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Chore Chart Template

This article will equip you with a chore chart template that will ensure that you get all the chores done on time. Just go through it, print it, and you're good to go!
AptParenting Staff
Getting the household chores completed on time and to the degree that you want it, is a dream that every mother has. She dreams of a gleaming counter-top after the dinner is done. She dreams of washed and dried crockery and cutlery placed in their respective cabinets. She also dreams of the trash going out every night, before going to bed. Cleaning the house, cooking three meals a day, washing and drying the clothes and utensils, buying groceries, cleaning the bathroom, disposing the garbage, and the list goes on and on. This was just a glimpse of the numerous chores that are required to be completed in the house, almost on a daily basis. And no person can do all the above single-handedly. Help is expected, and help should be given. Especially to working moms, who have to juggle their personal and professional lives, and seem to do it with such flair. Have you ever wondered what the secret behind such an organized chore routine is? It's a chore chart. Yes, by explicitly distributing the duties among all the family members, you can ensure that all the work is done. In this AptParenting article, we will help you template that you can use as a base when you prepare a chore chart for yourself.
Preparing the Chore Chart
Getting the house work done by kids is a major task. Every mother will agree. But not if you have a perfect checklist, combined with a proper daily or weekly chore chart that will divide the work among all the members of the family. You can have a separate one for kids that will include only the simple things that kids can do. Other charts can have an extensive list of duties with the name of the person who is supposed to complete it. Or, you can also have a blank one, in the sense that only the chores will be mentioned, and the person can choose which one he wants to do. Along with this, keep with you, a list of chore-wise rewards. Each reward will correspond to a chore on the chart. Reveal the rewards only after the person has completed the chore. This way, it'll be fun, plus you'll get your work done. Let us now see a template, on the basis of which you can design one for your home.
Sample 1
Chore M T W T F S S
Make the bed              
Set the table for breakfast              
Clean up after breakfast              
Take the dog for a walk              
Pack lunches for all              
Take the dog for a walk after school              
Water the plants in the garden              
Fold the laundry              
Help in the kitchen before dinner              
Set the table for dinner              
Wash the dishes after dinner              
Dry the dishes and place them back              
Take out the trash              
Check all the doors are locked              
If you want to have a separate weekend chore chart for special chores, then you can make one like the one below.
Sample 2
Chore Saturday Sunday
Dust the furniture    
Vacuum the rooms    
Check for cobwebs    
Pick out the weeds    
Mow the lawn    
List grocery items to be bought    
Trip to the grocery store    
Wash the car/s    
Check that all bills are paid    
Polish the silverware    
Wipe all the glasses and mirrors    
Change the bedspreads on all beds    
Clean the home appliances    
We have for you a couple of easily printable versions of the templates given above.
All you have to do is click the link given above and download the attachment. Then, open it and you can add or minus any chores from the templates according to the requirements at your home and just print them out! Or you can print out the attachment as it is if you think it fits all your needs!
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