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Thinking How to Organize Your Kids' Artwork? 11 Ways to Help You

How to Organize Kids' Artwork
Your child's artwork is a complete source of joy to you. Along with that, it also provides a vent to your child's creative pursuits. This is how you take care of the endless piles of paper that come with being a parent to a creative child.
Renuka Savant
Last Updated: Mar 26, 2018
A huge stack of your child's artwork surely does fill your heart with pride; but, it's not too long before you force yourself to face a dilemma. As a parent, it is extremely natural for you to preserve every little doodle that your child draws, but sooner than later, the practical concerns regarding storage are bound to catch up with you.

Several art assignments and projects are conducted throughout the year, which leave large piles of paper, calling for extra storage space in your home. Sorting through this can be rather time-consuming, especially when you want to hold on to every single piece of paper. So why not take your child's help and put it to good use? Here are some ideas on how to organize kids' artwork.
Organizing Your Kid's Artwork
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Display Options
Hang it
A very easy and efficient way to display your child's artwork would be to hang it up. Where, you ask? Just tie a thin rope across your kitchen window or any place you think is appropriate, and pin up the papers to it. A curtain rod works very well too. Not only does it liven up your room, it is sure to please your children to have their work put up.

Frame it
Once in a while, your child will come up with a creative gem that will merit a permanent display. Special creations deserve to be put up in frames, as they will thus be cherished for years to come. On the other hand, you also have custom-made frames that can hold several sheets at a time, allowing you to rotate the display.

Create an Art Gallery
Your child's room can be converted into an art gallery, and what's more - your child can be involved in decorating it. Display the artwork into transparent plastic sleeves and hang them around the room. Hand over the charge of changing the images to your child. Cover one wall with magnetic paint so that the very latest can be put up on it.

Go Online
You can scan the artwork and put it up online. This way, they get more exposure, and your child will be thrilled to bits. Once the artwork is uploaded, there is no dearth of options - you can create online albums, put them up on Facebook or your personal web page or even send it to family and friends via e-mail. Specialized art websites aimed at children are a great place to put up pictures too.

Send it
If you know of any children's publications that accept artwork from readers, do send them copies of your child's work. Do keep it as a surprise and watch the amazement on your child's face when he/she sees it in print. This serves as an excellent way to encourage creativity in your child.

On the Refrigerator
The refrigerator is a popular and traditionally-coveted place to put up any designs or drawings. Purchase some fancy magnets, or better - ask your creative genius to make some, and use them to put up all the artwork that you think deserves a special mention.

Put On a Show
Artwork is obviously not limited to paper paintings, if your child has explored the art of glass painting, ceramic work, paper mache or clay modeling, which will give you some unique home d├ęcor items. Put them up on display and watch the compliments pour in.
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Storage Options
Get a Folder
Storing artwork in a folder with plastic sleeves inside will keep the papers in good condition, and it allows easy reference too. Alternatively, you could create a scrapbook, which will help you include more details about the artwork.

Use the Computer
As mentioned before, scanning artwork and uploading it is a great display idea, but you obviously will give preference to the selected few. Discarding artwork papers can be difficult for parents, so clicking photographs and storing them on your computer is a fantastic idea. Besides the easy reference, you'll be happy that none of it is discarded.

Turn it into a Game
This is a simple way to make your child's artwork into something fun. Paste the drawing on a cardboard and make small cutouts from it. What results is a mini jigsaw puzzle, which is a good way to store the art.

Reuse and Recycle
Every piece of your child's artwork is precious to you, but eventually you will have to get rid of some. With children coming home with new creations almost every day, it is difficult to store them all. Begin with making "keep this" and "toss that" piles and sort accordingly. Utilize the blank side of used pages to make new drawings or send them out to recycle. Whatever you decide to do, make sure you dispose them wisely.
A child's creativity is a matter of great pride for parents, and it is usually the parents who get obsessive about storing it forever. Yes, it is similar to storing memories, but parents need to ensure that it does not lead to a cluttered house.