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Mexican Names

Mexican Names
Are you looking to name your newborn baby and want to choose an unusual name? Here is a list of some very interesting Mexican names for children that you can choose from...
Sheeba Nambiar
Last Updated: Apr 9, 2018
An interesting fact about Mexican culture is that a Mexican child's official name has two surnames, one of the father and the other of the mother. Quite unusual, right?

If you are a parent waiting eagerly for your little one to arrive in the world, then you must be in search of a nice name to identify him/her with. Most of the names nowadays sound too common, and it is very rare to find some unique baby names even after spending hours and hours on the Internet. Instead of picking one of those common names, why not give a special name to the most special person in your life? Mexican names can be just the answer you are looking for.
Now you might wonder, how can Mexican names be uncommon and different, they obviously must be using them in Mexico. Well, you are right, but think, an American with a Mexican name, isn't that uncommon! Besides, we know that we all are getting global, be it cuisine, apparel, education or culture. We adapt different cultures and appreciate the different values and traditions. If you are looking for unusual and exotic baby names (yes, these names are as exotic as their food!), then you can have a look at this list of Mexican names and meanings.
Mexican Names for Girls
Name Meaning
Almirah Princess
Amora Love
Arcelia Altar of Heaven
Anacaona Golden Flower
Beila Beautiful
Beatriz Voyage through Life
Bonita Pretty
Cielo Heaven
Consuelo Solace
Carmelita Garden
Corázon Heart
Delmar Of the Sea
Dorotea Gift of God
Esmeralda Emerald
Esperanza Hope
Citlali Rising Star
Efigenia Royal
Evita Life
Paulina Humble
Name Meaning
Floridelma Flowering soul
Graciela Grace
Hermosa Beautiful
Izydora Gift
Karime The Attractive One
Leticia Joy
Lodzia Bright
Luminosa Brilliant
Maravilla Admirable
Marquita Pearl
Milana Gracious
Paloma Dove
Ramona Protector
Regina Queen
Querida Beloved
Reina Pure
Paz Peace
Paola Humble
Martha Lady
Mexican Names for Boys
Name Meaning
Abelardo Generous
Adalberto Nobly Bright
Alejandro Defender
Alfonso Noble
Alicio Kind and Noble
Alvarez Guardian
Bacilio Kingly
Crisanto Flower of Gold
Estefan Crown
Felipo Horse Lover
Feliciano Fortunate
Fidencio Confident and Bold
Filemon Only Friend
Filiberto Brightness and Fame
Jose God will Increase
Name Meaning
Heliodoro Gift of Sun
Honorato Filled with Honor
Hernan Brave and Intelligent
Jajuan God is Gracious
Jandro Defender
Lucero Light
Mateo Gift of God
Maximliano Greatest
Nicandro Victory
Osiel Might of God
Pablo Humble
Paciano Peace
Procopio One who Progresses
Ramiero Powerful
Pedro Rock
Common Names for Boys and Girls
Name Meaning
Citlalmina Shooting Star
Chantico Who Dwells in the House
Izel Unique or Only One
Mahuizoh Glorious Person
Mayahuel Maguey Plant
Necahual Survivor
Quiauhxochitl Rain Flower
Tepin Little One
Teyacapan First Born
Xochiquetzal Flower Feather
*Note: Most of the above names are of Spanish descent as Spanish is the official language of Mexico.
Mexican names are very popular these days and yet they are unique. These names don't sound boring and looks like they'll never die out. But just in case, before these too, become common, choose a name quickly from the above list and give your little one a unique identity.