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Family Tree Charts and Templates

A lot of words that convey a lot of meaning are used when talking about relationships. Sometimes, we just fail to recognize the importance of a family. You could actually change all that with just a family tree. Unearth the history from which you hail with the help of this AptParenting article.
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Last Updated: Mar 26, 2018
History of Making Family Trees

A family tree most probably began with the medieval art of the Tree of Jesse, which was used to illustrate the Genealogy of Christ in terms of the prophecy of Isaiah. The first instance was shown in a non-Biblical personification were several family trees of the classical gods in the Genealogy of the Gods of the Gentiles.

What is a Family Tree?

Actually, it is the totality of one's ancestors who are represented as a tree structure or branched out chart used in genealogy. It helps one trace their line of ancestors, while discovering how one's roots may not always be what one thought. Ancestors could be a mix of cultures, where many family members can be found if not in touch with.

Family Tree Charts

Making a family tree is like taking a walk down memory lane. You can make it a favorite pastime, or really get into it by tracing your ancestral line with tons of research and findings. With the changes that have been wrought in technology, making this chart has been simplified to a large extent. Let us now see the various methods used to make a chart.

Use Your Own Creativity
When was the last time you picked up a pen or pencil and actually sketched something? It is never too late to draw the basic connections in a line-and-box format or you can get more creative and use a designing software to piece a format together. You can also stick to the tree format and use the leaves for the ancestors and roots for descendants. To lessen the load, here we have a few samples for you to check out.

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Family Tree with faces
Small Family Tree
Family Tree Template
Family Tree Chart
Family Tree with Swans
Family Tree with Photo Frames
Pictorial Presentation of Family Tree

View and Print Your Free Family Tree Template Here

Software to the Rescue
For those who are tech-savvy, there are various software programs that offer basic computer-generated family tree charts. To get results that are professional looking from these software, you can also opt for add-on programs. These kinds of programs work simultaneously with the new genealogy software, to give you a chart that is eye-catching and unique.

Chart Printing Services
This service is very good for people who want pretty family trees for family reunions, but would like to avoid the intricacies associated with it. Chart printing services specialize in printing large trees that are available in color as well as black and white. Check out websites like ancestryprinting and jigrah.

This is certainly a good way for you to begin making your genealogy chart. Templates often come with instructions, which explain how to fill in each rectangle, even details like whose name and what information needs to be filled, is provided. These templates are surely a boon for people who haven't a clue about family trees and the method used to go about it. Apart from the Internet, you can also pick up templates from the bookstore or an office supply store. Refer to the helpful websites mentioned above to get the most out of your family tree making experience.