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Mystical Baby Names

Mystical Baby Names
If you are an expectant parent and on the lookout of uncommon yet meaningful names for your unborn child, then a great variety of novel options can be found in this AptParenting article.
Tulika Nair
Last Updated: Apr 9, 2018
Our sense of identity is synonymous with our name and this association starts with childhood. Naming your child, therefore should be considered extremely important, especially if you want your child to have a unique name that will set him or her apart from others. If you are a parent with an interest in the occult and mystical studies, then these names will be a great option for you.
An but yes, remember to keep it a few things in mind- keep it simple; no matter how (over)zealous you are to keep your newborn's name inspired by some African tribe, please make sure others can pronounce it. It's not just you who are going to use that name to call or address your kid but others as well. Make sure, the name is not discordant with your surname, there's should be certain flow to it and that most importantly, it melds with your last name.
There are many names that you can choose from according to the appeal that they hold for you and also the meaning of the name. Given in the table below is a list of mystical names for girls and boys that can be of help to you while choosing a baby name.
Mystical Baby Names

Mystical Names for Girls
Althea : Healing
Alula : Winged one
Alyssa : Logical
Amara : Eternal
Ariella : Air or water spirit
Batya : Daughter of God
Bea : Bringer of joy
Biana : Secretive
Briana : Virtuous
Bryanne : Strong one
Candance : Pure
Cassandra : Prophetess
Catalina : Noble
Clio : Muse of history
Corinna : Poetess
Daphne : Daughter of the river Peneius
Daria : Queenly
Deame : Divine
Deiree : Desired
Della : Of nobility
Elfrida : Elfin power
Elysia : Polynesian mythological warrior
Etana : Determination
Eurdice : Justice
Evania : Tranquil
Faith : To trust
Felicia : Happiness
Fenella : Fair
Floriane : Prosperous
Gerda : Protected
Gillian : Youth
Giselle : Promise
Gratiana : Grace
Grizelda : Endless patience
Hannah : Graceful one
Hope : Faith
Ira : Watchful
Irina : Peaceful
Jace : Beautiful
Jada : Wise
Jamila : Beautiful
Justise : Just
Kaiya : Forgiveness
Kari : Pure of heart
Karla : Strong and womanly
Laqueta : The quiet one
Mahalia : Intelligent
Malaya : Free
Marcia : Brave
Mirabel : Of uncommon beauty
Moriba : Seeker of knowledge
Necia : Fiery one
Neola : New
Nori : Belief
Ona : Full of grace
Peregrine : Wanderer
Phaedra : Glowing
Prudence : Intelligent
Qiana : Gracious
Rene : Reborn
Rivka : Link together
Salome : Welcome peace
Sayu : Happiness
Sela : Trinity
Selina : Peace
Semira : Fulfilled
Tacita : Silent
Tama :
Tawana : Created
Valencia : Bravery
Valeria : Valor
Velma : Desire to protect
Virginia : Pure
Winta : Desire
Xenia : Hospitable
Yeva : Life enhancing
Yoko : Positive

Mystical Names for Boys
Adair : Noble one
Alim : Wise learned one
Andres : Courageous
Andreus : Son of the river Peneius
Aron : Enlightened
Bene : Kind
Benner : Little blessed one
Berton : Glorius ruler
Bronwen : Dark and pure
Bryant : Strong
Camelot : Noble from the court of King Arthur
Caton : Knowledgeable
Cian : Ancient
Conner : Wise
Cort : Bold
Damon : Constant
Dermot : Free of envy
Diallo : Bold
Dior : Golden
Draco : Dragon
Eamon : Wealthy guardian
Elard : Noble and brave
Elek : Helper and defender of mankind
Elgin : Noble
Eryx : Son of Aphrodite and Poseidon
Fanchon : Whimsical
Fernaco : Daring
Finn : Fair
Flavian : Yellow
Galen : Tranquil
Gareth : Gentle
Gerald : Brave
Gilbert : Trusted
Giles : Youthful
Hubert : Shining of mind
Hugh : Brilliant mind
Iram : Shining
Irving : Handsome and fair
Jamal : Handsome
Jared : One who rules
Jason : Healer
Javan : Angel of Greece
Kabira : Powerful
Kato : Pure
Keenan : Little ancient one
Liam : Unwavering protector
Marcello : Brave
Marek : Warlike
Maynard : Powerful
Mignon : Delicate
Mykel : Peaceful
Nero : Powerful
Nestor : Wisdom
Nolan : Famous
Owen : Young warrior
Placido : Calm
Plato : Strong shoulders
Prewitt : Brave one
Quinlan : Very strong
Raegan : Wise
Renny : Compact strength
Samson : Bright as the Sun
Sebastin : Venerable
Sheridan : Wild
Sileas : Youth
Solomon : Peaceful
Terence : Gentle
Tierney : Noble
Trahern : Strong as Iron
Vahe : Strong
Varen : Superior
Vernon : Youthful
Virgil : Strong
Willard : Brave
Xavier : Bright
Yaser : Easygoing
Yori : Reliable

If you are looking for other unique names for your kid, then there are many other exotic names that you can choose from. This list is just a snapshot of the many names that you can choose from for your unborn child. While naming a child remember that as unique as a name sounds, it can also be the cause for jokes when your child is growing up. So try and refrain from giving your child a name that will cause him or her to hate it. Mystical names are definitely more appealing and distinctive and therefore can be a good option for names.