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Most Popular Boy Names for 2018

Most Popular Boy Names for 2018
Your son is going to arrive sometime soon and you want a name for him that is quite popular yet unique. There are a number of options from which you can choose one of your liking.
Bhakti Satalkar
Last Updated: Apr 9, 2018
Since you are searching for the most preferred boy names, it is evident that you are eagerly awaiting the arrival of your child in this year. Any parent will want to have a one-of-a-kind name to identify their children with.

The trend in boy names this year, is a mix of traditional, classic and new age names. We will see them, but along with it, we will also see the criteria which you may want to use while doing your search.
Short And Sweet
There is a growing trend of nicknames used as 'real' names. Most of these popular names are one syllable names like Chris, Dan, Dean, Al, Hal, John, Joe, Mark, Ray, Sam, and Tom.
Named After Famous Characters
Who isn't a fan of Game of Thrones? This year parents are naming their baby after the famous characters of GoT like Jon, Eddard or Ned, Petyr, Tyrion, Bran, and Robb. Some famous TV serial and movie characters' name like Klaus, Finn, Kylo, Jedi, and Creedance are trending in baby names.
Long And Beautiful
Though short and sweet names are trendy, parents are sticking to long and meaningful names. These names have a classic ring to it. To name a few: William, Alexander, Christopher, Nicholas, Theodore, Leonardo, Nathaniel, Emmanuel, Maximiliano, Raymond, Johnathan.
Going Back In Time
This year, there is a revival of serious, no-frills classic baby boy names. Most of these names have not been considered for babies for several generations. These names include Arthur, Victor, Harold, Frank, Martin, Harvey, Raymond, Vincent, Warren, Walter, Kyle, Sean, Rodney, Maddox. These names can be considered as exotic baby names as well.
Sounds Good!
Names like Noah, Liam, Lucas, Newman, Norman, Mason, Benjamin, Ethan, Logan, Sebastian, Ryan, Caleb, Eli, Leo, and Ian sound melodious and are easy to pronounce. So, parents are going for these names more often than before.
Goodbye ABCs And Welcome XYZs
Parents used to think it's better to have their child's name first in the school catalog, but that's no longer a trend. Nowadays people are in love with the letter Z. Zander, Zaphyr, Zayne, Zachary, Zayden, Zane, Zion, Zachariah, Xavier, Xander are trending. A letter containing Y are always in fashion. So feel free to name your baby boy Henry, Dylan, Wyatt, Tyler, Kyle, Cody, or Troy.
You can use one or more of the criteria mentioned above to choose a name for your kid to be born in this year. Most of these names have existed for a very long time and have made a sort of comeback. Take your time to choose the right name for your bundle of joy. At the same time, you will also want to come to a consensus with your partner as well, with the name.