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Cool Girl Names

Cool Girl Names
A list of some of the interesting names for girls is presented below. These names have their origin in many different countries. The meanings associated with them make these names unique and interesting.
Shashank Nakate
Last Updated: Feb 8, 2018
These days, people look for something unique and meaningful in the name they choose for their children. Names from foreign languages are also gaining popularity. Today, parents can choose from a variety names for their baby girls. Names that are unique, original and which can be associated with some positive trait/quality are the most preferred. Here is a list of some cool girl names you would want refer to.
Unique Names for Girls
Names of girls along with their meanings are presented below. Some of these names are not of common occurrence.
Meaning of this name is moon goddess. This Welsh name can be literally translated as 'white circle' and it incorporates the two nicknames, 'Wendy' and 'Gwen'.
It is a Welsh name derived from the phrase which means 'great queen'. In fact, Rhiannon, in Welsh mythology is used to refer to the 'horse goddess'. The name Rhiannon, just like Gwendolyn, is quite unique. However, one should note that the name is often pronounced like 'Brianna'.
The name Marnie is Scandinavian in origin; it is derived from the word 'Marna'. Marna means 'from sea'. In Hebrew, the meaning of Marnie is not the same as in Scandinavian; in Hebrew, Marnie means 'to rejoice'.
The name 'Amity' means friendship. Amity is basically a Latin word. This name has an inherent rhythm to it. Amity also means harmony. The nicknames derived from Amity include Amitie, Amiti, Amitee, etc.
The Yiddish name Shayna means 'beautiful' or 'pretty'. The name can be found in a Yiddish phrase sheine maidele (meaning: pretty girl).
Origin of this name can be traced in many different cultures. Taryn is one of the popular girl names that ends with an '-en' sound. In the languages of Greco-Roman origin, the word 'Taryn' means queen; in Scandinavian languages, Taryn means 'Little Princess'. Thus, it is one of those rare and unique girl names that have two meanings.
Baby Girl Names
The list given below provides us with a variety of girl names to choose from. Different names of girls and their meanings are given below.
Acacia: The thorn tree
Aaliya: Sublime
Adara: Virginal
Adalia: In God is my refuge
Aisha: Life
Ainslie: A wood
Aleka: Helper of mankind
Alatea: Truth
Allegra: Cheerful
Allira: Gem
Amaris: God's promise
Amani: Aspiration
Amae: Beloved
Amber: Gem
Anais: Pure
Amalie: To strive
Andras: Breath
Anya: Favored by God
Aneira: Golden
Ardis: Warmhearted
Arcadia: Region of Arcady
Aria: A beautiful melody
Argenta: Silver one
Ariel: God's Lioness
Ariane: The holy one
Asha: Hope
Artemis: Perfect
Atiya: A gift
Ashira: Wealthy
Azura: Blue sky
Azaria: Helped by God
Beau: Beautiful
Basia: The stranger
Bian: Secretive or hidden
Bena: The wise one
Briana: Honorable and noble
Briony: A flowering vine
Briar: Thorny
Bronya: Protection
Cacey: Vigilant
Candra: Luminescent
Calista: Most beautiful
Caprice: Unpredictable
Capri: An island
Carey: From the river
Celeste: Heavenly
Cassia: From the tree
Cerise: Cherry red
Ceres: Goddess of corn
Charis: The graceful one
Chandra: The shining moon
Cressida: The golden one
Ciera: Dark, Black
Ciara: An Irish saint
Chiara: Bright and famous
Dae: Destined for greatness
Dacia: An ancient country
Dacey: The southerner
Daria: Wealthy
Danika: The morning star
Damita: Little noble one
Damiane: Tame
Damaris: Gentle one
Dalena: Valley
Dai: Great one
Dimity: Material
Dido: Name of a Queen
Devika: Little goddess
Drew: Strong
Eithne: Ardent and fiery
Fiona: Fair
Gia: God is gracious
Valentina: Brave
Giulia: Youthful
Suri: Red Rose
Basimah: Smiling one
Belda: Beautiful lady
Batyah: God's daughter
Benta: Wise
Yon: Lotus flower
Yachne: Gracious
Yasu: Tranquil
Yooralla: Love
Yumi: Beauty
Kaitlyn: Pure
Kaja: Daisy
Kalea: Bright
Kanti: Lovely
Keilana: The adored one
Kellan: Warrior princess
Keyna: A jewel
Alecia: Beautiful Queen
Amia: Beloved
Aurear: Gentle music
Belinda: Beautiful
Vasanti: Spring
Verda: Fresh
Ventura: Good luck
Verity: Truth
Vesna: Spring
Kadisha: Holy
Kaimi: The seeker
Ramya: Elegant
Rayna: A queen
Rei: Gratitude
Ren: Water Lily
Pallas: Knowledge
Parvani: Full moon
Danae: A mother from Greek mythology
Dechen: Health and happiness
Carita: Loving and Benevolent
Cool Girl Names for Games
The names presented below are of girl characters from different games.
  • Princess Zelda: Legend of Zelda series
  • Mery Silverburgh: Metal Gear Solid series
  • Farah: The Prince of Persia
  • Joanna Dark: Perfect Dark Zero
  • Sarah Kerrigan: Starcraft
  • Yuna: The Final Fantasy Series
  • Kitana: Mortal Kombat Series
The names presented in the article have their origin in different countries. These days, African names, owing to the great variety found in them are becoming popular. Thus, variety in the names should help to you choose from some of the coolest names for your baby girls.