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Unique and Exceptional Gothic Names for Boys and Girls

Gothic Names
When it comes to selecting baby names, parents are always looking for the most unique and uncommon name for their little one. Talking about unique baby names, here are some unique Gothic names that might interest you.
Rutuja Jathar
Last Updated: Mar 14, 2018
Baby Names
Selecting a baby name is the most fun and exciting part of the long wait for the arrival of the baby. Couples want the name of their bundle-of-joy to be the most unequaled among all. Reading various books, asking elders and friends, referring numerous websites, and what not - all in search of the most unique baby name.
People shuffle almost through all the possible resources in order to get the name. Biblical names are very popular. People are fascinated by the unusual celebrity baby names too, that are really weird at times but sure are unique. One course of opinion runs toward Gothic names. These names are the most distinguishing remainder of the Gothic culture.
Gothic refers to the people of heterogeneous tribe belonging to the region of East Germany. They were also known as Goths. They migrated all over Europe leaving behind the mystery of their culture, architecture, and artwork. Their language is a unique and practically extinct. It belongs to the family of the Indo-European languages. The language started to wane somewhere near the 4th century, but the subculture started gaining numerous admirers due to the mystery and many myths associated with it. Gothic fashion, lifestyle, and names captivated many lovers of the culture.
Gothic names are also very popular as they are pretty unusual with the touch of their immortal culture and subtle uniqueness. These names are given to the babies as nicknames as well as proper names. There are many names highly influenced by the various cultures where the Goths traveled. If you are one of the admirers and searching for a really unique baby name then you don't need to go too far. Following are some of the unique baby names along with the meanings.
Boy Names
Acheron - River
Alaric - Noble ruler
Andreas - Masculine, manly
Badwila - Spearman
Balor - One-eyed giant in Irish mythology
Brink - Where the water runs deep
Botheric - Commanding king
Cloven - Bonded or deeply connected
Crowe - Bird associated with death
Dag - Day
Eboric - Boar ruler, or, wild boar refuge
Eldritch - Spiritual, old, experienced
Eutharic - Wealthy king
Gabriel - Messenger of God
Forrest - Woodsman
Giselric - Pledged ruler
Gnash - A blend of characters and virtues
Gotham - A homestead or water meadow
Ildefons - Battle eager
Lazarus - Spiritual
Leovigild - Pledge of love
Lucifer - Tempter of mankind
Morrow - The next day, tomorrow
Noire - Blooming, pleasant, verdant
Pryse - Prince
Richila - Ruler
Sabre - Sword
Salem - Peace, holy city
Talon - Sharp claw of a bird
Theudis - The people
Tius - Zeus, thunder, or, brightness
Totila - Nation, people
Zen - God's gift, religious and spiritual person
Zephyr - Wind, flying with the wind
Girl Names
Albira - True to all
Amalie - Imitating, rivaling
Aura - Cold breeze of night
Alarica - Ruler of the powerful people
Belladonna - Beautiful woman
Belinda - A moon of Uranus
Diti - Demon mother in Hinduism
Krim - A Gothic nickname
Ebony - Hard wood, strong character
Ella - Goddess, true to all
Elodie - Propensity, richness
Garnet - Red seed, jewel, color
Freya - Norse goddess of sex and childbirth
Gelvira - Truthful, true soul
Golgotha - Hebrew for skull
Hecate - Greek sorceress
Jette - Jet black mineral
Luna - Latin for moon
Lynk - Left-handed
Luna - Moon, beautiful woman
Maya -Mother, precious one, great woman
Minke - Treasured possession, very own
Nebula - Dark Mist
Perdita - Latin for lost
Peregrine - A bird, traveler, wanderer
Rosary - Prayer beads
Siouxsie - A beautiful flower, lily probably
Zaphara - Exuberant in growth
Zuriel - Spiritual woman

These were a few options that can be thought over to christen your newborn baby. It's your choice to select the name that captures your heart the most. Do share any other Gothic names that you are acquainted with.
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