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Dealing with High School Student Issues

Dealing with High School Student Issues

Dealing with high school student issues is no easy task. It takes patience and will, to bring up an independent and empowered child. Read on to know a few tips that will help you sort out a few teen issues.
Mukta Gaikwad
Not all children can handle the transition from school to high school, whilst in their teens, with maturity and insight. Many of them get so overwhelmed with the changes high school brings, that they lose their ability to think for themselves. As adults, these issues may seem non-existent and many a time frivolous. However, these issues are just as much real, as issues of adult life. The severity with which they affect your child and shape his mind, makes it imperative for every parent and teacher to understand dealing with high school student issues. Let's take a look at some of the problems which are often brushed under the carpet by most of us, until they surface as irreparable damage.

Student Issues in High School

Deviating Focus
High school often comes as a breather for kids after years of strict schooling. With a lot more free time, books take a backseat and the focus shifts to everything else other than academics. At this juncture high school students begin to get lower grades and negative markings. Make a mental note of where your child's focus is deviating and look deeper into the problem to understand the root cause. At this stage, friends, clubbing, hanging out with friends for hours and other such extra curricular activities, which yield nothing constructive, becomes the focus of life for high school students. Instead of reprimanding your child, talk it out and make him understand that academics and fun can be balanced with a little planning.

Estranged Relationship
A teen in the age bracket of 15-16, learns to develop relationships outside the house. It is only natural to do so. Most often than not, these are hidden from parents if the friends happen to be older. If you child spends too much time talking on the phone or chatting on the Internet, it is time for you to intervene. Kids at this stage are secretive, defensive and rebellious. The moment you judge them on the basis on their company, they will go out-of-the-way to do the things they aren't supposed to, in order to hurt you. Not only will this jeopardize your relationship with your child, but it will also label you are a terrible parent for the long time to come. Estranged relationships with teenagers are very difficult to mend, especially if there is a chance of them moving out for higher education. Make your child observe his own friends and give him the opportunity to realize the wrong aspects of his company. Being supportive is very important to maintain a relationship of trust with your child.

Peer Pressure
Peer pressure is the biggest problem that every high school student faces. It may be as simple as bunking classes to as serious as learning how to smoke. Most parents complaint that peer pressure cannot be dealt with, as it takes place outside the house. However, this pressure does change the way your child behaves at home, in more ways than one. For instance, changes in speaking patterns, dressing styles, academics and overall behavior, is very much dictated by peer pressure. Being a little observant and noticing the changes, will help you see the effects of peer pressure at home. Help your child see the changes and make him understand the importance of individuality. Making your child understand the need to think on his own, can save him from dire consequences of peer pressure.

Lack of Ambition
As the focus from academics shifts, a lack of ambition sets in. The drive to achieve better grades and to do well in high school is overshadowed by love tangles, triangles and friends. Show your child the possible career in all streams and help him figure out his inclinations. It takes a little while for teens to know what they want to be, however, it isn't an impossible task. Lack of ambitions needs to be fueled with right interest, to have your child back on the track of following his dreams.

Every teen faces these problems and dealing with high school student issues is no easy task. However, giving up on your child is no option either. High school brings teens on crossroads, which leaves them in an incomprehensibly confused state of mind. But, with patience and a will to help your child become an independent and empowered person, who can distinguish between the right and wrong is only a part of parenting!
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