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Cool Names for Boys

Cool Names for Boys
Are you in the process of naming your newborn son? If yes, then you could refer to this list of names, before you zero in on the perfect name for your son.
Tulika Nair
Last Updated: Apr 9, 2018
The name of your child is the unique identity by which he or she will be known for the rest of his or her life, which is the reason many parents tend to opt for unique baby names while naming their kids, in a bid to sound different. While there are some really great names for boys and girls both, many baby names that sound very good initially, become an albatross for the child to carry around as they grow up. If you want to avoid such a situation, then you could refer to the really names that are given in this article.
List of Names for Baby Boys
Naming your child will be an experience that you will never forget. You are giving your son or daughter the identity which will be his or her recognition call for the rest of his or her life. Most parents look out for cool names for baby boys and girls, which are not only unique but have a meaning that makes the name special.
A-Z Names You Can Pick for Your Son
A Adric Alexei Ari
Arlo Asher August
Avi Archer Artie
Adriano Andreas Angus
B Bjorn Byron Bryce
Brock Boyd Basil
Boaz Blake Bolton
Beck Brent Barack
C Cillian Calvin Cecil
Clark Clay Curtis
Cyril Cormac Caspar
Callum Christian Casey
D Dale Damon Darius
Dean Dexter Dorian
Drake Duncan Dustin
Denzel Didier Dominic
E Elias Elliott Emilio
Emmanuel Ezra Ethan
Evan Efren Eduardo
Eli Elijah Elian
F Finn Forrest Franklin
Frederick Fisher Felipe
Felix Fletcher Forrest
Francesco Franco Finley
G Gage Gareth Giles
Gordon Grant Grayson
Griffin Gabriel Gail
Garreth Garth Gavin
H Hal Hiram Hugh
Hayden Harold Harpar
Harris Harvey Heath
Hugo Humbert Hudson
I Ira Ivan Isadore
Immanuel Irwin Isaac
J Jaret Jasper Jules
Jerome Jonah Jace
Jackson Jacob Jaden
Jaime Jake Jaquez
K Kai Karsten Keegan
Kirby Kent Kieran
Kadyn Kameron Keanu
L Lance Leo Lyle
Luke Lee Lachlan
Landon Lawson Layton
Leandro Lazaro Leigh
M Malcolm Marcus Miles
Marlo Micah Maddox
Marc Marcel Marlon
Marquez Marshall Max
N Nehemiah Nevin Nicolai
Nigel Niles Noam
Nolan Nathaniel Nathan
Neil Noah Norman
O Oliver Otto Olson
Orlando Orville Oscar
P Percy Perry Pierce
Pablo Patrick Paris
Paxton Payton Pedro
Phoenix Porter Pierre
Q Quentin Qunicy Quinn
R Reginald Reece Raoul
Ross Rudy Rupert
Russell Raphael Ralph
Ramon Raymond Reed
S Saul Sherman Silas
Shelby Stuart Sebastin
Salvatore Samuel Santino
Santiago Scott Seamus
T Theodore Terry Thomas
Trey Troy Thierry
Taylor Tyson Tobias
Terrence Tate Tanner
U Umberto Urllich Uri
V Vaughn Vince Virgil
Vale Valentino Vernon
Vincento Vito Vinny
W Wade Walter Warren
Winston Wyatt Walker
Wallace Wesley Wibur
William Willis Wilfredo
X Xander Xavier Xylon
Y Yale Yandel Yates
Z Zane Zake Zebediah
Zach Zacharias Zavier

Some of the most popular names for boys have not been included in this list of names for boys as most of the classic baby boy names tend to be extremely commonplace. This list has names that originated from ancient cultures and myths and have made a comeback as names for baby boys. There are several baby boy names in this list that have been inspired by the names of great artists and writers. These cool names for baby boys are not very widely thought of when parents are naming their kids and therefore, are the perfect unique names to choose from for your baby boy.