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Cute Baby Shower Poems for Girls and Boys That'll Make You Go Awww

Cute Baby Shower Poems for Girls and Boys
Baby showers are organized to celebrate the impending arrival of a baby and wish the expecting parents well in their new endeavor. AptParenting presents some short and cute poems on baby showers; be it a boy, girl, or twins, we have poems for all.
Raksha Kulkarni
Last Updated: Feb 26, 2018
Did You Know?
In Finland, the state provides all expecting mothers a choice between a cash grant (almost 140 euros) and a starter kit, which contains clothes, toys, and sheets. The kit is worth much more than the cash, and so, is opted by almost 95% of them.
Baby showers have been celebrated for a long time now. The celebrations were mostly held after the birth of the child. Also, in the days gone by, only the ladies were invited to these rituals. As the years passed, traditions changed, and now, it is held before the arrival of the baby. The host is not the mother, but a close relative or a friend. Family and friends are invited, and the celebrations include games, songs, and good food. Guests bring gifts that would later be useful for the baby.
A wonderful way to wish the expecting mother and make the occasion special is to recite a cute poem. If you liked the idea of reciting a poem, here is a compilation of some short and cute poems that are sure to delight the mother-to-be and guests, equally.
Baby Shower Poem about Boy and Girl
To be a child is to
know the gift of living.
To have a child is to
know the gift of life.
Bottles and booties,
Bibs and more...
Let's shower the baby,
With gifts galore!
Ten little fingers,
Ten little toes.
Boy or Girl,
No one knows!
A bundle in pink,
A bundle in blue,
A bundle of love
Is coming to you.
With babies come toys
and a whole world of joys
and all kinds of fun things to do...
With babies come laughter
and love ever after...
With babies, sweet dreams all come true
Some bibs and bottles, some diapers and toys
Make sure that these work for both girls and boys.
Mom doesn't know what the baby will be
She wants to wait until its birth, you see.
So feel free to surprise them with the gifts of your choice,
They will love them and we will all have fun and rejoice.
We can't wait to meet you,
So we're gathered here today;
To shower you with presents,
That you're going to need someday.
Bottles and nipples, bibs, and socks;
Pacifiers, bouncers and baby blocks,
Blankets and bumpers, Teddy bears too,
These are the gifts we bring for you.
Bibs and bottles
Diapers and pins
A new little baby is where the fun begins!
Just a little get together
It will be such a treat,
In honor of someone we would like you to meet!
A baby is sunshine,
Moonbeams and more.
Brightening your world,
As never before.
Little hands,
Little feet;
Pure and precious,
And Oh So Sweet!
No earthly joys could bring more pleasure.
Than a little child to love and treasure.
Love, joy, and wonderful dreams
all the sweet things a new baby brings ...
Twinkle twinkle little star,
How we wonder who you are.
A little girl or little boy,
You're sure to bring a lot of joy!
I didn't give you the gift of Life, but in my heart I know,
The love I feel is deep and real, as if it had been so.
For us to have each other is like a dream come true,
No, I didn't give you the gift of life. Life gave me the gift of you.
Baby Shower Poem about Baby Boy
A little boy is wonderful
A very special part
Of all the hopes, dreams and plans
We cherish in our hearts
Dear Mr.Stork,
If it's a little boy,
Make sure he has his daddy's smile,
That shines with so much joy.
Baseball, soccer, football anyone?
We better get ready 'cause WE're expecting a son!
Come celebrate a precious baby dear,
But you'd better hurry 'cause he's almost here!
The time is coming,
She's almost due
and what we know
Is that it is definitely blue!
Wrestling and mud and cars and noise,
That's what to expect as a mother of a boy!
― 'The Mother of Boys' by Patsy Gaut
Hey Diddle Diddle with a laugh and a giggle
our baby arrived not a moment too soon
We laughed and cried tears of joy
and promised him the moon!
Sailboats and rubber ducks,
Surfboards and dump trucks,
A baby boy is on the way,
Let's celebrate with a special day
Baby Shower Poem about Baby Girl
Dear Mr.Stork,
If it's a little girl make sure
She has her mommy's eyes,
That never fail to see the wonder
In each morning's new sunrise.
A gift from heaven,
A precious pearl,
A heart filled with dreams,
- A sweet little girl!
The bonnets and bows, the skirts that twirl
Let's shower (name) with gifts for her new baby girl
We are tickled pink and happy to say
A darling baby girl is on the way!
Popsicle kisses and grass stains,
Ponytails, dance and barbie games,
A baby girl is on her way ,
Let's celebrate with a special day!
Tiny fingers, tiny toes,
Little itty bitty clothes.
Dresses, ribbons & hair to curl,
We're tickled pink she's having a girl!
Jump ropes, swings, and teddy bears,
Pretty ribbons for her hair,
Giggles, hugs and love to share,
A precious baby girl is almost here!
Two tiny feet that wave in the air,
Two tiny hands that pull at your hair,
Cute little face with adorable curls,
A precious baby Girl to love and adore!
Baby Shower Poem about Twins
Double the trouble,
Double the fun
Life with twins has just begun!
Double the diapers,
Double the toys,
She is having 2 little Boys!
Two precious bundles,
To cuddle and kiss;
Life just doesn't get any better than this!
Twenty fingers, twenty toes,
Plenty of work, heaven knows.
Four little arms to hold tight,
Four little cheeks to kiss night-night.
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