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Jobs for 11-year Olds that Pay

Jobs for 11-year Olds that Pay
This article will tell you of some interesting jobs for 11-year olds that don't only pay well, but also are very easy. Some of them can be done from home too.
Neha Joshi
Finding a job at the age of 11 can be a little tiring as the jobs for this age group are limited. However, in this article we have explored almost all the jobs for 11-year olds that pay well and don't require much time. The safety and security of the job is something that we have to check while dealing with this age group. Keeping that in mind, we have listed these few jobs, which you might find interesting. It is always a good thing to start working well in time and gain some experience of earning money.
Start from Home
This is one of the best options if you want to find a job that pays fast. Start with your own home. Make a list of chores you can get done for your parents and start with them immediately. You can fix the payments in advance with your parents. Car washing, laundry sorting, raking of leaves, etc., are a few such jobs.
The 'Drink' Stand
Lemonade or homemade juice stands are the easiest summer jobs for kids; they can really earn a lot of money without much investment. You can prepare the lemonade or juice at home and sell it at some profit. If you don't mind staying out in the evenings, you can also sell hot coffees in the winters. What's more? You can do this with a group of friends. This means, you will get company when you're working.
The Creative Touch
You can make different and unique types of art and sell them at local stores and shops. There are so many homemade crafts to sell, that you won't get bored doing them the entire summer. Besides, you will also increase your creativity by working on these. This too can be done together in a group. Greeting cards and decorative arts are sold almost immediately if they're available at cheap prices.
The Helping Hand
You can try your hand at babysitting if you think it is possible at your age. As summer jobs, you can give seniors in your neighborhood company for some hours daily. Some people work entire days and there is no one to take care of their pets. You can do that for them by taking the dog for a walk or giving him timely feeds. You can check your local newspaper for such jobs.
You must have now understood that it isn't difficult to find jobs for 11-year olds. All these jobs can be done either at home or when you have the company of someone.
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