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Cool Names for Girls

Cool Names for Girls
Apple, Suri, Sunday, Coco, Fifi, Sparrow are just some of the bizarre names Hollywood stars have chosen for their kids. If you too wish to join the club of these celebrities, go through this list of modern, unique and absolutely cool names for baby girls.
Ashwini Kulkarni Sule
Last Updated: Apr 20, 2018
Nobody wants to call their kids by a name that features in US's Top 100 Baby Names! If you are a proud parent of a baby girl, you sure would have dismissed names like Jennifer and Jessica as soon as they appeared in your mind. People are increasingly looking for unique baby girl names that sound absolutely cool. Parents are absolutely determined to not call their child by a name that is shared by millions of other kids. Interestingly, the names that were 'oh-so-uncool' a few years back have made a grand comeback. The uncools are the new cools today! So, in case you are looking for some cool baby names for girls, you might as well refer to the names from your grandmother's era, for these names are a rage today. In this article we have complied a list of some medieval names as well as modern names that are absolutely cool.

Cool Girl Names and Their Meanings

Given below are some cool girl names along with their meanings. Though, these names may have originated in some other culture, they are widely gaining acceptance in western culture as well. These names not just sound beautiful but have an equally beautiful meaning. Besides the ones mentioned below, you can find several other such names in various diverse cultures.

Gwendolyn: Gwendolyn is melodic, unusual and yet absolutely cool. This Welsh name means 'white circle' and refers to moon goddess.
Shayna: Shayna is a Yiddish name which means 'beautiful' or 'pretty'.
Willow: Will Smith's daughter's name, which conjures image of a serene, peaceful willow tree.
Amaya: This name finds its origin in Spain, but is now becoming popular in English speaking countries as well. This unique girl name means 'high place' in Spanish.
Arella: Arella is a Hebrew name, meaning angel or a messenger. A great name to give to your little angel.

Cool Names for Girls

There are myriad names for girls that are both cool and unique. Some of these names have their origin in other cultures such as Jewish, Yiddish, Hindu etc. Some names have biblical references while others are just the modern forms of medieval names. If you are looking for a name that is really uncommon, then you can certainly refer to the following table.

Medieval Names Cool Modern Names Cool Last Names
Ada Alex Allison
Agnes Apple Ashley
Alice Asia Anaya
Amelia Averi Angeles
Audra Azure Abbey
Audrey Bailey Ansley
Ava Blythe Brooke
Beatrice Bridget Carmelita
Bessie Brittany Courtney
Blanche Chanice Cassidy
Cicely Clarity Clare
Cora Dionette Carley
Cordelia Drew Carmen
Dinah Echo Charity
Dora Emerald Delaney
Dorothea Fonda Diamond
Dorothy Genera Delia
Harriet Harmony Danna
Edith Hazel Eden
Elise Holly Estrella
Elsie Journey Faith
Elspeth Juno Fleur
Emily Kendel Gloria
Emmeline Latanya Harper
Esme Laurel Hanna
Eva Luna Haley
Evelyn Lyric Hadley
Evie Ireland Honor
Flora Marabel Joyce
Florence Meadow Kelly
Greta Mercy Lara
Gretchen Myrissa Lea
Hattie Neria Leslie
Irene October Mauve
Iris Paris Mckenzie
Ivy Poem Mallory
Lena Purity Miranda
Lilith Reese Mckenna
Lillian Renee Meredith
Mabel Rynn Paige
Maisie Senna Piper
Maggie Shaneika Raven
Margaret Starlyn Robin
Martha Stevie Reyna
Mary Story Rhea
Matilda Silver Ruth
May Taniesha Stacy
Millicent Taylor Sierra
Millie Tria Shirley
Meredith Tuesday Shelby
Myrtle Valora Simone
Nell Xena Sylvia
Nellie Xandra Teal
Nora Xeni Tracy
Olive Yoslene Tatum
Pearl Yona Tiffany
Rosaline Zara Trinity
Rosalie Zaira Victoria
Rose Zoe Vivian
Winifred Zuri Whitney

Hope, you find a cool name for your little one from the above list. You can also suggest a few names for baby girls in the comments section of this article. Whatever name you choose for your little one, make sure it doesn't embarrass her when she grows up!