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Amazingly Trendy Last Names That are So Damn Cool

Cool Last Names
Having a cool last name is a thing of pride. And some unique last names definitely make you rethink about the one you carry at present.
Kanika Khara
Last Updated: Mar 26, 2018
A last name - also referred to as the family name - is a part of an individual's name connecting him/her to the family that they belong to. The use of last names or surnames is prevalent in many cultures around the world, where each culture will specify its own rules and preferences on how to use and apply it. For example, in some cultures, the last name is usually the last part of a person's name, while in other cultures it is the first part of the complete name.

In many cases, last names are drawn based on the profession of a family or the place that they live in. So while traditionally last names have been passed down from one generation to the other, in recent times, people have been more open to experimentation, with a growing demand for cool surnames. In keeping with that trend, here are some of the coolest ones listed below.
Last Names for Babies
A last name is something that you are born with and is an important element of your identity. Hence, when a baby is born (or for a considerable period before that), most parents start sifting through baby books or the internet in the hope of finding that one perfect name. And while most people do that, not many will really give thought to the baby's last name.

Nowadays though, parents are not really averse to trying something new; so along with searching for some cute first names, they also keep a look out for amazing, classy, and cool last names. If you are one such parent and want an affectionate, cute, and unique last name for your baby, here is a list that can be used for finding cool last names for guys and girls.
Last Names for Boys
Cool Last Names
Some More: Beckham, Braxton, Brennan, Brock, Cadwell, Cage, Carson, Chandler, Cole, Corbin, Dalton, Dane, Donovan, Easton, Fisher, Grady, Greyson, Griffin
Cool Last Names
Others: Gunner, Hudson, Hunter, Jacoby, Jagger, Jaxon, Jett, Kade, Kane, Keegan, Kingston, Kobe, Kyler, Logan, Marley, Mason, Maverick, Parker, Paxton, Pierce, Porter, Quinn, Reese, Reid, Riley, Ronan, Rowan, Ryder, Ryker, Rylan, Sage, Sire, Slade, Starr, Steel, Stryker, Talon, Tate, Trace, Wade, West, Weston
Last Names for Girls
Cool Last Names for girls
Some More: Allison, Abbey, Anaya, Angeles, Ansley, Ashley, Brooke, Carley, Carmen, Cassidy, Clare, Coleman, Courtney, Danna, Delaney, Delia, Diamond, Dunst, Estrella
Cool Last Names for girls
Others: Faith, Gloria, Grace, Hadley, Haley, Hanna, Ivy, Joyce, Kelly, Lara, Lea, Lewis, Lindsey, Luna, Mallory, Mendoza, Meredith, Miranda, Ortuso, Paige, Paris, Piper, Raven, Reyna, Rhea, Robin, Ruth, Shelby, Shirley, Sierra, Stacy, Stratton, Sylvia, Tatum, Thorn, Tiffany, Tracy, Victoria, Vivian, Whitney, Yeoman
Last Names for Characters
For a writer, for instance, finding the perfect last name for their story's characters is extremely important. An ideal last name is one that fits best with the character and can reflect some common traits of the same. Unusual and unique last names can add color and life to the character, thus making the character real and unforgettable. The following are some cool second names that can be looked into.
Cool Last Names for Characters
Some More: Aaron, Ackerman, Aldaine, Anders, Babcock, Bachelor, Bagwell, Bailey, Cameron, Camp, Canterbury, Carey, Cruso, Daily, Dean, Dreygon, East, England, Espinoza, Evans, Farmer, Farris, Feliciano, Gall, Gallegos, Galvan, Gamble, Gretzky, Hackett, Haddock, Haines, Hernandez, Ingalls, Inman, Iver, Jaquez, Jarrett, Jarvis, Keifer, Kendall, Latimer, Laughlin, Lawrence, Magnuson, Majors
Cool Last Names for Characters
Others: Nixon, Noble, North, O'Toole, Osborne, Oswald, Petty, Pevensey, Paasch, Pfeiffer, Phelps, Polanski, Quaid, Quaker, Radford, Radner, Ralston, Rodrigues, Rabenstein, Rosati, Sadler, Sanchez, Searle, Sedgwick, Taheny, Thatcher, Torres, Townsend, Tredway, Tremaine, Urban, Usher, Van Zandt, Vladamire, Webster, Weinstein, Yeager, Yeats, Young, Zedler, Zimmerman, Zuniga, Zabinski
The simple fact is that this list of cool last names can go on and on, so you can either go the simple way and choose one from amongst these, or if you're really up for a challenge, you can create your own personalized cute, trendy, and distinct last name for your newborn. Either way, the kid will have a really cool last name.