things on this list.
Ivy League schools are considered as the most prestigious universities to attend in the United States of America. These schools are associated with the elite class in addition to academic excellence. If you see your to-be-born as a part of this prestigious lifestyle, then giving your child a preppy name is a must! Celebrities have also, always proved to be a great source of inspiration to many. Take a look at the following lists and pick your favorite.
For your Baby Girl
Ava Abigail Alyssa Annabelle
Arabella Avery Astoria Augusta
Ashley Aldys Audrey Amanda
Bryce Beth Brooke Buffy
Blair Carla Charlotte Courtney
Caroline Claire Chloé Denise
Dorrance Elizabeth Elan Elle
Erin Emma Eve Grace
Hayley Helen Julia Jessica
Jennifer Janet Kaitlin Kim
Lindsey Laura Lisa Martha
Madison Mackenzie Meredith Mila
Naomi Olivia Renée Sandra
Sophia Scarlett Vivianne Xeiss
Xalen Yana Zeta Zoey
For your Baby Boy
Archer Ambrose Aldrich August
Andrew Alex Addison Arnold
Ben Bourne Brad Brett
Bruce Burke Calvin Carlisle
Charles Chad Channing Chip
Calis Davis Dan Darren
Donald Danforth Denzel Derek
Edward Elvert Elton Eric
Evert Forbes Henry Homer
Hugh Hunter Jake Jason
Joey Josh Nate Nick
Parker Pierce Prince Ralph
Roger Ryan Sean Seth
Spencer Scott Stuart Ted
Tyler Warner Walter Will
For your Dog
Sailor Muffy Brandy Duffy
Dido Hershey Jasper Logan
Macy Penny Rocco Snoop
Ginger Yankee Trip Rudder
Max Munch Jupiter Bunker
Top Nicknames
Corkie Gigi Babs Meg
Mimi Biff Kiki Missy
Molly Kit Tad Van
Cricket Kitty Coco Tiffy
Win Miffy Cece Trip
Last Names
Auburn Antioch Adelphi Alderson
Augustana Biff Arcadia Alvernia
Brown Bauder Beacon Brunau
Barat Cambridge Chapman CoeDillard
Denison Deaki Lehman LaGrange
Oglethorpe Olivet Oberlin Ouachita
Simmons Shepherd Smith Simpson
Washburn Simpson Wilson Webber
These names are bound to make a great first impression which is an essential aspect of applying to a prep school.